Monday, May 27, 2013

Meeting Friends, Old and New, and Jail Time Too!

This was a great week for us all, and it was the people in it that made it so extra special.   We managed to meet up with good friends, old friends, very old friends, and made some new friends too.

On Monday, after Dad went to work, Emily called me to come over and see the finished bathroom.  Dad had worked on tiling it and installing a new vanity, sink and mirror.  She added the towels, and other details.

This was mainly done, at least on this time schedule, because the Stevenson's were coming to stay when they picked up Rui after her high school graduation.  While I was there, the Stevensons did, indeed, arrive.

Here Rui's youngest sister get acquainted with Beckie. 
Rui's oldest sister, the baby whisperer takes Liam well in hand.
After I got home, I worked on my craft room and made some real inroads! 
On Tuesday I got three visiting teaching visits made, before heading home to make dinner for Grandpa and then ...

the Stevenson's were making dinner for Emily and Sam on Tuesday, and invited me too.  Dinner was yummy Japanese curry.  Dad, of course was at the temple that night.
On Wednesday morning, I walked with Ann, and then worked on the garden when I got home.  Next it was off to work.  Then I hurried home from work to start making fry bread. Dad got home early and had done some straightening, for which I am grateful.  Then we had the Stevenson's here for Navajo Tacos.

 It was so fun to get to spend time with the Stevenson's while they were here.  Dad and I were counting and we have actually met up with them four times.  (Once in Japan, then here before Rui came to live with us, then we met up with the parents and oldest daughter in Japan as they were picking her up from her mission there, and Dad and I were in Hawaii with the Moes.)  That and facebook has really made us all amazingly close, sort of strangely.
Wednesday was Becca's day to watch Grandpa and she snapped this cute picture of him with the kids ... gotta love Jamaican Titan!
I worked again on Thursday and had book club that night at my friend Carolyn's in Elkridge.  We were discussing our upcoming trip to the Shakespeare Festival and had our biggest turn out in a long time, 9 people.

On Friday Ann and I were off to do some serious junquing.  Here we are shown at the antique show we attended in Salt Lake.  We also went up to Coalville to a junk show, which was amazing.  Besides a trip to DI and two yard sales, one of which was also great!

While I was off junking on Friday, Emily and Sam were taking care of Grandpa, and since they had him overnight that night, Sam took Grandpa fishing at Spring Lake that evening.  Grandpa was a bit confused, but seemed to love every minute!  Thanks Sam!

I got home from my junking travels, just in time to head to Spring City with Dad for the annual Home Tours they do there.
Dad ran into one of the guys he works with in the Temple on Tuesday when we went for Chinese in Ephraim that soon after arriving in Spring City.

This is one of the rooms in the Spring City Inn, the bed and breakfast where we stayed.  It was very quaint, and had some of the tiniest rooms I have ever seen, with shared bathrooms.
 In the morning we shared breakfast with the O'Neils, who had occupied two of the other rooms.  The father of the tribe was an international banker and it was very fun to hear about his career.  His wife's name is Jackie, and she kept saying she was the 'original Jackie O'  They were there (they live in DC) to see their grandson graduate from Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant, evidently a highly acclaimed Prep School.  Who knew?
Next the owner of Spring City Inn, took us next door to the towns theater that is being restored.  This is the first production, and is called 'The Radio Show', it will actually be recorded and played on the radio too.

 Our Inn keeper is on the right, with his remarkable friend, theater owner and Liam Neeson look alike.  They showed us some of the sound effects for the show.  After seeing the theater, it was across the street to the DUP museum,
where we met up with some good customers from Treasures, Dave and Myra ... that was just after
Dad did some time in the Spring City Jail!

Next we saw my nephew Matt and his family.  They live in Ephraim and had come over to Spring City for the garage sales that flourish on the weekend of the Historic Home Tours.

 This is the first home we saw, and it had been remodeled within an inch of its historic life.  A professional designer had left it pretty, but devoid of the hominess you want in an old house.
This is the living room.

