Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day Fun

 Monday was spent in Idaho helping Britt with her set up for teacher appreciation week.  We also had some one on one with Miss Charlie after all her cousins went home.  She loves Peppa, and I read her several Peppa stories.
 We also got to hear Alex's presentation on the Constitutional amendments. He did a great job.

Then we headed home, leaving about 8 and getting home at 2:00 A.M.
 Dad then got up at 6:00 A.M. and headed over to Spanish Fork to help process meat at the Church's Meat packing plant.  He got home at 9:00 A.M. and did some of this.  Then he went to an appointment with the Payson Temple President to set up a time for his temple shift on Thursdays.

In the afternoon we did some cleanup and grocery shopping, before making curry for dinner and heading to our Finnish Class in Provo.

 On Wednesday I went walking with Ginny for the second time, then walked around my yard when I got home and pulled a few weeds.  I love how this birdhouse looks surrounded by the wild rose, but the wild rose is coming out.
 I worked Wednesday and took a picture of the cupboard I have for sale there, to show you how similar it is to the one we saw last week.

Meanwhile Dad unloaded the chairs we brought back from Idaho and tucked them all in one and bit of a second of the cubbies in the garage.
 Sister Shurtz sent us pictures of the food prep the office did for the Zone Conference.  It made us a bit 'home sick' to see the fun we are missing. We love these faces!
I worked again on Thursday and got my outside booth cleaned up.  I worked so hard on it that my iPhone health program read it as going up 5 flights of stairs.  I thought that was pretty funny. 

And Dad, not to be bested, cleared the most overgrown of our grow boxes, because everyone knows you can plant your garden after Mother's day.

He also did his first shift at the temple.
Friday was divide and conquer day.  Dad went to baby sit for Becca and Brady, while I went to babysit for Trevor and Nell.

 Dad came by after Reagan's dance class because it was pretty close.  Reagan had fun playing with Penny, and was cute and patiently big-sisterish.  I loved watching them.  Meanwhile Maddy was dead asleep on the couch.  We could not get her awake, she had no fever, she was just sleepy.
Mac was happy, but when he got hungry Dad took all the kids home.

Then Davin and Bri came by and brought me Mother's day gifts, and the kids got to hang out for a minute or two.  Penny loved it. 

Back at Becca's Dad had some serious sleepers on his hands.  Maddy continued to sleep until her Dad woke up from his day's sleep (He's on night shift at the moment.)  I'm glad she wasn't sick, Becca said she was back to normal the next day.
When Dad was done with the Summer's kids, he joined me and we enjoyed a great dinner made by Eva.  She made cheese biscuits and breakfast burritos.

Since I didn't get a picture of Penny to go with what she said at dinner that night, Trevor just sent me this one he took tonight (Sunday) of her showing him her owie.

So at dinner that night, Eleanor says speaking of some previous day, "Penny bit me on my stomach.  She bit me right on my belly button."  then Penny turns to grandpa and me and says, "Sometimes people make mistakes."  It took all I had not to laugh at this perfectly true and timely comment.  What a cutie pie.

 Then on Saturday we got the kids all packed up and headed to their grandparents house.  Eva was camera shy at the moment, but I love this stair step picture of these cute kids with the luggage at their Nanna's.
On our way back to get the second car we drove by this amazing arbor full of wisteria.  I thought I'd put it here since my wisteria bloomed this year, better than it ever has.  So pretty.

 That afternoon we headed to the Provo Temple to see Jake Heuer marry his first girl friend, Eden.
 Here is Dad, as we wait to get picture of the whole group, with Barb and Randy.
At the reception in Pleasant Grove, I got to test out my theory that Mac looks like Austin Moe, evidently I am the only one that sees it.

It was fun to see preggers second cousins Kelsey and Tami.

 And just for good measure here is Becca with her same age, distant cousins (Thanks Davin and Bri)

On Sunday, we got to think about Ian having a birthday and turning 17.  Such a handsome boy, we definitely don't get to see enough of him.

