Monday, January 26, 2015

A Week That was Slower than Molasses in January.

 Our somewhat sedate week started out with me starting Sense and Sensibility, a Latter-day Tale on Monday and doings some blogging posts, on three blogs.

Tuesday was lots more fun, I'd made arrangements to meet Arlene at the Bountiful temple this month, because I needed to pick up something I had bought on one of the 'yard sale sites'  (For sister Julie's info, it was 6 cups and saucers in the Rosepoint Pattern!) on FB in Farmington.  Of course I spent some time at the area DIs and we went to dinner at Cafe Rio!! 

 BTW we saw Dianne at the temple again, and she introduced me to someone who knows Doug, I smiled and said the pleased to meet you stuff, and didn't event think to mention that Arlene is Doug's wife's sister, though if the lady knows Doug very well, she might have thought I was with Doug's wife ... Arlene gets that a lot. 

I am doing my Utah Temples Passport, and this is my second temple this year!

Dad, of course was doing his usual stint at the Provo Temple the same day.

 On Wednesday I got the Valentines goodies out of the van, that I had set aside when I took down the display I did at Fleaology last week, and put together a sweet romantic booth display.

I also finished up making these tags, using prints of vintage pictures, to add into the mix.
I worked again on Thursday, and had this guy come in.  When I asked him if people say he looks like Scarlet Johanson, he said, not so much lately, but when he worked at Hollywood Video, he got it all the time!!  What do you think?  When I got home Dad and I opted to read instead of watching anything, and it took me until 2:00 A.M. for finish S and S.

 On Thursday the book I'd ordered on line, Sense and Sensibility by Joanna Trollope, one of a series of Austen books being re-written in modern style by well know Brits, arrived, perfect timing, eh?  (I didn't finish it until Sunday after Church, BTW) 

Also on Thursday, I headed to book club to discuss the book we'd read, The Hundred Foot Journey, everyone liked it, and the one lady who had rented the movie to watch after reading it was SO surprised,a and somewhat disappointed... yes, this was a book to read after the movie, definitely! 
On Friday I got to watch these munchkins, while their Mom was out showing houses in the area ... they posed for me with the simple wreath that I made while watching them ... it was all super fun!!

 On Saturday we hauled in this cool old bead board cupboard in from the garage, it's shown here on its side, that I bought from a customer, and never really knew what to do with. 

I had decided with my new kitchen remodel, that if I didn't have room for a prep island, that I could have a work station/bar, that I could put wheels on and park against the window with some bar stools ...
 Here it is with drawers added to the top, and big dolly wheels to move it around.  It stills needs paint and a butcher block table top that will be hinged, with half of it hanging down the back when in wall position.  I think Dad did an awesome job!  While he was working on it, I was busy painting furniture for the show I am doing in PG a week from this coming Saturday!

 That night we were off to meet the Moe's et al, for dinner at La Dulce Vita in Provo, then we walked a couple of blocks to Comedy Sportz an improv Comedy place, that is all good clean humor!!

Briahnna's brother Gabe, is on staff there, but had done the show the night before.  The gentleman I asked said he was hilarious, and when I want to take a picture of his picture, he said, "Oh he has long hair now ..."  

The show was pretty fun, though I had a hard time keeping up with current entertainment references, we all had a good time.

 Ben had sent me a picture of this Perkins coat of arms, and had asked about when his ancestors had come to Utah ... I thought you all might enjoy the email I sent to him, so I have cut and copied it for your reading pleasure.  

On my dad's side the Larsens were converted in the 1880's and immigrated here then, my grandfather went back to Norway on his mission and met the woman who would  be his wife in the late 1890's, she immigrated then and they married in Utah.

On My Mom's side, the Clarks joined the church in England, Thomas Benjamin Clark, was a member of the queen's guard, that was like a policeman. (you had to be 6 ft tall in your stocking feet to be in the group).  One day he overheard some men planning to beat up some missionaries in a park.  He followed them, and listened to the missionaries, he kind of hung around the missionaries after that, as a policeman, he was unofficially protecting them.  So then while hanging around where they were street preaching, after that, he eventually joined the church.  He shared the gospel with his family, his father Benjamin Thomas Clark, a widower with children at home still, also joined.  When they decided to come to America, Thomas B's wife wouldn't come, so he left her there to start a new life, as did his father and some siblings.  They came with the pioneers, I think in 1852, just five years after the first pioneers in 1847. You are named for these two Benjamins. 