This is the largest house on the tour.  To the left is the original part of the house, it was built in the early 1880's then about the time our house was built, in the 90's the Victorian side was built.  A lot of the 'addition' was similar to our house.  It was fun comparing notes ... oh and the husband actually works in Salt Lake... whoa.
This building was the Endowment house in the mid-1800's, before the Manti Temple was finished.  It now belongs to the artist Randall Lake, who used to be our neighbor in University Village in the mid 70's.  It was super fun to talk to Randall, and have him tell us that adding a small bathroom with electricity and running water to the space he uses as his studio, cost more than the building had. 

He also uses candles for light after the end of daylight.  He has candelabras hanging from the ceiling, and climbs on a ladder to light them.  These are candle ends.
This garden house is of new construction, built by a builder from the rubble left from a building that burnt in Ephraim.  It was built to house the boiler for the main house.  Spring City did not have natural gas until the mid 1990's.  It now serves as a rental unit.  The family that owns the house, actually hailed from Cottonwood, and the father lived in Dad's ward at one time. (Dad recognized the son of the family as looking like someone he grew up with who has the same last name.)  Dad said it was this family that gave him one of his suits for his mission, after another of their sons decided not to serve a mission, after the suit was purchased.
When we got home Dad worked on the leak in the sprinkling system before we headed to Salt Lake for the Harley wedding .

 Here we see Riley, one of Spencer's good friends from the Salt Lake ward, and Kevin Harley, the father of the groom. 

Of course Dad loves visiting with people from his past.  The bride even knew Spencer, as they had all gone camping last summer.
We stopped at DI on the way home, and I found a table and two chairs ... here Dad masterminds fitting them in the back seat of his car, along with the large multiple post office boxes set I bought in Spring City.

And Dad also got to run into an old class mate from his time at Olympus.  What an old home week this turned out to be!

On Sunday Dad and I attended church along with Grandpa.  Dad ran off the last hour to speak in another ward for High Counsel Sunday.  Meanwhile grandpa went to the Elder's quorum, because Dana DeWitt, who is helping us out, couldn't get him up after opening exercises in Priesthood meeting.
That night Dad and I hosted a BBQ at home.  Here is Scott chowing down on some corn on the cob.

I know, look at those missing teeth, all three of them, I doubted that Eva could eat corn off the cob, but she did ... what a girl!!

 Well, that does it for a busy week of meeting friends old and new.


Monday, May 20, 2013

My Bookish Birthweek!! Thanks All!

 Yep, it was a wonderful week for me, my birthday week in fact, aren't you all sad that all you get is a birth day?

On Monday I walked with LaVern, as always and she started off my birthday week with a gift.  After walking I ran to several stores to collect the plants and bedding I needed for the garden.

When Dad got home from work, he was off to Emily's to work on the bathroom.  He had laid the tile the weekend before, but had lots more to do to get it ready for her house guests, the Stevensons from Japan, who are staying with her, while they are here for Rui's graduation.

Later that night Dad gave me the amazing birthday gift of a iPad.  Lucky me, and thanks to all of you who helped advise him on what I would need.  Can't wait to learn more, and start using it at work!! Thanks honey, you are the BEST!

Tuesday I walked with Ginny, who gave me chocolate for my birthday!!  Yum!  Then I was already out working on my garden when my visiting teachers came, bearing gifts for my birthday of course.