As for Dad and I we got to go and speak in the 8th ward.  I was a little surprised to see the Stake President and his first counselor on the stand, again. (They were also both at our home coming, and of course sat behind us when we spoke in stake conference.)  The bishop asked him from the podium, if he like some time at the end, and he said no.  Later after Dad and I each spoke for 15 minutes, President Simmons told us, he would have liked to have spoken, but didn't want to take time from our talks, after our two short previous assignments. (We shared 15 minutes at our homecoming, and twelve minutes at stake conference.)  That made us laugh.
That night we got to meet at Darby's to celebrate Mother's day.  You can see that Zack is following his brother Ian's choice of hair styles.

Here are some pictures of us all enjoying our time together.  Thanks for hosting Darby.

Guess who pulled out her own tooth that very day.  Yep, this girl.
I love this pic of the fun uncle and aunt with Becca's kids ... 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Reunions and Granduations.

Here we go with another busy week.  I started out with my We Can group as we made fringed fleece blankets for the women's shelter.  Dad was busy at home working on killing dandelions and cleaning the garage.  When I got home we worked on unpacking boxes as we did every day this week we were home.

On Tuesday, in the midst of our unpacking, Aunt Karen stopped by on her way home from hiking points south.  We had a lovely catch up session.  She's always so amazing and supportive, we love her.

I unpacked stuff for the mantel, including these domes, I've had the idea to put pretty antique silver ware under glass to display and keep it from tarnishing.  I'm pretty happy with the result.
 Here are a few more things I unpacked.
 I moved the rest of the Rosepoint (White dishes) to the dining room cabinet, to make room for the red and white dishes I've collected over the years to use for Valentines, the Fourth of July and Christmas.  They've always been in cupboards, other than on holidays, but I thought it was time to add red as an accent to the black and white kitchen.  I'm loving it.

 Here are a couple of pictures to show how the den is turning out.  It contains more of my old cluttered look, but its definitely my style.  That way the more public rooms can be simple.
 On Wednesday I was off to work, determined to say goodbye to my chintzware.  It was my second bout of collecting it, and in my quest for simplicity, I knew it had to go.  Still I love the stuff.  It was produced during the depression, and is soooo cheerful, still.
 So here it is, all displayed in the old green and cream cabinet that used to reside in the old family room. I was really touched when Trevor told me he was proud of me for being able to let go of it.  I so loved it, its true, but marking it to sell at the mall was very therapeutic, it was a good way to say goodbye.

On Thursday it was off to my alma mater to see the first of my children graduate from the 'family school' (Spencer is the fourth generation to do so on the Perkins side, starting with Milt, then Carlo, then Dad) (We're not discounting our wonderful children-in-law, Sam and Brittney who also graduated from the U)

Dad dropped me off at Kingsbury Hall, and went to park, in the meantime, I saw the near graduate approaching, robes in hand.
 Then the Okadas and Dad joined me to wait ...  The ceremony was wonderful, and so colorful.  Since it was just the doctoral and masters students, it was pretty intimate, and all those colorful faculty robes, hoods, scarves and tassels reminded one of the great hall in Harry Potter.  It was lovely.
 Spencer was so happy when he saw Trevor.  I hadn't known he was coming, but Dad did.  I wish more of his siblings had come, it was such a great experience.  I'm not sure what happened, but I know they are all proud of him, as the first with a Master's degree!  

 Here we are at some hip Mexican place downtown.
 Dad and I had a couple of hours between lunch and meeting up with his cousin Eric, from New Jersey, who was in town to see his daughter Gabby also receive her Masters, though her is in Social Work, so we headed to temple square, in hopes of a Finn siting.
 After checking out every missionary tag on temple square and there are more than a hundred.  We were about to give up and head to Crown Burger when we saw her ... we listened as she spoke to a group of about 20, before introducing ourselves.  Her father is the President of the Tampere Stake and we know one of her cousins from YSA.
Here we are with Sister Koivisto

Then we were off to meet up with Eric.  It was fun to catch up, and compare notes on our graduates.  You may recall that while in Finland we met three different missionaries who had served with Gabby in the Alpine German Speaking Mission.  Of course being related to her made us look good.

