Sunday, April 27, 2014

Brittney Graduates and Paula Looses a Booth.

 On Monday, after walking with LaVern, a trip to the dentist and some junking I picked up Eszie in Lehi and met some of the girls for lunch at Cafe Rio, where else?  Dad had wanted to come, but ended up moving an isle in the Tooelle store, just too far to run over and join us.  Still I think Ashley, Darby and Becca enjoyed meeting Eszie ... Eszie then went with me to DI, just for fun and entertainment ...

That night Dad and I hooked up and went over to Salem for an open house to see Rui and her sister Emi, who went into the MTC the next day.  Both are going to Japan, and are very excited about their missions.  Rui will actually be in the same mission with Ryan Moe, interesting, eh?

 Here is Rui with the Simons family, with whom she lived her senior year of High School!

Tuesday morning, Ginny and I walked past Cristie's house and saw her awesome new pergola!  So charming!  Cristie is a former fleaology seller.  She used to have a store here in town, called Willow Creek, she was also one of the founders of Through the Grapevine, the first well known local boutique store in Orem . Amazing lady, who spent most of her life away from activity in the church, but who has come back into activity over the last ten years or so, and is an amazing example to everyone who knows her.

Dad worked on getting the Orem store ready for the Spring Walk, an event show casing store displays they do for each coming season, before heading to the temple for his regular shift.   He did more of the same all day Wednesday.

I had my morning 'tea' in the garden house and did some reading there, before doing chores and then going to ...

...Treasures North, where I redid this store display.

On Wednesday I walked with Ginny before heading to work, where I spent the majority of the day moving things out of the booth I am redoing, and then I had to find new homes for most of it, as I am moving out of another booth, and most of that will be in the redone booth.  It was a daunting day, and all so I can work a little less, and have a little less stress in my life AKA Emily's admonition to me.

  Dad was busy with the walk through with the store directors at the  Orem store when he got my panicked phone call that someone had a bought a door from me, that he had secured to a divider with a star drive screw, and we had no star drive to unattache it.  He came by after work and took it down and helped me deliver it to the buyer in Springville ... kind of a pain, but since we were together we decided to go to dinner at Cracker Barrel, which was nice, afterwards.

On Thursday I went to work early, stopping to buy paint and supplies, and then got started painting the new booth.  I was done painting by 12:30, and thankfully was working with Richard, who is very mellow about such things.  Around 3:00 Dad came by to get me to go to the big event of the week!!
 Becca's family also came to support Brittney as she graduated magna cum laude at BYU, Hooray!! for Brittney!! 

 Here is the proud spouse and his in-laws, Cathy and Peter.

 Afterwards Dad and I took charge of the kids and spouses and had a lovely dinner at Cracker Barrel, because the Cracker Barrel in Springville is right next to ...

 .. Patti's house, (Far left) where my Elk Ridge Book Club was having our meeting that evening.  Also in this picture are Sandy and her daughter Brittany.

 Above I am shown with Ann, and to the right are Carolyn and Suzanne.
On Friday I worked again, and managed to get almost everything moved from my old white booth to my new white booth.  It was exhausting, actually ...
as I was also training Loraine, shown with me above, on her first day to work at Treasures.  Luckily she was a quick study, though I am pretty sure she rang the bell to summon me for help, no less that 30 times ... still her abilities made it possible for me to completely move my booth in one day.

Dad was my hero that day.  I had made arrangements back in March to have the missionaries come to dinner that night, since I don't usually work on Fridays.  I hadn't written it down, and even asked our ward mission leader to call me and let me know what the date was.  Well she didn't and I got a call at work at quarter to five from the missionaries.  Arrrggg .... I called Dad, who was off early and was home mowing the lawn, and he agreed to go and get them and take them to dinner.  Yeah Dad!  Oh and Cheryl loved her take out from Los Amigos too.

That night I kind of crashed and burned ... Dad and I watched the rest of the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice, and I think I was asleep before it was over .... yawn!

On Saturday Dad was up early to run the Pay It Forward race here in Payson.  He said he was half way through the race when he realized he had achey flu symptoms, but finished anyway, before coming home and attaching his back to the bed for most of the day, so unlike him, eh?

I, meanwhile, had headed to Pleasant Grove to meet up with my friend Wendy to attend Fleattitude, there.

We had a great time, and I managed to spend a whole bunch of money on all the good deals they have!!  

