Sunday, April 24, 2016

Welcome Home Kylie, and Happy Birthday Penny.

This week was a relatively quiet week for us!  
I'd watched these munchkins for Becca and Brady over night so they could celebrate their 9 th wedding anniversary.  They got back around noon and we had a nice visit!! 

Dad got home early and put his shoulder to the wheel. Well, the four wheels that drive the lawn mower. I worked on stuff for 3dotters.  And we finished off the day with a dose of Downton!! 
Picked this picture of Darby off Facebook    It's her and her friend Erin, whom she was visiting in sunny California! 
I worked Tuesday, and had my friend Linda come in and buy this model t drive shaft part to use as a base on a teapot fairy house. The pictures look charming. 

After work I grocery shopped, got another premission shot and watched another version of Jane Eyre while waiting for papa to finish his temple shift. 
On Wednesday I walked slowly and not too far with Ginny, and then she showed me her seedlings and 
her ladies. 

  Then I worked on more 3 Dotters stuff  while house cleaning because at 300 P.M. 
Kirk Kimball came to photograph the interior of the house for a mail blitz that Brent York is heading up. 
My liljacs are out so I did this arrangement that includes a weed called white top. I love how they look together!! 
I also laughed my head off when I read this IG post of Nell's. 

On Thursday when Ginny and I walked I took pictures of bird houses so I could highlight my 'new' one on IG. 

I worked that day, of course, as did Dad, but his reset crew got behind at the Dan's Olympus store and he didn't leave until 7:30.   When he finally got home he had a double d night.  Downton and Dinner, that is. 
First thing Friday I finished up some projects, Then in the late afternoon Dad got home to drive me to do set up in PG ... I normally drive myself then he comes when he can. However my stupid arthritic knee is acting up and driving is miserable.

We were done with set a little before ten..,
After having had Cafe Rio takeout ...  But still managed one Downton episode. (40 min) before bed. 
On Saturday Dad was kind enough to drive me back tinPG!   The sale was fun as always, I passed out fliers that said "save the Fleaology house'" and got people to commit to emailing. 

I also found out that the red polka dot mushrooms I made are magic!  Because a lady was looking at them and said she'd made some for her fairy garden. I said, " did you know they occur like that in nature?   She said she knew that, as they'd grown up around where she grew up. Some as big as 18 inches in diameter!! Of course I asked where this magic land was?  And she said FINLAND!   
We are inta-besties and she's invited us to dinner. Her old mom back home is so lonely and she hopes I'll be around where we can visit!  OK. Now I'm motivated to learn some Finnish!  
Just had to show you how inovative antique dealers get to be. Jessica figured out this clever way to carry a couch by her self. What an awesome, undauntable  girl!  

Dad came back and helped me take down, then we stopped for dinner at the Golden Corral. We followed that with more Downton, of course!!   
This is the big surprise that night guy, though. Dad told me I was going to love what he'd done while I was at the show, and when I got jome I saw this!!!   Yeah!!! 

This morning we were up early to attend our mission prep class, then headed to Kylie's  homecoming, next we hurried home so Dad could sing in the choir for his first time in the fourth ward!  Spencer and Brittney are in the choir too, which makes Dad so happy!! 
Then after the choir sang we took off for Lehi for Kylie's welcome home at Trina and Ryan's house!!  Oh how we love this girl.   
That evening we ran up to celebrate Penny's first birthday.  How cute are these kids!
Loved Nenna loving her dolly! 
Ice cream Sunday bar ... Yum!! 
Happy birthday!! 
Her personal cake! 
Digits  taste best with frosting!  
But some people prefer them plain!! 
Spencer and Brittney joined us after dinner with her sister Angela!  

So that was our slower week!   

Saturday, April 16, 2016

In the news, in the temple and missionary papers IN !!

Whew,  what a week ...
It started innocently enough with me working on projects for 3dotters and taking a picture of my chintz for Magpie Minday  on IG 
Monday ended with our Family Home Evening group at our house!  
Recognize any of these folks? 
I was working on Tuesday when I got a call from this KSL reporter (Trevor called in some tips to help with the house campaign) wanting to do a story on Udot's possible plan to tear down our house and others in a plan to widen mainstreet to accommodate a larger freeway interchange. 

He came to Treasures, as I was working, to film me for the news that night. then he went to Payson to get footage of the house, etc. 

Then as he was finishing up filming the Provo  Daily Herald called to set up a meeting for the evening,  I'd already spent a half hour on the phone with a reporter. 

Then I got a call from Fox 13 setting up a time to meet after the Herald  interview. For a minute there I felt like Meg Ryan's character in You've Got Mail - when she decides to fight the closure of her store. "save the shop around the corner and you will save your soul! ". 
So when I got home CoraLee and I posed for pictures, 
And they got lots of pictures of our houses ... Then I got a text postponing Fox until the next day.  Dad had gone to do his shift at the temple and missed all the fun.   

On Wednesday I ran up to AF to loan some trophies to my friend Jann for baby shower decor ... Then I hung out at the DI  there doing what I do. 
I got home in time for an interview for Fox News, 
And while we were shooting, Channel 2 was across the street with my neighbor, so I ran across afterwards. It was fun to visit AND to see inside her charming 1872 house!!   

Then I headed to work for a couple of hours, after which ....
Dad and I met with the Stake President and pushed the button on his iPad to submit our "papers". Now within the next 6 weeks ....  
I worked again on Thursday and the knee, which had been hurting badly since Tuesday  with the storms coming in, had been just miserable.  so I picked up KFC and drowned my painful knee sorrows in multiple Downton episodes with Dad  

On Friday I was pretty miserable again, but tried to get things done for the show. Dad had traded a temple shift, so I had a long lonely evening. 

