Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Those Happy Halls

This month I am going to do the blog entry about the Halls, from now on its going to be Kim who will write it.  I stopped by tonight to visit and to see what is happening with our Happy Halls.

Kim and Ian showed me the new kitten that Kim's little cat had in December.  They named her Athena, and she is adorable and chubby.  She definitely has a Maine Coon Cat for a father, as she looks nothing like her mother, besides her coloring.

In Other News of the Halls, Andy has been out of town all week, Monday to Friday every week this month, as he is working on a big project in Las Vegas.

And now for a cute saying, and we all know how Gram loves cute sayings.

Ashley is driving through a parking lot with Zach in his car seat when she goes over a speed bump Zach says "Careful with the baby Mom."

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