Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Texas, William's First and Family Dinner

 At Emily's on Thursday morning, where William shares the joys of potatoes with Reagan ...

before we all get ready to head out again ... this time for Lunch at Chili's, where they put our party of  four women and 5 children under 4 in a sequestered corner .... thankfully.

Then Emily introduced us to a discount Asian store called Sam Moon ...

 Then we were back in the car, where the one years old baby girls fell into an enchanted sleep ... again ...
 Before being introduced to the famous local grocery store, H.E.B.,  Where we were greeted and questioned almost continually about our cute chumbly 'twins'.  So how cool at the drink holders on the cart, in case you can't make it all the way through your shopping trip without your drink?!
At home again we dressed all the one year olds (it was William's birthday) in striped leggings/pants and took about a million pictures.

 Becca suggested we give up on the couch pictures and move Bekie's cute table and chair set into the living room for some better pictures ... yeah  Becca!
 Such adorable babies ....
 Then it was time for the main event .... William started small like his cousins had, but soon escalated, just like the boy he is!

 He is shown here with the card that his other grandmother sent along with a whole box full of wrapped gifts ... what a fun party, and did I mention that Dad got to attend ala facetime?

Then on Friday we all drove down to Corpus Christi to experience the beach ... a first for William who was not a fan, once that cold wet stuff reached out and grabbed him ... in this first pic, after just arriving he was happily in his BOT (Before Ocean Trauma) stage.

 The other kids liked it fine ...

Becca was in the middle of a real estate deal, and spent part of the week on her phone ironing out details ... I thought this shot on the beach was fun.

 There was an aircraft carrier museum near by, so we took a walk to check it out ... love this prop!

 The moms were good about sunscreen, at least on the babies, on themselves, not as much, they all ended up with some burning to one 'degree' or another .... Britt won the tomato look alike contest though.

 Then on Saturday morning the girls got dressed in their matching Grandma outfits that I had found at H.E.B., before heading to the flea market ... which was mostly like a swap meet, as I had suspected ....

But here Reagan is looking like a Rock Star, don't you think?
 ... and where else could you find a hug tin Texas longhorn bull to put in your yard?  We headed home and packed up before heading to the airport. .... Emily said the good bye hugs felt a lot like when she moved from Utah last fall ... it was hard for us all to see it come to an end, I'm afraid ...

 Titan had found an airplane at the flea market, so he was right in his element at the airport, watching planes take off while we waited to load.

The plane was 1/3 empty so the one year olds got their own seats on and off .... here Charlie gets to watch a movie ....
 then Reagan tries out the ear phones for a bit ....

We got into Salt Lake around 8, and Dad picked us up in our own personal shuttle ...

On Sunday Dad had inventories in stores to the south, so he missed all of our ward conference, as well as all other church meetings ... I had the fun of teaching gospel doctrine to all three members of the state presidency, which was most daunting because I am teaching Old Testament and our Stake President is the Principal of the the High School Seminary .... yikes!! Fortunately Brittney made me look good, with her usual great answers to Q's.

 That evening our bi-weekly family dinner was at Trevor and Nell's which made it easier for Britt to attend before heading home to Idaho (she got home around one A.M.)   Here are Brittney and Spencer, Brittney was sustained as our ward Young Women's President, while I was gone!  She will do an amazing job!!

 That's Elias behind the Sulley mask ... trying to eat cheese through the mask, which turned out to be a fail, but made for a cute picture.
Trevor in his Gru attitude with a cute menion. 

 Trevor showed off his new slide too.

The weird part of the evening was dressing up Davin as a hipster, luckily (or not) Nell has some stretchy jeans he could pour himself into ... LOL.

... and that was our family dinner, with a chance for J. Scott to enjoy his cousins for a bit.

It was great having Britt and Emily in my life this week.  Thanks girls for your willingness to include me in your sisters reunion.  I know Becca misses them too, and that she enjoyed our time together as well!!


  1. Love it,b ut..... Where's the zoo? And the river walk? And the ALamo!>!?!?

  2. On Tuesday those 'left behind' met at Guadalahonky's to celebrate Darby's birthday. We had Davin & Bri plus their kids, Nell & Eleanor, Britt & Spencer, the birthday girl and myself. We had a great time even with most of our party planners in Texas. But alas, we have no pictures... It really did happen, trust me!