My Mother's mother's family (the Frisbeys) didn't come to Utah until about 1890, her father was a member of the Whitmerite church (a break off of the Mormon church) and he came and settled in Provo to convert the Mormons to the Whitmerite church, without success.  Eventually, his wife and children all joined the church, and on his death bed he said that he should have been baptized a Mormon.  

In Dad's family, his ancestor, Philo Dibble,was involved in the church very early, in fact it was Joseph Smith who told him he should marry the widow Smith (Hannah Ann DuBois) who had been living with Joseph Smith and his family, with her small children.  I think they probably came in 1847, as they had lived in Kirtland, Independence and Nauvoo. (Dad later found that they had had a child in 1846 somewhere around Winter Quarters)

His ancestor Warren Snow was a leader of a wagon company that came in 1852.  He had five wives,Sarah Elizabeth Whiting was his fourth wife. Their first son was Edwin Marion Snow, your ancestor, he was born in 1859.  The Snows and Dibbles both eventually settled in the Springville/Mapleton area. 

Warren Snow's father is Gardner Snow, who had the mill in Salt Lake County that is now Gardner Village. 

Dad's Perkins ancestors came fairly early because one of them had the first child born in Fort Union,(Dec 1853)  which is the area of Salt Lake about 70th south and 9th east. 

On Sunday, as usual, I got to sit with Brittney and Spencer in Sacrament meeting.  I also go to hear my favorite SS teacher in SS, before heading to one of the care centers to support Dad in his calling.  Here I am shown with one of the other Branch Presidency wives, Alice Murdock.  You probably don't recall, but Trevor was a companion to one of her sons when he was on a mission in England.  At that time we had their family over for Family Home Evening.  Its fun to get to know her and her husband better now, with this new calling of Dad's.  The picture is in honor of the fact that we are bother wearing black and white and red.
After church we visited with Spencer and Brittney for a while, before Dad headed off to a priesthood leadership meeting.  When he got back we made dinner, and then went up to our room for some reading time ...

Spencer and Brittney had had her sister Angela to dinner, and when Angela left, they came up to study together.  We decided to do Jesus the Christ, and we had three copies, so that was perfect.  Its kind of fun to read in different copyrighted versions.  The top left is a second edition from 1916, It belonged to one of the Snow ancestors, who had left it to Grandpa Burt, who then gifted it to Dad!!  The one with the gold temple on it was Grandpa Carlo's, from his mission.  The little brown one was Dad's from his mission, and the purple one was Brittney's from her mission, that she had covered with fancy paper before taking it to Canada with her.   It was lovely and we plan to do some of it every Sunday ... felt so good to go to bed in the warmth of the spirit!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Houses, Antiques, and a Birthday, Oh My!

 Yep, it was another one of those weeks, where our lives were just go, go, go.

Monday was a lesson in flexiblity, because Becca came by as she was in town showing houses, she had one more to show, and it was an old one, I said I didn't have time ... she talked me into it, thankfully, because the house above was so fun to look at.  My friend Ginny is looking for a house in Payson, and this one had some issues, but it was so fun and so charming to see ... O Boy, makes me want to buy a fixer upper, luckily the lot size was so tiny it was not going to happen, but so fun.

Afterwards we went to the house here in Payson that has been remodeled by one of our customers from work ... it could be a TV show some time soon ... cant wait!

Becca and I walked around the house and peaked in the windows to see the staging.  So amazing.  Thanks for talking me into going, you silver tongued realtor person.

After I finished my blog postings I ran over to the antique mall to do some faux displays.  Nell and I have been in touch with a writer, who is doing an article in a national magazine, and who contacted us about trending collectibles ... she wanted back ground and pictures of popular items, based on our market.  These are a couple of the pictures I put together for her.

  On Tuesday I watched Becca's kids while I did some crafting for the the fleaology.  Becca was off in Salem riding Darby's horse... so good to see her doing something just for herself!

Just as she was picking up the kids, Andrew, a photographer/customer of Treasures came by ... he'd been to flea.o.logy and had seen the garden house and had some fun ideas for a photo project ... I'll be prepared to show you some of his pics when we get some snow.

