Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Topsy Turvey Week.

Monday morning, on Dad's run he ran out of breath ... a lot ..... repeatedly ... so he called Dr. Money and made an appointment .... but first.

... here we are on Monday, celebrating Spencer's 24th birthday with breakfast!!

After the Dr. Appointment, Dad knew it wasn't a heart attach ...  but still didn't know what it was ...

After breakfast with the kids and Dad in Orem, I ran to Salt Lake and checked out my friend Cathie Cox's new booth at Vinestreet Antiques.  As always, she does a great job.

I got back in Utah County in time to meet up with Dad and do a bit of bridge babysitting, before Brady got home so Becca could go and show some houses ...  She's had an amazing couple of weeks, working with about five different clients, including writing at least three offers for three different clients ... you go girl!!
Boys with Ipads are very, very easy to tend.
On Tuesday I started out with a calm and quiet breakfast in the garden house ...

Then Emily sent me some movies of Beckie opening her package with my picture on top .... Emily really reinforced who it was from ... so hopefully I am managing to build relationships across the miles ... I never thought I would be thankful that Brittany and Mike are so close!! LOL
On Wednesday, before life as I had known it ended, I put together this collage for my Wednesday Reclaimologist sale day ...

We were supposed to go to see Man of Lamancha at the Hale center theater that night, which I was excited about.  My parents loved the story, and I've never seen it, though I did grow up with the record, so I know the songs ... BUT Scott called to say his car had lost the transmission again .... not going there ... so I'd have to come home to pick him up for the play .  Then he walked over to the Daily Freeze to get fish and chips for Cheryl, as the car was broken down at the house ... and has horrible pain in his calf, he then calls again to say plan three is No Play, but the hospital and an ultrasound instead ... Yep, Dad has a blood clot in his leg...  That night Brittney and Spencer came up to offer moral support as I gave Dad his first shot in the stomach.

On Thursday at work I opened a package from my friend Stacy, who used to sell my stuff on her web site ... I guess that its too much hassle for the money, so she brought back what was left, but also gave me the sweet domed friendship scene and a couple of my favorite magazines!!

Also that day, I took the time to gather Keith's dolls heads to make this display!!  I know, you will all say creepy, but I love it!
Also on Thursday Becca took Grandpa to lunch ... it was pioneer day, and they were in Payson so she brought Grandpa's leftovers to Dad, who was home convalescing for the holiday!!  Such a sweet girl!

On Friday I stayed home with Dad, and we read and napped and played on our I-phones all day, plus a few chores for me.
Then on Saturday we went to Roxanna Fernillius' funeral, which was truly lovely.  She joined the church when we was 17, then waited for and married a returned missionary.  She loved babies and had 8 children, loosing one as an infant.  Such a good life, and such a happy and energetic person!!  She's been a joy to know. we really did celebrate her life!!

Dad and I took the rest of the day easy ... then on Sunday we went to Orem to Camalla Brimhall's farewell, which also happened to be  Holly Burr's homecoming talk .... both girls just glowed, and the spirit was so strong. Of course it was fun to meet up with old friends from the ward.  Here I am shown with Trish Otis, who was my original antiqueing partner. Her husband Cliff is the realtor who helped us get Broadstone!!  You know, the one who asked Dad what chance there was that we would actually buy the house when we went to see it for the first time? ... and Dad said "2%"

and here Dad is as a shrimp among giants ... with Doug Fairbanks, far right, as the only one who still lives in the old ward. (The other two are Lyle Snell and Jeff Garret)

After attending our ward, where we got to hear Brittney give a wonderful talk on being pure of heart and staying close to the Lord, we had a lazy, nappy, reading, sort of afternoon.

That night, as you see, we headed up to the park for the band concert, which is always fun and relaxing.

So that was the week our world was turned up side down!!  We seemed to survive and are, perhaps, closer to the Lord now ... he loves us all so much!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Migrating Fairies and Builder Fairies ... Oh and Wicked too!

 Post flea.o.logy and its time to get back to work ... ha ha ... so I caught up on my blogging and did some house work and laundry.  Dad and I went shopping for new panties for Beckie who is currently getting potty trained.

That night Dad and I picked up Eszie and took her to see Million Dollar Arm, and then stopped at Maui Chill!

On our way home we stopped at Treasures and unloaded all the stuff that hadn't sold at flea.o.logy so Dad could take my van the next day, as his car was still in the shop.

 On Tuesday I worked for another dealer who needed a day off, and redid our front display.  As you can see the organ desk Dad made plays a starring role.

To the left is the set of Haviland dishes that I got Texas, loved the idea of the stacked dishes under the cloche.

