Monday, January 19, 2015

Houses, Antiques, and a Birthday, Oh My!

 Yep, it was another one of those weeks, where our lives were just go, go, go.

Monday was a lesson in flexiblity, because Becca came by as she was in town showing houses, she had one more to show, and it was an old one, I said I didn't have time ... she talked me into it, thankfully, because the house above was so fun to look at.  My friend Ginny is looking for a house in Payson, and this one had some issues, but it was so fun and so charming to see ... O Boy, makes me want to buy a fixer upper, luckily the lot size was so tiny it was not going to happen, but so fun.

Afterwards we went to the house here in Payson that has been remodeled by one of our customers from work ... it could be a TV show some time soon ... cant wait!

Becca and I walked around the house and peaked in the windows to see the staging.  So amazing.  Thanks for talking me into going, you silver tongued realtor person.

After I finished my blog postings I ran over to the antique mall to do some faux displays.  Nell and I have been in touch with a writer, who is doing an article in a national magazine, and who contacted us about trending collectibles ... she wanted back ground and pictures of popular items, based on our market.  These are a couple of the pictures I put together for her.

  On Tuesday I watched Becca's kids while I did some crafting for the the fleaology.  Becca was off in Salem riding Darby's horse... so good to see her doing something just for herself!

Just as she was picking up the kids, Andrew, a photographer/customer of Treasures came by ... he'd been to flea.o.logy and had seen the garden house and had some fun ideas for a photo project ... I'll be prepared to show you some of his pics when we get some snow.

On Wednesday I had the day off, and though I should have used it to do projects for flea.o.logy I ended up just reading, what a lazy, lazy girl I am .... I finished reading the Hundred Foot Journey, which was so, so much better than the movie ... its our book club book for the month, so it will be interesting to hear what everyone thought of it.

 Thursday I worked, and it was time to get some pictures done of items I was bringing to fleaology to post on line.  This is a sample shot.

 I also had a customer come in, who is a great crafter, and evidently one of my good customers for my 'smalls for crafting' booth.  We exchanged names for Instagram and became face book friends ... she is a very talented lady, and I have really enjoyed seeing some of her projects on line!  Her Instagram is punkurjunk, if you want to take a peak.  After work I delivered the trays I sold on Reclaimologists last week, before heading home for dinner, loading up the van for the show and a couple of episodes of the Big Bang Theory.

 On Friday I finished up loading goodies I'd completed that morning for the show.  I put an add on KSL, and did some pictures for the show in various places on line, before arriving at Olson's at 2 to supervise set up.

These three pictures show my set up.

I got home around 9:45 P.M. after set up, just in time to collapse.

 The next morning at 6:00 I was at the garden shoppe again to supervise  the set up of the final half a dozen dealers.

Aunt Joyce came just before we opened at 8, and brought me a Christmas gift.

To the right are Shannon, Jeff and Mandy, all members of my Reclaimologist group.
Becca and Brady brought their munchkins to enjoy the show!!

Spencer and Brittney came too, I thought this picture with them all on their phones was fun.

Of course Nell is my partner in the flea.o.logy business, but doesn't love having her picture taken.  She is a great help at these shows, and I so appreciate her support.

 ... and while I was hanging out and selling at fleaology, Dad was at Meg's again, for the last time.  He and Uncle Doug finished up the bathroom there.  
...before coming to the show to help me load out. Spencer, Trevor and Brittney all helped, and Nell would have, if she could have.

Dad and I had time to go to dinner at the Mexican Restaurant owned by a ward member, before heading to Orem to see Barefoot in the Park with Barb and Randy and some extended family of theirs.

 I got up early Sunday to finish up my lesson for Relief Society.  It was on prayer, and was really a good lesson for me.  One of my new year's goals is to say my morning prayers, something I have struggled with, so it was a very timely lesson for me.

After church Brittney and Spencer came upstairs to play the piano and visit a bit, which we always love!
 This is a picture of the goodies I bought for myself at flea.o.logy ... not a lot, but fun never the less. I took the picture to post it on Facebook, where there was a call to share flea.o.logy treasures, but i also thought putting it here would be a great record for me.

 Above we see Becca with the cabinet she bought from Trevor and Nell at the sale.  It goes perfectly in her  living room, and is the prefect finishing touch.  She and Brady Love It!

We were there with other Perkins and Summers to celebrate ...
Reagan's second birthday!

We all had a great time visiting, except Elias, who was a bit too tired to party. They'd spent the day at the zoo, and he was plum tuckered.  Still a great party, Happy Birthday Reagan!

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  1. I like the craft stuff you made! I can't believe Reagan is already two. Becca's cabinet is very nice. Good to see a picture of Nell. So sorry she is so sick when she is pregnant. Now that is LOVE!