Saturday, April 16, 2016

In the news, in the temple and missionary papers IN !!

Whew,  what a week ...
It started innocently enough with me working on projects for 3dotters and taking a picture of my chintz for Magpie Minday  on IG 
Monday ended with our Family Home Evening group at our house!  
Recognize any of these folks? 
I was working on Tuesday when I got a call from this KSL reporter (Trevor called in some tips to help with the house campaign) wanting to do a story on Udot's possible plan to tear down our house and others in a plan to widen mainstreet to accommodate a larger freeway interchange. 

He came to Treasures, as I was working, to film me for the news that night. then he went to Payson to get footage of the house, etc. 

Then as he was finishing up filming the Provo  Daily Herald called to set up a meeting for the evening,  I'd already spent a half hour on the phone with a reporter. 

Then I got a call from Fox 13 setting up a time to meet after the Herald  interview. For a minute there I felt like Meg Ryan's character in You've Got Mail - when she decides to fight the closure of her store. "save the shop around the corner and you will save your soul! ". 
So when I got home CoraLee and I posed for pictures, 
And they got lots of pictures of our houses ... Then I got a text postponing Fox until the next day.  Dad had gone to do his shift at the temple and missed all the fun.   

On Wednesday I ran up to AF to loan some trophies to my friend Jann for baby shower decor ... Then I hung out at the DI  there doing what I do. 
I got home in time for an interview for Fox News, 
And while we were shooting, Channel 2 was across the street with my neighbor, so I ran across afterwards. It was fun to visit AND to see inside her charming 1872 house!!   

Then I headed to work for a couple of hours, after which ....
Dad and I met with the Stake President and pushed the button on his iPad to submit our "papers". Now within the next 6 weeks ....  
I worked again on Thursday and the knee, which had been hurting badly since Tuesday  with the storms coming in, had been just miserable.  so I picked up KFC and drowned my painful knee sorrows in multiple Downton episodes with Dad  

On Friday I was pretty miserable again, but tried to get things done for the show. Dad had traded a temple shift, so I had a long lonely evening. 

On Saturdsy we worked on gathering a van load of DI donations, then ...
Dad dropped me at the Bijou Pop Up Market in Provo, while he was delivering our van load to DI. Afterwards we headed to Orem to drop off an antique camera and typewriter for Britt and Mile as a neighbor of theirs was in town and had agreed to play delivery service. They were very nice and were staying at the home of his uncle who happens to be married to a Finn small world!!   We got home in time for me to watch another version of Jane Eyre and for Dad. to do yet another temple shift!!  
We started our day today with our first Missionary class.  Here we are with our amazing teacher Jared Gale. 
Then we went straight to Ben Heuer's missionary farewell. He was so well spoken, I was proud to know him. What a great and humble missionary he will be. We'll get home about the same time he does. Crazy!! 
After dinner tonight the potato shelf took it easy until .... Dum, dum da dum .... 
The attack of the munchkins. 
Which attracted the basement dwellers!!  We had a fun visit, then Becca and Brafy were off for an overnighter to celebrate their 9th anniversary. Whoa.  So Ill have a fun day with Titan and Reagan tomorrow!  

I hope what ever you're into, that your week was a good one. 

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