Eric is now married to a non-member.  She is active in her church, and they attend both churches.  I thought it was very interesting.  He said the Stake President told him he was working stealth.  I love it.  He's making a lot of new friends, and she loves attending our church as well.  They've been married for three years.

I was tickled to be able to lift this adorable picture of Reagan that Becca snapped during a professional session.  What a sweety pie, and who doesn't love a little girl in a tutu.

 On Friday we did all our companion study stuff, then we packed up and headed north. We stopped at a new flea market that has come into being since we left on our mission.  I was a bit disappointed to see so many crafty booths, but their were antiques too, and I managed to get a couple of smalls.

I laughed when I saw this cupboard, as it is nearly identical to the green cupboard I tucked my chintzware into earlier in the week.  The funny thing is that mine was not this color when I bought it, I painted it to match the family room.
 As we were heading north, I saw this jutting peak, I thought it was very cool, and have never noticed it before.  Its just east of Willard Bay.

We got to Britt and Mike's house around 7:30 and I got my first hugs from this girl.  She is so sweet. Did you notice the flowers she picked and brought into me?  We have them tucked behind our ears, and I attached one to my antique show band on my wrist.

Britt, the overwelmedest person I ever knew, fed us and started a movie. (Besides organizing the 25 people who came for her graduation, she was planning and cooking for her graduation party to which she also invited local friends.  In addition to that she was in the throws of overseeing teacher appreciation week at the elementary school the next week, including having parents decorate doors, gather meals and treats for the teachers each day. Of course the biggest, and most difficult of these tasks she saved for herself,  the decorating of the teachers lounge in Circus style to go along with the theme of 'The Greatest Teachers On Earth', and the Italian Soda Bar that would be Monday's teacher offering.)
On Saturday Ben and Hannah came and got us and we headed out for my first garaging expedition since our mission.  Of course the company was the best part, but I managed to get a few goodies anyway.  It was tough to leave this rodeo rocking guitar behind, at a mere $10.  See how good I am?

The four of us met up with Becca and Brady's family at a popular designer burger place.

Yummy burgers were enjoyed by all.

Next we met up with this guy, and other family members at the basketball arena for the graduation.

There were bunches of us there to support our favorite Boise Grad to be.

Brittany was very good at getting the word out, and we are all so proud of her as doggedly kept a degree in mind as she raised a family.

 Then we all went out side and walked around in a virtual maze trying to find each other.  Not an easy task for almost 30 people.  I had the honor of being last the best of all the game!!  Dad is shown here with Darby and Bree, who Darby got to know well when she was sharing Britt's condo before Mike and Britt got married.  Wasn't she great to drive up from Utah for the event?
 Here we are with our Bitty, our first born,
 Here's the honoree with her family
 Here she is with her siblings and their families. There were six of our ten children there, which is about as good as it gets.  Spencer and Brittney had headed to Hawaii for their 5th anniversary, and were greeted by an erupting volcano. Emily and her family were MIA, something about the cost of airfare from Texas .... and Ashley sent her offering, which you will see later. Of course Belinda is always MIA, which is why I will never have a complete family photo.  

Then we all headed to the open house at the club house for Britt's Home Community.  It is always fun for me to see cousins bonding.
 Here is the cake that Ashley made.

The afternoon was more taxing for some than others, sweet dreams Madi.

Here's another Daddy - Daughter shot.

Alas the star of the show gets a moments respite.
 Here is the bulletin board announcing Teacher Appreciation Week, that Brittany outsourced.
 On Sunday, after church for us, when everyone had headed home, Dad and I went to school to help her decorate the teacher's lounge.
The center pieces where my contribution.

 Midway through I developed my first migraine in almost three years.  Yucko!  I headed home, and Dad and Britt finished this cool ceiling, and got the skirt that Briahnna, Edie and I had made on Saturday night, onto the serving table.
 We stayed over on Monday, and helped her finish up, but I thought I'd add these two detail pictures so you could see the finished product.  Above are the props for the photo booth, and below is the Italian Soda set up.
We had a great week, with so many things happening.  You may notice that it was all about family from one end to the other.  We loved every minute, just as we love you all.