Dad worked then did his shift at the temple, and I had a quiet evening reading at home.
 Wednesday morning I noticed a new fairy in my indoor fairy garden ... hmmm, I had never seen her before, but she was clearly made by the same maker as my fairy ... I FB  messaged my sisters, I emailed my sisters and left a phone message, all to no avail ...
Then, because I was off that day, I took pictures of my pink dresser that had been left over from flea.o.logy ... and listed it on our ROCC listing day ... and guess what?  It sold based on the preview on Instagram, I hadn't even had a chance to finish the listing on FB

 Then, I took the worst selfie ever, (actually about 20 of them) with the package of panties I was sending to help motivate Beckie in her potty training adventures.  I wanted her to know who had send them, and included the selfie with the package!
 On Thursday, I worked again, and bought these two awesome chairs from a customer.  The 'new' chairs required moving some things around and this wire plant stand lost its space on the floor, so it was fun to reinvent it as a desert stand, with crochet thread cakes!!

Joyce came in to shop that day, and when I mentioned the new fairy, admitted to only reading her emails about monthly ... and I know she rarely picks up phone messages.  But the mystery was solved once and for all, she had snuck her into the fairy garden during flea.o.logy four days before.  Shows how unobservant I am, doesn't it.

 After work I went to the ward pioneer BBQ, Dad was in charge of a blood drive that afternoon and evening, but took off just long enough to join me ... here I am in another bad selfie with my neighbor and fairy soul mate ReLene.

Above other ward members include, the bishop to the far left, the Ekins and Heather, Jolene's daughter.
 On Friday I was up early to do a little garaging, just around Payson.  Then I stopped the Restore in Spanish on my way to the grocery store.  Then ...
 Dad and I got together and met the Moes at the Park and Ride in Highland later that afternoon, then met the Gearhearts by Trolley Square for dinner before we all headed to the Capitol theater to see Wicked!!
Jerry Gearheart took this pictures of Scott and I doing a selfie, and it was better than the selfie itself, so it gets placement here.

 Amazingly Dad remembered to remind me to get our opera glasses, though we had very good seats at the front of the mezzanine, it was nice to get face closeups, especially since we were mainly there, because Robin Heuer's next door neighbor's daughter, Nikki Bohne, was playing Glenda!!  She is the understudy, but I guess every understudy is given a shot!  She did an amazing job!  I saw no difference at all  between her performance and that of the many Glenda's I have seen perform (this was Dad's and my 6th time to see the play!)
 Afterwards we waited by the stage door with about a hundred other people for Nikki to appear!

All the actors came out and grabbed bikes from the hooks and peddled away, which was perfect for the Wizard, after all he was a Peddler, right?
 Here Nikki gets her picture with Brittany Gearheart, who lives across the street from Barb and Randy (and is also Barb's niece) ... she grew up with Nikki, so great photo op, eh?
Then I met someone who changed my life, and I never knew it.  This is Kitty Tenney, the Broadway groupie in Barb's ward who suggested to Barb that we see Wicked when we went to New York in 2004.  She had seen the second ever preview performance in 2003, and has video of herself chilling with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth after the performance.

Here we are with the Moes after the performance.  The Heuers were there too, and sat right next to us, while Barb and Randy sat elsewhere, but weirdly we did not get a picture of them at all, since they came up in a second car and missed the dinner part of the evening. What an awesome and memorable night!!  

 Then on Saturday Morning, Dad had to go off to Orem to fix the swamp cooler in our rental house there.  Since I had junked the day before I planned a quiet day catching up at home, but while reading facebook a friend mentioned that he was doing a school fund raiser sale in Springville, and since I knew that a couple of my flea.o.logy dealers were doing a vintage market there in town too, I thought it best to head out to support my peeps.

Strangely after stopping at the fund raiser, I noticed a garage sale just up the street, and thought I would stop on my way to the vintage market.  And who's sale would it be but a good friend/shopper, (she bought my extra iron fence on the day I cut off and reattached my finger tip!)

She was selling at her daughter's house, and I had to get a photo, when I noticed she was wearing an apron she bought from me at Treasures.  Then I went to her house and bought lots of awesome vintage she had to sell. She has such amazing stuff.

 She also has a fairy garden ... talk about Kindred Spirits.

 Then I was off to the new shop, R House, in Springville ... I knew that one of the dealers who started it was Stephanie who had been a dealer at Treasures, and was also a dealer, once, at flea.o.logy.  But I didn't know that the other owner, also Stephanie, is the one who custom ordered a baby pennant banner from me last year.  That was kind of fun.  It was also fun to see their shop, and then to visit with some local dealers who were selling at the vintage market.  Boy, there are sure getting to be a lot of vintage markets, kind of makes me laugh, since I started my flea market  in 2006 because there was no such thing in Utah!

 Then when I got home, that afternoon, and was watering my fairy garden, I noticed that someone had added a new, twisted vine archway.  How funny is that.  I still don't know who, so perhaps the fairies become unenchanted at midnight, or something, and were able to do a little work in the garden.  Such a mystery.

