Sunday, April 24, 2016

Welcome Home Kylie, and Happy Birthday Penny.

This week was a relatively quiet week for us!  
I'd watched these munchkins for Becca and Brady over night so they could celebrate their 9 th wedding anniversary.  They got back around noon and we had a nice visit!! 

Dad got home early and put his shoulder to the wheel. Well, the four wheels that drive the lawn mower. I worked on stuff for 3dotters.  And we finished off the day with a dose of Downton!! 
Picked this picture of Darby off Facebook    It's her and her friend Erin, whom she was visiting in sunny California! 
I worked Tuesday, and had my friend Linda come in and buy this model t drive shaft part to use as a base on a teapot fairy house. The pictures look charming. 

After work I grocery shopped, got another premission shot and watched another version of Jane Eyre while waiting for papa to finish his temple shift. 
On Wednesday I walked slowly and not too far with Ginny, and then she showed me her seedlings and 
her ladies. 

  Then I worked on more 3 Dotters stuff  while house cleaning because at 300 P.M. 
Kirk Kimball came to photograph the interior of the house for a mail blitz that Brent York is heading up. 
My liljacs are out so I did this arrangement that includes a weed called white top. I love how they look together!! 
I also laughed my head off when I read this IG post of Nell's. 

On Thursday when Ginny and I walked I took pictures of bird houses so I could highlight my 'new' one on IG. 

I worked that day, of course, as did Dad, but his reset crew got behind at the Dan's Olympus store and he didn't leave until 7:30.   When he finally got home he had a double d night.  Downton and Dinner, that is. 
First thing Friday I finished up some projects, Then in the late afternoon Dad got home to drive me to do set up in PG ... I normally drive myself then he comes when he can. However my stupid arthritic knee is acting up and driving is miserable.

We were done with set a little before ten..,
After having had Cafe Rio takeout ...  But still managed one Downton episode. (40 min) before bed. 
On Saturday Dad was kind enough to drive me back tinPG!   The sale was fun as always, I passed out fliers that said "save the Fleaology house'" and got people to commit to emailing. 

I also found out that the red polka dot mushrooms I made are magic!  Because a lady was looking at them and said she'd made some for her fairy garden. I said, " did you know they occur like that in nature?   She said she knew that, as they'd grown up around where she grew up. Some as big as 18 inches in diameter!! Of course I asked where this magic land was?  And she said FINLAND!   
We are inta-besties and she's invited us to dinner. Her old mom back home is so lonely and she hopes I'll be around where we can visit!  OK. Now I'm motivated to learn some Finnish!  
Just had to show you how inovative antique dealers get to be. Jessica figured out this clever way to carry a couch by her self. What an awesome, undauntable  girl!  

Dad came back and helped me take down, then we stopped for dinner at the Golden Corral. We followed that with more Downton, of course!!   
This is the big surprise that night guy, though. Dad told me I was going to love what he'd done while I was at the show, and when I got jome I saw this!!!   Yeah!!! 

This morning we were up early to attend our mission prep class, then headed to Kylie's  homecoming, next we hurried home so Dad could sing in the choir for his first time in the fourth ward!  Spencer and Brittney are in the choir too, which makes Dad so happy!! 
Then after the choir sang we took off for Lehi for Kylie's welcome home at Trina and Ryan's house!!  Oh how we love this girl.   
That evening we ran up to celebrate Penny's first birthday.  How cute are these kids!
Loved Nenna loving her dolly! 
Ice cream Sunday bar ... Yum!! 
Happy birthday!! 
Her personal cake! 
Digits  taste best with frosting!  
But some people prefer them plain!! 
Spencer and Brittney joined us after dinner with her sister Angela!  

So that was our slower week!   

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