Monday, August 29, 2016

Birthdays and school days and lagoon day, oh my!!

On Monday these cute Idaho boys were back to school!! (Photo credit: Britt) 
Also on Monday we had our first full day withTrevor's  family here ... 
Such wonderful people!! 
Dad was missing in action since he was driving Emily to Texas ... Trevor picked him up at midnight at the airport when he got back!!   Thanks Trevor!  (Photo credit Emily and Scott) 
Tuesday morning we had our final teeth cleaning before our mission. 
Briahnna et al came to help unpack!!  Isn't Elias sweet to push his sister in the swing?  
Scott and Eva were at school,  but these girl got to chat!! 
Then they noticed the grapes!! 
So tasty and pretty. 
I had a date for junking and lunch with Wendy. We started the day with a trip to Dear Lizzie!  While in Highland I dropped off Robin's birthday gift, but she was out and about! 
Here's Wendy checking out the cute but spendy clothes. 
That night, while Dad was serving at the temple, I got to go to dinner with J Scott and his family!!  Happy fourteenth birthday Scott!! (Photo credit Nell) 
On Wednesday we got carpet on the stairs to the attic, in the library, 
In the family room and in the bedroom of the apartment.  It took all day!! 

I managed a couple of hours at the antique mall redoing the front display. 
On Thursday I walked with Ginny. Loved this kitchen utensil whirley gig we walked by. 
I'm also loving the style this young lady sports!! 

Then I was off to work where I hauled the old green cupboard from the family room to sell.  It was a huge amount of work rearranging to make it work. 
That night I had book club and Ann had us help her with a project she's doing for a Wood Badge training.
The book we read was All The Light We Cannot See  and it's set in Germany and France, so Ann made us crepes. Yum.  (Photo credit Ann)

On Friday I met up with Joyce to celebrate her birthday a couple of weeks late. We junked and had lunch together. Good times. 

That night we met up with the Crumps for dinner at Mi Rancherito. It was fun to hear about their time back in New York doing the pageant.  
Then Saturday it was Dad's last work Lagoon day with the Grands ...

Zach and Dad. 
We met up with these guys too!! 
Zach and Nenna.  
Reagan and Adi 
Can you see that Darby joined us too!! 

I think everyone had fun, but poor Nenna got sick at the very end of the day. 
I liked this room in one of the museums in Pioneer Village there, because this desk of Brigham Young's is very sililiar to my latest find and also because this painting of Brigham Young is the one I had my cousin Debbie use as a base for the portrait she did of Dad that hangs over the mantel in the library. 
That evening it was off to Ryan and Tia's reception. 
Here's Barb and Randy introducing  the brides parents. 
Dad and Jeff made up the final shift serving ice cream. (Photo credits: Robin) 
Sunday before church it was very gratifying to hear Trevor playing the piano, very well. 
After church I made long rice to take to Becca's for family dinner.  She'd had a hankering and a to was her birthday. Brady looked up a recipe and made kualoa pork!  It was also Ben's birthday and Davin's was Friday!! 

Here's the birthday people including Scott. Since his birthday was Tuesday!!  (Photo credit: Dad) 

Thanks to everyone who shared photos. It was a busy week. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Goodbye Emily Hello Trevor and Fam!

Another week whizzed by, in preparation for Trevor's family's move and filled with our last week of Emily. 

On Monday Emily had her friend Katie for a visit and we ended up going out to lunch. Katie announced that she's expecting, which is such exciting news!! 
After lunch we headed to the Maceys in Lehi, so Emily's kids could experience a King Kong Kone, that she had built up to an epic adventure in their minds!! 
When we got there Dad was working there, which is why she chose that one. So was Josh Allen, Emily's former boss.
She really enjoyed all the grocery talk, those were the days!!! 
Here she introduces the kids to the epic of her youth. 
She split it in half for practical purposes and William snarffed his down. He didn't even need help with drips, but was wildly shivering by the time he was done. 
Next we dropped by Trevor and Nell's where these cute cousins got better acquainted.  
On Tuesday it was back to walking with Ginny.
How gorgeous is her flower bed. She said the orange ones are called Mexican sunflowers. Briahnna says she has some that are red!!! 
Then Emily and the kids were off to hike Bridal Veil Falls with cousins!!  
Thanks for the picture, Becca.  I was off to work for the day. 
I had Emily pick up goodies so I could deliver on my tea party promise to Bekie at the last minute. 
Brothers like tea parties too. 
Bri was nice enough to bring her kids on practically no notice so we could fill our ranks. 
They were all so cute. 
Love these princesses. 
Adi wanted to take home a book. Grandma has so many. I love that!  I hope I remember, after our mission, to have a basket of picture books for kids to choose from when they visit!! 
Nenna liked the ladder, can you tell she's holding her baby!  
More cousin time ... 
And finding a home for the last cup cake!! 
I loaded the van Wednesday ... Emily had helped me go through craft stuff Tuesday after the tea party, so much of that overflow ended up here. 
Bryon, my neighbor, came over to get the slant right in some of the posts 

Then Emily was off to Idaho stopping for lunch with this crowd. 
After Emily headed to Idaho I worked on loading at the house then had about a hour to catch some Pokemon 
At Salem pond .... 
I saw this sidewalk chalk art on Instagram and it seemed perfect for my new hobby. 
Then I dropped the load at DI before meeting up with Dad and the Broughs for dinner in Lehi. 

I worked on Thursday as usual and captured the pokegym that is located there. 
On Friday a guy came into work and inserted himself into the gym as well. 
Here he s ... 
He gave me some tips on finding more rare Pokemon ...
When I got home from work it was time to load up the garage with Trevor and Nell's last big load!! 
Here's Tom Grow, Nell's Dad. 
And Trevor and Nell's PG bishop! 
Brittney ... 
And Bri. 
And Becca too. 
Not sure that many hands make light work, but they do make quick work. 
Davin manhandles goodies out of the moving van. Sorry the pictures aren't better. The light was obviously not the best!! 
I worked again Saturday. Dad worked on projects  at the house then helped Trevor with some final moving details. 

Dad picked me up from work to go see Florence Foster Jenkins at thanksgiving point. That was fun!!  
Sunday morning I drove to Highland to see these boys do a fabulous piano duet in church. They did "whenever I hear the song of a bird ..," not sure of the title but it's always been a favorite for me and it was fabulous 

There was also a sister who had her farewell. She's headed to Korea and will be amazing. I wish all my girls had had that experience, in fact I wish I had. I think if have been a better mother. 

Then I went to our new Ward with Scott, he left after Sacrament meeting to drive our Talleys home. 

When I got home my nephew Scott was waiting for me!! 
We had a great visit!! Here are all my Scotts,  excepting my main Scott!  

Nell posted this on Instagram!  How fun is that!! 

So that was our crazy week. So many wonderful memories were made!!   Trevor and Nell's family spent the night for the first time Sunday night !!  How fun!!