Today, we were off to church on our own, as  Brittney and Spencer headed to Texas this morning ... 
 After church, Dad and I headed to Spanish Fork to visit Grandpa Carlo before family dinner at Davin and Bri's.  We were pleasantly surprised when Becca showed up to take Grandpa to Davin's for dinner too.
 Here we are at Davin and Bri's ... where we see Aunt Darby playing with her nieces and nephews ...
 ... and Grandpa Carlo getting some great grand kids lovin, with the help of Trevor ...

 Becca and Adilyn are wearing matching colors, how fun is that?

Dad said he thought Trevor looked like Mr. Clean here, looking out over Davin and Bri's stairs. What do you think?

Bri and Dave had made Cafe Rio Salads for us all, and we had a great time visiting and catching up.  So that ends our week.  Of course the biggest event was Brittney's graduation, and we would like to congratulate her on all her hard work, and wish her well in her graduate studies at the U in the fall.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Wickedly Wonderful Week.

On Monday, I took Eva and Scott on a Grandma date ... Junking and Maui Chill, what else.
On Tuesday Dad and I met at a restaurant in Salt Lake to have lunch with members of our Salt Lake ward, which is always fun.  Afterward Dad went back to work, and then did his shift at the Provo temple, while I did some junking in town before heading home.

On Wednesday, at work, I put out this tea service in my tea things booth, I love it!

I also made this birthday banner for cousin Ryan's upcoming birthday last weekend.
It was fun when Briahnna stopped by with the kits ... always the high light of my day!! I love showing off my cute grands.

On Thursday Dad picked me up after work to head to Idaho.  We stopped at Ashley's to pick up the awesome cake she had made for Ryan's party!

Then we dropped all the party goodies at Uncle Bruce's and had a nice visit with Dianne, before having dinner at the Bountiful Cafe Rio.

We got to Idaho early the next morning, about 1:30 A.M. on Friday, that is.

Later on Friday, we went to lunch with Brittany and her friend Angela, for their standing Friday lunch date ... for some more Cafe Rio!!

Next Brittany took us to the school as she had some PTA business to do... it was fun to see Charlotte's place as Queen Bee at the school, all the kids knew her name ... Hi Charlotte!! We would hear repeatedly as classes passed her in the hall.

Above she is shown with a student in a Special Classroom, who has a degenerative syndrome, born with sight, she is now blind, and has lost brain function too ...  Britt had let her feel her tummy when she was expecting Charlotte, then she let her hold Charlotte as a new born. ... I was very touched.

Brittany in the teachers lounge/mail room .... printing, sorting and delivering fliers for the carnival ... Britt is the President elect this year, and starts her dynasty next year ... they'll be in good hands!
Visited Alex's classroom.

When we got back, Kai showed us a love note from a Girl ... a sticky love note that is!!
 Then Saturday morning we met in a neighborhood park for an egg hunt ... which was really just picking up plastic eggs full of candy that had been scattered on the lawn ....

 Cutest Easter Bunny anywhere!!

Then it was time for the main event, seeing the traveling Broadway Company of Wicked at Boise State!  As always, it was amazing, and since it was Britt's first time, I got to enjoy the quasi first time myself ... and its been 5 years since we've seen it, which also made it feel new!

 We had dinner at the Boise Fry company where your burger is the side dish, Trevor would have loved their industrial decor ...

 Then Easter morning, Britt was up early working on making us an amazing Easter brunch!

What an amazing spread ... and she got to use Mike's grandmother's china for the first time since inheriting it.

On Sunday we attended church with Britt at her ward, it was so fun to meet all these great people we have heard her mention ... then we met up with the Bishop's sister-in-law who would ride home with us.  She is a 5'11" blond who was born in 1979 ... sound familiar?  yep a Darby twin.  She's a lawyer who lives in South Carolina, while her husband works as a Dental Surgery Intern.  She is in Salt Lake in preparation for their embryo adoption, which is happening next week.  It was so interesting to talk to her that it seemed like a two hour drive to Salt Lake instead of the five hours ...

Then the frosting on the cake was seeing her Brother-in-law's house, a renovated historic home in downtown SLC that was all done in industrial and green recycling ... once again, I wished Trevor could have been there, it was all very Restoration Hardwarish.  

So that was our quicky 'Wicked' trip to Idaho, thanks Britt for a lovely weekend.