Monday, June 18, 2018

The Magic of Cousins and Remembering the Departed.

So this week seemed to be about cousins getting together, and honoring our beloved departed.

We started our week at 7:00 A.M. at Davin and Bri's where you can see we met up with magical princesses and a piano playing fairy.

It was lots and lots of fun.
On Tuesday, Dad and I divided to conquer.  He went to St George for Jim Heuer's funeral.  These are the flowers that we got for Jim and Luciel along with the Moes and Gearhearts.

Dad took this picture during the viewing.  He told me many of the stories from Jim's funeral, I was so sad to have missed it.  

After the funeral Dad went and spent an hour with Cheryl.  She was very emotional and asked when she could come home.  We were both surprised because Rick & Wendi are doing amazing things for her.  She has much nicer clothes, and is getting cute haircuts.  They have also gotten her a golf cart and she goes out and about several times daily.  She's lost weight and has also cut back on cigarettes.  We are so grateful to know that she is getting excellent care there. 

Meanwhile I took Elias, Adi and Nenna to play with their cousins in Pleasant Grove, which they absolutely loved.  Then I ...

 met up with Joyce and Jo at Nina's house.  That day was Nina's first wedding anniversary without Emory, and Joyce conceived the idea of us being there to comfort Nina as she goes through this mile stone. I know that Nina appreciated the gesture. 
We first went at the cemetery to see Emory's head stone.  It was good for me, since I was not here for his funeral.  What a great brother he is.  We then went to lunch.

That night at bedtime, Elias arranged some of his dinosaurs on  the steps to his bunk.  He then performed an documentary about each type of dinosaur and its chances of being King of the dinosaurs.  He's pretty smart, and is very good at mimicking the language of a documentary.

 On Wednesday I was off to work, and Dad watched the kids.  Above they set up this scene with their big bears and pretended to be asleep.

When I got back from work we all went swimming at their neighborhood pool.  Unfortunately this pic of Nenna is the only one I took, and it was at the play ground next to the pool.

They were all exhausted and fell right asleep at bedtime.

 I also worked on Thursday and got a call from Dad as I was headed to Davin and Bri's in Spanish, that J. Scott was going to play tennis there at the sports complex in the south of town.

I readjusted my destination and met them there, where the kids got to play with Trevor and Nell's kid.  The tournament was being managed by a new person, and was very disorganized.  I think everyone was frustrated.  After waiting a couple of hours, we took our charges home for dinner and bed.  They had enjoyed their time playing with cousins in the park, but we missed seeing Scott play.

On Friday we decided to do a delivery I had agreed to do for the store.  Since we have our Finn using our van, it worked out to use Davin's truck since we were there. (We hope he didn't mind) 

After the delivery, the kids were hungry so we stopped at the Summer's Mini Taco place in AF.  Thanks Becca your were a lifesaver, and heck, more cousin time!!
Back at the antique mall, Dad loaded a few pieces of furniture that I'll be using at home, as I back out of another booth at Treasures North.  This is Treasures South as I threw together a new look.  Still lots to do, but we had committed to feed the missionaries.

 Yep, the old standby, Navajo tacos ... the elders are from, California, Texas and Virginia.

After they left, we cleaned up and moved into the parlor.  It was the rainbow hour, and I laughed about how this rainbow hit my horn blowing cherub.  Not to worry, he is draped, but I always think rainbow hour is magical in this house.  I bet Trevor and Nell's kids miss it.
On Saturday Ashley had asked for help moving Kim to her new apartment in Salt Lake.  I had already  told my friend Jenn that I wanted to come to her vintage sale that morning, which left Dad without a car.  Ashley thought that it would be helpful if we took Zach junking with us, so we did.
Here is Jenn's Garden house.  She said mine was the first that she ever saw, and the beginning of her yearning to have one.  Her husband Nat finished it this spring and its double the size of mine, and totally charming.  I took lots of pics and will do a blog post on my Pollyanna-reinvents blog soon. 

Every time we've had Zach since their house fire, we have tried to get him to pick out a toy, and he has not been interested.  What no legos?  So at Jenn's sale he found this 1950's truck, and this is what he wanted.  I love it, a man after my own heart.

 When we got home, Dad strung the new clothes line that he had put in on Monday. As you can see he also spent a lot of time trimming bushes, and cutting back the suckers off the catalpa stump, while Zach played with the duplo in the family room, finally falling asleep on the parlor couch, after all we had dragged him out of bed at 7:30 to go junking.

When we took him home we had a Ian sighting, which was great.  He is such a good looking young man. 
 That night I saw that the catalpa trimmings had flowers and buds on them, so I cut them off and brought them in.  They smell like orchids.  Yum.

I bought this red base, that I am using for a cloche, at Jenn's sale.  It was from a machine shop, and was a mold.  Not sure why it was painted red, but Dad said as soon as he saw it at the sale, he figured I would buy it. 

Dad taught Priesthood for his first time since we got back.  He said he needs to work on his presentation.  I'm sure he did great.