On Wednesday I had the day off, and though I should have used it to do projects for flea.o.logy I ended up just reading, what a lazy, lazy girl I am .... I finished reading the Hundred Foot Journey, which was so, so much better than the movie ... its our book club book for the month, so it will be interesting to hear what everyone thought of it.

 Thursday I worked, and it was time to get some pictures done of items I was bringing to fleaology to post on line.  This is a sample shot.

 I also had a customer come in, who is a great crafter, and evidently one of my good customers for my 'smalls for crafting' booth.  We exchanged names for Instagram and became face book friends ... she is a very talented lady, and I have really enjoyed seeing some of her projects on line!  Her Instagram is punkurjunk, if you want to take a peak.  After work I delivered the trays I sold on Reclaimologists last week, before heading home for dinner, loading up the van for the show and a couple of episodes of the Big Bang Theory.

 On Friday I finished up loading goodies I'd completed that morning for the show.  I put an add on KSL, and did some pictures for the show in various places on line, before arriving at Olson's at 2 to supervise set up.

These three pictures show my set up.

I got home around 9:45 P.M. after set up, just in time to collapse.

 The next morning at 6:00 I was at the garden shoppe again to supervise  the set up of the final half a dozen dealers.

Aunt Joyce came just before we opened at 8, and brought me a Christmas gift.

To the right are Shannon, Jeff and Mandy, all members of my Reclaimologist group.
Becca and Brady brought their munchkins to enjoy the show!!

Spencer and Brittney came too, I thought this picture with them all on their phones was fun.

Of course Nell is my partner in the flea.o.logy business, but doesn't love having her picture taken.  She is a great help at these shows, and I so appreciate her support.

 ... and while I was hanging out and selling at fleaology, Dad was at Meg's again, for the last time.  He and Uncle Doug finished up the bathroom there.  
...before coming to the show to help me load out. Spencer, Trevor and Brittney all helped, and Nell would have, if she could have.

Dad and I had time to go to dinner at the Mexican Restaurant owned by a ward member, before heading to Orem to see Barefoot in the Park with Barb and Randy and some extended family of theirs.

 I got up early Sunday to finish up my lesson for Relief Society.  It was on prayer, and was really a good lesson for me.  One of my new year's goals is to say my morning prayers, something I have struggled with, so it was a very timely lesson for me.

After church Brittney and Spencer came upstairs to play the piano and visit a bit, which we always love!
 This is a picture of the goodies I bought for myself at flea.o.logy ... not a lot, but fun never the less. I took the picture to post it on Facebook, where there was a call to share flea.o.logy treasures, but i also thought putting it here would be a great record for me.

 Above we see Becca with the cabinet she bought from Trevor and Nell at the sale.  It goes perfectly in her  living room, and is the prefect finishing touch.  She and Brady Love It!

We were there with other Perkins and Summers to celebrate ...
Reagan's second birthday!

We all had a great time visiting, except Elias, who was a bit too tired to party. They'd spent the day at the zoo, and he was plum tuckered.  Still a great party, Happy Birthday Reagan!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Books and Temples and Games too!

Another week, a bit slower than the last, but perfect for snuggling up with a good book, right?  In fact I finished the book I'd been reading, Monday before starting into fun tasks like baking cookies and making Ben's favorite soup. (Sorry Ben, you could have had some if you ever came and saw your old mother!!)  Later I delivered some soup and bread to a my sick friend, Ginny Taylor, before Dad and I headed over to the Docsteader's for the smallest FHE group ever.  It was just Debbie (her hubs always works security at the Provo temple on Mondays), Dana DeWitt,  Dad and me.  The Kews, Taylors and Forsters were all sick, and the Christiansens and Wings were just missing in action.  I taught the lesson, and learned a lot in the process, so that was good.

Tuesday I cleaned out my email in box, which was quite a chore, but  I needed to do it to send out my dealer email for flea.o.logy, which is coming up this Saturday.

Next, I had made arrangements to go and photograph this adorable child's play cottage at a home in Lindon.  I seen a picture of it following a lady on Instagram, and commented I'd like to see it, since she was local. 

 She invited me over, and it turns out she knows me from the shop and flea.o.logy.  When I called, she even said she recognized my voice. Gotta love customers that become friends!