On Saturdsy we worked on gathering a van load of DI donations, then ...
Dad dropped me at the Bijou Pop Up Market in Provo, while he was delivering our van load to DI. Afterwards we headed to Orem to drop off an antique camera and typewriter for Britt and Mile as a neighbor of theirs was in town and had agreed to play delivery service. They were very nice and were staying at the home of his uncle who happens to be married to a Finn small world!!   We got home in time for me to watch another version of Jane Eyre and for Dad. to do yet another temple shift!!  
We started our day today with our first Missionary class.  Here we are with our amazing teacher Jared Gale. 
Then we went straight to Ben Heuer's missionary farewell. He was so well spoken, I was proud to know him. What a great and humble missionary he will be. We'll get home about the same time he does. Crazy!! 
After dinner tonight the potato shelf took it easy until .... Dum, dum da dum .... 
The attack of the munchkins. 
Which attracted the basement dwellers!!  We had a fun visit, then Becca and Brafy were off for an overnighter to celebrate their 9th anniversary. Whoa.  So Ill have a fun day with Titan and Reagan tomorrow!  

I hope what ever you're into, that your week was a good one. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Broadstone's Threat and the Cistern Comes Down

It's been another full week. 

But of course I did manage to style some photos for Instagram. This is the mantel in Cheryl's room. I've done nothing to it since she moved in, almost four years ago. Definitely time for a change 

Then I was off to my We Can group where we did note books for refugees and birthday kits for the food bank. 

We enjoyed dinner at Cafe Rio after. 

Emily sent me this cute picture of  Sam and William building a new rabbit hutch.  Is that the cutest thing ever?!

On Teal Tuesday I redid the mantle in the dining room for another IG post. 

Then Hannah came to help me work in the garden. I raked out the daffodil bed, and they look so happy now.  

Dad, of course did his temple shift that evening.  But he got home in time to watch more Downton.  

On Wednesday day I made a visit to the eye doctor and still have no tearing despite the continued side flashes. I'll visit one more time before our mission just to be sure. 

He did tell me one interesting thing, though, he said being light sensitive is related to migraines, which makes sense, since I've always been sun shy, and Ben was the most sunshy of the children.  But, then, I have no explanation for Brittany's migraines. 

Wednesday night Dad and I went to the city counsel meeting where Udot presented a couple of options for a new Payson interchange.  One of the options includes widening Main Street which would include tearing down all the houses on the east side of main, including ours. 

So now we are in the fray, as you see above.  According to the project manager, who will choose this fall, public input in mass is all that can save it.

Nell sent me this new flier for Fleaology that day too, and It's been getting rave reviews. 

On Thursday I worked and found  this great old typewriter for a good deal for Brittany, who'd asked me to keep an eye out for her. 

After work Dad and ran up to the Draper temple to join the Heuers as Benjamin took out his endowments. 

On Friday Dad and I babysat for Becca for a couple of hours. 

Titan and I made a book about him. 

That night we babysat for Dave and Bri, which was fun. The kids were so cute. Then we got to see the latest BBC Jane Eyre, which I've not seen. Everyone else was bored silly, but I liked it!!  

First thing Saturday I was off to the Reclaimologist Vintage Show. The girls with this booth did Fleaology a few times. Their stuff is wonderful. 

My friend Kim bought this set from another Fleaology dealer. I was drooling. In all there were about 8 of our dealers selling at this hugely successful show. 

Chelsea Ekins, as was, makes paper bouquets now. I bought this one and can now display my favorite vase all the time. 

Afterwards I hurried to Salt Lake to meet Nell at cousin Jack's wife, Jane's baby shower!!  Here she is with Brooke. 

Here are Megan, Aunt Shirley and Aunt Nina.  Aunt Nina said that Uncle Emory is just not himself anymore. She said he never leaves home now. We're so very sad. 

Here are Aunt Dianne and Catherine. 

I went in on the gift with Bri and Becca, and got 4 sets of matching outfits, but could resist not matching the super hero onsies. Turns out it was a good choice as they fit in with an inside family joke. . 

With two of everything Jane ended up with quite a pile. She is one of four girls in her family and has two sisters who already have twins!! 

Here I am with my darling sister-in-law Jo. 

When I was bringing Nell home, I saw someone over in the cemetery flying kites, and thought, what a good Dad. Turns out that good Dad was Trevor. 

It caught a gust as Nell took control to put it away!!  This picture with their house in the back ground is a wonderful memory. 

I headed home to meet up with Dad, who'd taken someone's afternoon temple shift, when I got home I saw the cistern cut in two and lying on the ground!  He'd done feared and undoable task by himself. He's a rock star. I'm just glad I wasn't there to see him toss them from that 3rd story roof. I was so worried he'd fall. 

He'd also put up the shutters I painted this week!! 

Then we headed to Orem and had dinner with Wendy and Steve, since the last minute shower invitation had nixed  Wendy's and my plans to see the antique show and have lunch to celebrate her birthday. She's  just one month and 8 days older than me!  

Today Dad was off for his last time to attend the care center branch meetings. He showed up toward the end fast and testimony meeting. I was never so happy to scoot over and make room.   No more widow Perkins for me!! 

That afternoon we had our final bishop's interview. 

Then later we headed to  Trevor and Nell's for curry. Yum.   Trevor also made naan, everyone loved it. 

Then Nell helped Scott set up a 'pass the pigs' tournament. 

Everyone had fun and our finalists were Davin, Trevor, Addie and Titan!  So much fun. 

and guess who turned one that day, in far away Texas!  That's right it was Abigail. 

So that was our busy week, hope yours was full and fun and fabulous!