Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sanding and Sanding (and sanding too!)

Yep,   It's Monday of a new week!!  I knew I needed a craft for my blog, so I took the time to make these pennants to 'identify' my spring wreath.   My visiting teachers came and stayed for 2 1/2 hours.  A lovely visit but it seriously bit into my project time. 
On Tuesday I was up early so I could get to Salt Lake early and get some junking in before meeting Arlene for a session at the Draper temple at 2:00 and some fun girl talk at Zupa's.  I then hurried home to make a visiting teaching visit!! Dad was busy serving his last shift at the Provo temple!! 
On Wednesday I was up early again, this time to walk with Ginny for the first time in a while!!  I saw this cute wreath while we were out. 
Then it was off to work where the first order of the day was to do a post on our ROCC site. I did this 1800s wedding dress I've had for too long!  Unfortunately it didn't sell!
In this aftetnoon I was chatting with a new customer and found out she's a Harvard professor. She teaches Political Science.  She said it's an exciting time in her line right now!!! I can imagine!! 
After work Dad and I met up with Darby and other fam for dinner. That included Davin's family, and Nell and her girls.  Dad and I got her some art work for her new townhouse, and went in on a vacuum that Briahnna picked out!'

Our cute girlie!! 
Here's another cute girlie posing with Provo Street art!! 
I worked again Thursday, and had book club too!!
At Ann Shumway's house! Much later that night, when Dad had gone to bed, but I was still reading, Trevor called to say he had taken Nell to the hospital in non-labor severe pain, and could we go up and spend the night? This we did, and here are the Scotts in the morning. Briahnna came and got the girls, and we dropped Scott at school, as he had a track meet. 

Then we stopped and rented a sander to redo the kitchen floor in Payson Cottage  cottage.  Dad is shown above sanding there, then moving the stove out of our kitchen so ..,,
He could sand here!!   The sander was kind of lame.  After we stained the floor at Payson cottage we were very unhappy with it? So on our floor, after shared hours of us both sanding, he took back the big sander and bought a small belt sander and finished the floor on his knees!  We were at it until late before dinner in our chairs and some BBT to relax!! 
On Saturday I was up early to finish up my tax paper work, since Dad had an appointment with our Tax Accountant that afternoon.  Then I headed off to work.  I found this sugar sack from the sugar plant where grandpa Burt and grandma LaRee worked.  This was the plant where grandpa Burt had his miraculous accident. The accident that should have killed him about three different times!!
Partway through my shift I was off to Lehi to meet these cute girls at Eszie's baby shower. 
Eszie's foster mom hosted and invited her friends and other foster moms. Eszie had some friends there too.  Everything was so cute!! 

August (e's foster mom) made this huge diaper cake!! 
Eszie seemed so pleased with the mountains of baby goodies!! 
She has just a few weeks left. 
After the shower I headed back to work. When I got home I was exhausted, as was Dad. We had dinner and a quiet evening. Dad had finished sanding here. Then put the stain on in Payson cottage, after his tome with our accountant. 

On Sunday we were all off to church. I bore my testimony about the hardships
 Joseph  Smith and his family waded through. I love reading stuff gathered from those original records.  It's amazing how he continually forgave those who turned their backs on him and caused huge problems for the church and for him and his family personally. 

We got to hear my  favorite Sunday School teacher. We also sat behind her family at church, such cute, reverent and obedient kids, they are a joy to watch. 
After attending the care center meeting, Dad and I went over to Payson cottage so I could check out the pathetic kitchen floor. So much work and so ugly, but at least it's better than it was, and I sure we will lay tile there before  the next set of renters. 

I went to talk to the neighbors and our old renters were there visiting. Laura wanted to see the house with the new carpeting.  Her son showed interest in renting it, but sadly we couldn't do that. It makes me feel kind of bad, but I'm sure his mom will explain it to him. I hope. ( he grew up there, but I'm sure he has no idea how his parents struggled to pay rent, nor how often they fell short)
Back at home, Britt and Spencer came up to chat, which we always enjoy. Then Davin came by to borrow the blue van to help move Darby ( she's so close!!! Yeah!). While he and Darby and the kids were there (we all had so much fun playing with those cuties!) Bri (who was at the hospital visiting Nell) called to tell Davin that her missing wallet had actually been stolen as there were big charges on her card!! Yikes!! Then Davin spent a chunk of time canceling the cards. What a royal pain.  
A bit later Dad and I and Spencer and Brittney headed up to visit poor suffering Nell.  It's not enough that she is sick to her stomach all day every day, now she's suffering with painful cysts. 

