Sunday, May 1, 2016

Paula Gets Shot (in the knee)

What a wonderful week!  Can you tell I'm feeling (almost) no pain?  Read on and you'll find out why? 

Monday was a quiet day, thankfully after our run, run, run Sunday. I got a chance to post an all red fjnine on IG.  No problem finding red☺️
In the afternoon my gardening girls came and we worked some more on getting the yard ready for Fleaology!! 
On Tuesday I went junking with these rambunctious girls in Salt Lake ... 
Do you love my mushroom head? 
Here we are at The Dodo for lunch!!   I'd had plans for a girls night with my friend Lyn and then I felt crummy, so I spent the evening convalescing with Dad, whose off at the temple for two weeks!! 
On Wednesday I walked 2 blocks to the Mexican market, driving really hurts my knee, but when I was walking back I wished I'd driven. Fortunately there were pretty sites to distract me. 
Including this sweet view of our house through the greenery of my across the street neighbors.
I also found this picture on line, it's of a lovely pottager!   That's the look I was trying for with my grow boxes xoxoxo!   

That night Dad and I finished off Downton Abby, after watching it whenever we could for a month. So fun, and we caught so many snippets we'd missed.  
On Thursday morning I met Darby when she dropped off her car, being a former pharmacy tech she knew the arthritis meds her dog takes are people meds, so she brought me a dose of it.  

Darby ended up with a quick and relatively cheap fix on her car, but also heard from a second vet that her horse Dallas might be sicker than they had thought. We're still waiting on a final diagnosis, but if praying is part of your life, please pray for her. 

At work, the medication worked well enough that I had a much better day than I have been having.  I also snapped the picture of the retro mail box at work. How cool is that!  

I had a call into my doctor that day, and they finally called at the end of the day saying I could have a steroid shot in my knee!   Yeah!! 

That night I had book club and Dad had home teaching appointments.  
Ann came over Friday morning and I went to the doctor's and got my shot. Ann drove our van and we headed to Hoytsville for a vintage sale!  
Great stuff and great prices.   Next it was Cafe Rio!  
And then we went to the new Savers I noticed a few weeks ago when we went to Dad's mission reunion.   So this goodness is what I got because we're going on a mission!!
I have always wanted this desk. It's Eastlake about 1880. When we got my mom's inheritance I wanted to get one but they were almost always $3000. Sometime $2500. I couldn't bring myself to buy one, and bought the Eastlake drop front desk instead. 

So Ann and I walk into Savers and I find one for $50. I can barely believe it. I'm crediting our mission to Finland!!  ❤️❤️

Mine needs glass in one door and some restorafinish but I'm still pinching myself!  
That night Dad and I reached into our deep pockets (hahaha) and bought the goodies above at the girls camp dinner and auction!!  We also scored dinner with the first councilor's  family, that we lost out on at last year's auction.  

On Saturday I finally reassembled what was left of my garden totem from two years ago, shown left. Putting it in a bird bath makes it less susceptible. 

Dad also did weed and feed on the grass and we hauled the family room couch to the dump and set a bed up for Cheryl, which she has yet to touch. 
That night we were off to the adult session of Stake Conference. We drafted the Kews for Mexican afterwards. Here we are at High Mex! 

Today we had a wonderful stake conference. The spirit was very strong. I'm going to share some of that in another blog post.  I know not all my readers share my religious convictions, and so when they read these posts, they will know our personal spiritual experiences will be separated into another post, so they won't need to read them if they'd rather not. I think this set up will serve us well while on our mission too. 

This evening we went to have dinner Stina and Seth Van Cott in Highland. She grew up in Finland and I met her at 3dotters last week. Remember the red polka dot mushrooms?   

We had Finnish food and a lovely visit with them, their two daughters and his parents who moved here from Texas a year ago. It was a fabulous evening. 

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  1. So cool that you found the desk of your dreams for such a great price! That box garden was lovely. I liked your totem too! Glad you got some relief from your pain. Love that you just keep going!!!