Next my local girls came by with even more gifts.  Flowers, cookies (oh yes, sugar cookies are the absolute best birthday treat ... never been much of a cake person.) and a coupon book for help with flea.o.logy projects!!  I LOVE it!
I spent the evening in the garden adding composted steer manure, along with the composted leaves and turned the soil, and breaking it up with a rake, (after seeing that the small tillers run $200!!) just like my dad used to do.
Dad, of course, was off to the temple for his normal Tuesday evening shift.
On Wednesday I was off to work, as usual, with one delightful twist.  Darby had arranged for several of the kids, and grands, to meet for lunch at Cracker Barrel to celebrate  my birthday.  I ran over on my lunch hour to meet them.  Brittany, Ashley, Darby, Ben and Davin, on Becca's suggestion, had gone together and printed off the first year of my blog!!  A very pricey gift, and I cannot tell you how exciting it is for me!! Becca gad already given me my birthday present on Sunday, an amazing book she had put together of all my grands. Can I just say I love photo books? (and a special thanks to everyone who dug out their pictures for this collection, I hear it took hours!! No wonder I feel like the luckiest mom in the world!!)
Thursday was another work day for me and I spent much of the day gathering and packing up stuff to take to the antique show I was doing in Ogden this past weekend.  When I got home, I was exhausted, and Dad, needed to go over and work on the bathroom at Emily's some more, so I took a two hour nap, from 7:30 to 9:30 P.M. ... how funny is that?  When he got back, we spent an hour loading up the van for the antique show.
On Friday I was off to Ogden to set up for the show.  This is part of my set up.

 On the way home that night, Dad and I met up at the Home Depot in Lehi to pick out a sink/vanity and other goodies for finishing up the bathroom at Payson cottage.

Next it was off to Maui Chill for my birthday party.  The Moes , Heuers and Gearhearts met us there for gift opening and frozen yogurt.  I love this place.  Robin had sent me a Austen quote (from Emma) about being silly "I do not know whether it ought to be so, but certainly silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way."  So we did our best to be 'silly in a impudent way', as we are definitely sensible people!!

 Of course there were more birthday presents, mostly books , of course, which I love ... In fact there they are:

A book about dressing to match your personality.

A church book by an 'especially for youth' presenter.

A diet book about a diet that Robin and I discussed at one point.

A polka dot pocket book.  (OK that is another name for a purse, but still ....)

A book cut into the shape of a 'P'.

and a very Paula necklace too!!

With all the other books I got this week, I am definitely doing a post on my Pollyanna blog about my bookish birthday, I mean even an iPad is a Notebook!!  Right?

 The show on Saturday dawned bright and early.  Of course Dad was off to the Payson cottage to work on the bathroom some more, as the Stevenson's are to come Monday.

Above is my antique partner, Bruce, visiting with a goose.  This lady told us how she had hatched this goose, then had cuddled it, for days, including sleeping with it, so it would bond with her and be very tame. Really?  Why?

Next to me on the right is a cute older lady, dressed all in black and white ... I know this is what I am going to look like in a few year (just hope I am as thin as she is!)
Above is Bruce, with the dealer who was next to us.  Thought this pic was too fun to not include.
On Sunday, I had arranged with Bruce to watch my booth for the first hours of the show so that I could go to sacrament meeting with Dad.  Then he finished off his church meetings, all two wards worth of them, while I headed up to finish up my worst sales show EVER!!  In the end, after counting the actually money spent on gas, the cost of booth rental for the show, and the cost of the merchandise I sold, I actually lost something like $25 on the weekend, and that doesn't count the fact that I spent 25 hours there setting up and watching my booth.  YIKES!!


 Luckily for me, my friend Stacy came at the end of the show and hung around to help me load up my van!!  Yeah Stacy!!

Then I headed south, stopping in Pleasant Grove to have dinner with Trevor and Nell, and to receive the most amazing gift ever, finishing off my perfect birthweek.  She had formatted the biography I did of my father four years ago, and redid all the pictures for the best possible quality, and printed and bound it into this charming book.  I actually cried when I saw it.  Such a labor of love!

I also got to see Lu in the vintage stroller that I had found for Nell (and which she bought) at the antique show.  (See the show was not a total loss, right?) Lu says its her 'car'!!  So fun.  This is the type of stroller that my parents had for us in the 50's, and it will make an amazing photo prop. 
So that was my birthweek .... thanks to all of you who made it so amazing, and have left me feeling so cherished!!
  Oh and Dad and I thought you would enjoy seeing this picture of Spencer and Brittney in Cambodia that Dad stole off Brittney's FB page, which was posted by another member of their group!