As you can see the subject of relative heights of brothers came up ... And yes. Trevor IS on his toes!

After our visit we headed home, where Brittney made dinner for us all, given our ripped up kitchen situation. I thought that was sooo nice!!  Another evening of reading rounded out our boring week!! 

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Week That Started and Ended With Darby!

Monday started out with me checking out Darby's, soon to be, townhouse. The layout is wonderful, and it's charming too!!
The master bedroom is huge!! 
Afterwards I ran to the DI in Provo, among other errands and ran into my friend Joanne.  She's the one with the charming playhouse. 

When I got home I did some blogging.  Then after dinner Dad took me to see the new Cinderella, which I liked but didn't love. 
On Tuesday I did more cleaning, more blogging and more errands.   I made my collage of seventeens to celebrate St Patrick's day!!
I cleared the dining room table, including adding this cute blue small chest to the mantel for a couple of months. It will go to be sold at the Reclaimologist sale in May, but I thought I'd enjoy it in the meantime.
Then I painted some projects and stenciled them with these numbers I found on Pinterest.
I worked on Wednesday and after work and dinner headed over to Payson cottage to tear up carpet. We had a good crew and did it quickly. 
Bye bye old green!! 

A little child labor.... 

Thanks all, many hands make light work. 

I worked again on Thursday. After work I'd meant to watch Becca's  kids so she and Brady  could go on a date, but realized it was our Relief Society birthday party. (Sorry Beck) 
Such cute decor!! 
And such good company. 
Tasty and pretty food!' 
And charming entertainment. 
On Friday morning I took Dad for a colonoscopy where he checked out great. Then I checked out the Provo DI a block away while he dozed in the car. 

Next it was to Trevor's where Dad fixed a knocking sound in their swamp cooler and visited with Nell and her who is in town from Arizona. A couple of errands later we picked up some Cafe Rio goodness and headed home for an evening of Big Bang Theory. 
Saturday morning I headed out garaging and ran into Davin's friend Kenneth Abbott. Turns out they raise their own turkeys and were selling this surplus guy. That was a first for me.  Also found out his wife's brother's family now lives in our Ward and I had sat next to her at the RS activity two days before.  Small world. 
Dad then worked on chores at Payson cottage while I cleaned up at home.  He is shown here painting window trim. We eventually met up to load up the old carpet and pad and give them a ride to the dump. 

Dad then headed to American Fork to help Brady install their new sink. They ordered granite countertops when we got ours for the Orem house to sweeten the deal for us all. 
Then we met up with Moes at Sizzler inOrem  for dinner before going to see a really lovely production of Les Mis.  

It was amazing that they could manage it in such a small theater, but the very well done production was amazing as we were so close, I felt like I was at the baracade, it made it so intense. 

On Sunday it was grand to get to attend all my meetings, as Dad had to work, heading to Cedar City for an inventory, so I didn't need to attend the branch with him.  Yeah!! 
Then it was off to Becca's for family dinner. 

The meal was great.  The turkey was juicy and the potatoes were so creamy. I sat by Eleanor and she said they were 'so good', and Addy, who didn't have potatoes on her plate kept putting her fork into Titan's for tastes of his potatoes until Gramdpa got her some of her own. 
Trevor pulled up Becca's facebook to show us his shirt design ideas for our First Family Reunion and Fun Run coming up in July ... Then, being signed in on Becca's page he had to write bogus posts.   ...  Yeah, that. 
Then it was time to light Darby's cake, thanks Brady. 
And sing. 
Then Darby opened the vacuum cleaner Briahnna had gathered money for for her new house!!! Happy Birthday Darby!!