While I was having fun in love and adoration of all things white and frilly, Dad was also dressed in white, right down to his shoes, as he filled his shift at the Provo temple. 

On Wednesday, I got busy at work and changed out the Christmas booth I had done up front ... when I was done, I think it was my absolute favorite of any I have done in the past, and believe me, I've done a lot!

I also listed these trays on Reclaimologist's since Wednesday is their required listing day, and sold them to a lady who's on a mission in Vermont!  She and her husband take care of the grounds at the visitor's center there.  That sounds like a super fun mission.  I'll be delivering them to her daughter in Orem this week!!
Thursday was another typical workday at Treasures, then after work, Richard let me sneak off a minute early so Dad and I could make it to our ward temple night at the Provo temple.  We did sealings and it was super fun, one family included a Benjamin Spencer, with a daughter named Rebecca being sealed to them.  Then we did a family that had 9 daughters and a son, that one felt like kindred spirits too!

Afterwards we met at the Mexican restaurant on the bend of the highway here in Payson, that is owned by ward members.  Dad is sitting across from the bishop, and I am sitting next to the Relief Society President ... this ward is so warm and welcoming, We Love It!!

On Friday I had an appointment with Nell.  We had received a message on our flea.o.logy face book page from a lady who works for a National Magazine, and who is doing a special issue on flea markets.  She wants us to share what's trending here in Utah, and to send her pictures.  It was pretty fun, because we know that being listed in another national magazine will do nothing but put us more firmly on the map!!

When I got there I took a couple of pics of Lu as she played with her Ipad isn't she the cutest?  .... she turned to me and said "Grandma, why are you taking my picture again!"  Yep, I'm that stalker grandma ... I confess.
 I also got a couple of pictures I could use on Instagram while I was there.  I love Nell's corresponding family of dolls that she made.  They were a hit on Instagram too!

 On the way home, I took some pictures to send to our magazine editor at the antique mall.

Next I ran to the grocery store, to stock up, and also hit the discount book store, where I picked up the other two novels by the author by whom was written Persuasion -  A Latter-day Tale, that I had finished (and loved almost every inch of) on Monday. The author is local, and did an amazingly good job ... you know I am not aways a fan of LDS romance ... Her name is Rebecca H. Jamison!, and yes, I am a fan.

While I was having all this visiting and shopping fun, Dad was busy finishing up the tile in Megan's shower!!    

That night Dad and I headed over to the house of sickness ... Terry is so sick she can't hear, how weird is that?  Made for an interesting evening, that I am not altogether sure she enjoyed, but which involved take out and a movie.

 Sunday was pretty typical with three sacrament meetings each for Dad and I, though I managed to sneak in a Sunday School class too, because, as you know, I am a Sunday School junkie!!  The final sacrament meeting was to hear Leigh give her home coming talk ... she had been in Texas, in fact she even served in the same town from which Utah had much earlier imported Sister Jane Johnson.
 As always it was fun to visit with Clark and his family afterwards.  Above is Jill's oldest, Brynn, then Jill, Jo, Mary and me.
... and of course Clark with me, he told me all about working security at the downtown church campus.  It was interesting to hear how many buildings that includes ... besides temple square and its four buildings, there is the museum, the conference center, the Joseph Smith memorial building (Formerly the Hotel Utah), the church office building and its 28 floors, the Beehive House and Lion House.  And all use security at one time or another, so he gets quite a variety!!

On the way home we stopped by the care center for a nice visit with Grandpa Carlo, he was in a very good, chatty mood, that was like when he lived here.  He did seem so happy to see us, it was heart warming!
We got home and I made dinner while Dad ran to a Stake meeting for Bishoprics.  When he got home we ate quick and headed to Davin and Bri's for games ...

Briahnna got this yahtzee in one's in one roll.

 Davin, the show off, got three yahtzees in a row, right at the end of the game .... I have never, no never, seen that happen, and I went through a longish yahtzee phase myself!!

It was fun to play apples to apples with Heber, because he has the same kind of mind I do, something that has NEVER happened to me before, so of course I won!!  Yeah!

Well, as always it was fun to see the cute grandkids.  I can't believe how grown up Major Hunk is getting, can you?!