On Sunday, we had a nice meeting with Dad being our visiting High Counsel speaker.  He did a great job, as always, and told all the old family stories, like about when Darby was run over, and how our Home Teachers were at the hospital, just a half an hour after we got there and were able to help Dad give her a blessing.  He also told of other miracles that have resulted in priesthood blessings he has given ... including the one where he was inspired to go and give Kim Dicou a blessing of comfort after her third miscarriage when she had just the two little boys.  He blessed her she would yet be the mother of daughters, a great desire of hers.  Whoa ... he said that one made him nervous at the time.  But then after having another son (which also made him nervous) she went on to have two more children, both daughters.

In Sunday school I got to teach again.  This time we talked about how Jeroboam was foretold by the prophet Ahijah, that he would be king of the 10 northern tribes, Ahijah made an impression on him by taking off Jeroboem's new cloak and 'rending it in 12 pieces' ... the lesson suggested tearing a piece of cloth, or cutting up a picture of clothing.  I decided to go for the interest factor that Ahijah must have had in the original incident, and asked Dad to wear an old tie he was thinking of tossing.  I then, while telling the story of Jeroboem, walked over and cut off this tie below the knot, making three pieces of it.  Then cut each piece into four ... lets just say, Big Impact ... I had everyone attention, besides it was fun!

Then after church and a nap, and picking up grandkids in north county, it was time for another family dinner.  It poured down rain, and some of the grands were nervous (Note Zach looking up at the noisy roof over his head)  about all the noise that made on our metal patio roof, but other than those who wanted to get wet, we all stayed relatively dry.

Since Darby has started working at IM Flash with Brady, though not actually with Brady as they always work opposite shifts, she seems much closer to Becca's kids ... Reagan, who is sometimes picky about who gets to hold her, seems right at home in her arms here.

 It was super fun to have Brittany in town for another wedding, but this is evidently the last ... we may not see as much of her anymore.

Here she is with Brittney and Charlie.
 The grandkids, except the crazy one, all hunkered down in the garden house during part of the storm ...
 The crazy one, however, worked at getting as wet as possible.
 It was fun to have Kim there to chat with the girls, and its amazing to believe that she is actually going to high school in the fall, AND she just finished up Drivers Ed!!
 Eszie seemed to enjoy seeing us all together, and wanted to see the house and  pictures of her mom growing up, so I had her check out the pictures in the upstairs hall.  She was very impressed, when she saw the stairs in the library, that we would have a third floor!  Otherwise, she seemed a little bored, I am sorry to say.
 Kai and Ian check out a game on Ian's Ipad in the garden house here.
... and last of all we got to sing Happy Birthday to Spencer, its kind of hard to believe that my last child is actually 24!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole

 What a week, and it kicked off with one of the busiest days I have ever had, and a Monday no less....

I got up early to clean house for the tea party.  You may recall I had set the table the day before, which left me to get the crafts ready that we were doing to decorate our tree for festival of trees, as well as the cleaning bits.  sigh ...  The ladies of We-Can joined us at 10 ... we started with a couple of hours crafting then migrated to the hottest tea party ever ..." note to self ... summer out door teas should be held under trees!"
 I loved this picture of the white queen ... 
 As soon as I had send them all back up the rabbit hole .... the Stevensons arrived for lunch and a little antiqueing.  Phil had brought Rami to town, to live with some of his distant cousins, just like Rui did with us.  We went to Cracker Barrel and then to Treasures to find some antiques to help decorate the restaurant Phil and his wife are starting, an Amercan themed, Navajo Taco restaurant.  I remember thinking I was introducing Rui to Navajo tacos at one time .... LOL .... The Japanese are crazy about American culture, so I think their restaurant will be a hit!  Emily is very jealous of our visit, and she should be!  But she can visit Rami when she comes in September.

We were supposed to take Eszie to a movie matinee later that afternoon, but she got called into work, which gave Dad and me a couple of hours to breath deeply, which we needed badly.
 That evening it was off to the Kews for our family home evening group BBQ ... which was a lot of fun, of course.
 On Tuesday morning when I got up to walk with Ginny, I saw that our next door neighbors had lost their third branch off their apricot tree in as many weeks, how convenient, a self trimming tree ...

Also on Tuesday, I ran to Salt Lake to meet Arlene for a session at the temple and lunch, and while I was still in Salt Lake, Dad got in touch to say he'd lost his transmission .... arrrggg .... and the place in Provo who has replaced it the last THREE times, said the warranty holder is insisting he go to a dealership.  Becca drove up to get him and take him to the dealer ship, after waiting 3 hours for the AAA contractor to tow his car there ... the contractor, interestingly, said they would not charge AAA for the tow ... in other words, "Don't tell AAA we didn't come for 3 hours, we don't want to loose that contract!"  AARRGG ... Later Becca took him to work, and then I junked for a couple of hours before picking him up and taking him home!