After church we relaxed in our room for a couple of hours, which included some snoring on both our parts ...

Then the Father's Day gathering began .... here' s Penny snitching some delicious watermelon.
 Nell and Brittney catch up.

Eleanor snuggles Bear.

Spencer gets in some baby practice with Mac.
 There may have been a seating shortage in the parlor, I admit.

 How cute are these girls?
 Mac and Uncle Andy
Some of my girls.
 Then it was time to move out to the patio for dinner .. Ashley and Andy took the romantic table for 2

Three years of marriage suits them, don't you think?
 Lots more cousin time.

.... and father and son time too.  We had five fathers there to celebrate ... of course that's counting Spencer. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

A Fire, A Finn, A Flea and a Fun Fest (Baby Shower)

On Monday morning Bekie had a blue Popsicle and shared her giraffe tongue.

 Then it was time to leave ... I wanted a picture of the kids in front of the house, so I can remember our magical time in Pottsborro.
 William was so funny dressed as a scare crow, that I needed a close-up too.
 Good bye magical fire fly lane.
 Goodbye sweet cuke eater, your cousin Eleanor loves them too.
We stopped at this antique store on our way, and I found a stunning Edwardian White Cotton Summer gown, with miles of inset lace.
 Just before we got to  Albuquerque Becca called to say that Ashley's house had burned, oh my.  We later saw pictures of the damage to the house, and news that they would be out of the house for four months, while repairs are done.

Tuesday was a long day of driving and worrying about Ashley's family.  
 On Wednesday I worked, and put together a patriotic display, just with stuff I already had in the mall.  I got several compliments on it.  Dad did a shift at the temple both that day and Thursday.
 Thursday morning I cleared out the fairy garden that is situated in the old well. You can see the yellow roof of the house here.
 Tinkerbell got a bath, and is just happy to sit on the bench in her garden and enjoy the flowers.
 Here's a close up for detail.
At work on Thursday I got a call from Robin saying that Jim had passed away.  He had golfed Wednesday and had fallen on the 7th hole, so he'd gone home.  He felt off the rest of the day.  Then that morning he had fallen, and died.  Robin left immediately to be with Lucille.  We feel the loss of this good man keenly, he's been like an uncle to us for the last 25 years. 
I was cheered some later when these cute ladies came into the mall, it turns out that they are the grandmother and great grandmother of Elder Madsen, who served in our ward in Espoo.

After work, Dad came to get me and we headed to Highland to see Titan play ball, then we picked up the three lengths of antique fencing that Becca had used for a Halloween display for a couple of years.  We want to fence across the back driveway so when we have cousin camp we'll have a completely enclosed yard.

 As always it was fun to chat too.
 How cute is this guy?

 Then we headed to Trevor's to take them their edger that had been left behind when they moved.  Now that they have grass it became evident it was missing.

We had a great visit with them in their hammocks.

Then we headed back to Treasures where Dad got his car and headed to the airport to pick up our Finn, Samuel Happonen, who will be staying here for a couple of months.

If you've not seen his Sauna Vid on You Tube, here's a link

 On Friday we had a pile of errands to run, so when Ashley called asking us to entertain Zach for a while (being shut up in a hotel, while his mom tries to work, is evidently even more boring than running errands with your grandparents.)

 Kim drove up while we were there and we got to see her for the first time in almost two years.

We had fun shopping with Zach and going to lunch.  He's getting to be a chatter box, "Can I tell you something" etc.  We loved talking, he's very imaginative, and asks lots of questions.

 We took him home for a while, since we knew we were going back to Orem that night to go to dinner with Kews.  We went to the Red Lobster for the first time in years, yummy.

  Dad and I headed out early on Saturday to set up for a flea market at Treasures for our birthday sale.  The store has been there for twenty years.  There are only four dealers who have been in the store from the start, and I am one of them.  Whoa, who knew it would be such a venture.

Dad came back at noon to take money, so I could go to Brittney's baby shower.
 Spencer came with Brittany and is shown here checking out the goodies.
 Here's Britt's famous Italian Soda Bar, she even had sugar free for me.  But they had me at the pebble ice, thanks Becca for that sweet detail.
 Brittany brought small bottled succulents for favors.
 She also made this huge diaper cake, which has hidden compartments for other baby goodies.
 Britt also order Brittney's favorite Georgetown Cup Cakes from all the way across the country as a surprise. Nell had put together beautiful and whimsical bouquets of flowers, and bought balloons as well.   The setting was charming.  I think the girls did a great job of providing food, flowers and a fun setting to celebrate the birth of our twenty first grandchild.  Now the waiting begins, we'll likely not meet him or her for 6 weeks or more.

 This is the base of the diaper cake, all filled with soft and lovely baby goods.
 Here's Hanna with an Aunt from my side and one from Dad's side. (Nina and Karen)

 Nell and Brittney and Brittany visit with cousins, and Aunt Jo.

We're all so excited to welcome this new little one in to our family.