 On Wednesday, I walked with Jenny and then was off to work ...  I had checked my sales from my various booths, and the booth above had the lowest sales, so I took the time to redo it in pink... what do you think?

On Thursday, Ginny cancelled walking, so I had time to give the 'organ desk' its second coat of paint!

 Then at work, Rosemarie and I realized we were matchy matchy, so I thought I would save the moment for posterity!!  That night there was more prep for flea.o.logy, Dad's been awesome to help me for this sale as we try to make mucho boo-kos to help pay off the over runs on the roof remodel ... which has been interesting, as I am sure remodels always are.

 On Friday it was set up day for flea.o.logy ... this is Brandon, one of my favorite and most talented dealers.  I was chatting with him and his Aunt Tonya who work together under the name of "Two Pitts of a Pear" ... it occurred to me this time, that he reminds me a lot of Ben.  He also has Ben's amazing generosity and charm ... so now I am wondering if Ben has an artistic side he's never explored ...
 My friend Kelli stopped by when she saw Brandon and Tonya unpacking ... so there was more chatting ... Really, flea.o.logy is like a two day party ... I love it!
 That evening, I turned over the dealer map to Denise, a trusted dealer, so I could run off to party hardy!!  Nell came to take over the reigns, just an hour later, so I didn't worry a bit.

The party was for past dealers of Fleattitude, the indoor sale that Cathie and Jenn do in Pleasant Grove.  Cathie and Jenn are parting ways as owners of Fleattitude, with Cathie taking it to Salt Lake ... Jenn will keep the PG venue changing the name to her personal business name, 3 dotters!

These are some of the dealers who attended, all of whom I know, except the man in plum, he's a neighbor's of Cathie's and it was my first time to meet him..  The husband of the couple in the middle is a new bishop ... and he was nailed to his phone when we first got there ... he had noticed a tree down, in his ward, as they headed out of town, and was arranging to have it 'taken care of'.  By the end of the party he said, the rescue had occurred .... gotta love it! Besides, I love to hear him talk, he has some sort of British accent!

 We played that funky white elephant game where you steal prizes from each other ... thought it was funny that she chose frames ... don't you?!
 Then it was back to the late night set up ... I had made the junk sign, which sold by the way ... Nell's Mom had found the yellow and red letters and shared them with Nell ... by 3 in the morning, it all felt pretty much like crazy junk and I was exhausted.  I left Trevor to watch over the goods and hit the sack! Dad had, wisely, retired 5 hours earlier.  

 Dad got up early Saturday, as did I, of course, but he ran away from home.  Not that I can blame him, it was going to be a hectic day.  Fortunately for me, he repented and came back, after a nine mile run, and helped put up the pop up shades.  And then  the sale begins ...  My booth is above ... and to the right the most interesting find of the day, don't you think?  I guess the this gal's daughter just redid her room, and is a fabulous pianist!!
 All the usual suspects were there .... Trevor found the arm in the garage and was just sure Spencer would need it for his display ... well shut my mouth!
 The Scottish festival was being help in town that day, which is why, on Nell's suggestion, we chose the date.   Unfortunately, they printed their address on their fliers as 250 N. Main (we are 218 N. Main) and the park where the festival is held is 250 S Main ... we had a lot of confused looking men in kilts wandering around our sale ... which was fun too, of course we redirected them after a while.

Nell ran into a gal that was in her BYU ward and had a chance to visit.
 ... and later ward members, Mary and Richard Rodriguez were driving by and saw a carved rooster they had to have ... it was their first time at flea.o.logy and it was fun to chat ... Scott home teaches them, and they moved into the ward the same time we did.  They are like family, so that is fun!
 Becca and the kids came down too, I wish I had a picture of Titan's cute painted face ...

After the sale, Dad and I got all the left overs loaded into the van so I can take them into work this week.  Then we headed out for High Mexican, before coming home to crash.  I am pretty sure I was asleep by 8:30!

Then this morning, it was an easy one, with no high council for dad, and no lesson to give, for me.  In Relief Society we had a lesson on the covenant of baptism ... I thought our teacher's notes very concisely put what we receive on the left and what we do on the right.  And really the fourth one on the right is redundant, so we really only do three things in exchange for pretty much every thing we receive, best deal ever, eh?

Then after church, Emily called to face time with us, so we could get lots of kisses from Becki, and told us this funny story.  During the sacrament, Becki was being fussy, so Emily got out her phone and went to pictures on ... when Becki saw this one she said, "Knock, Knock", then started singing "Do you wanna build a snow man?"  I am still cracking up over that!!

So that was our crazy, crazy week.  Hope yours was crazy fun as well!!