Monday, September 28, 2015

Welcoming Baby Madison and Lesser Stuff

What a way to start a week .... Yep that's me at Provo Regional all ready for my colonoscopy.   I think the technical term the doctor used was "clean as a whistle"

A little DI time afterwards, and we wrapped up the day with seeing the Cokeville Miracle at the care center for Family Home Evening. 

On Tuesday I did a project to finish up the kitchen.  It's been trendy to have antique or remade grocery or market signs. I wanted one that reflected Dad's work as a grocer.  Since Maceys started as Save a Nickle I spent hours searching the Internet for an image of the store sign, but never found one. I decided the name would have to do, and designed this sign.  
I liked how it turned out, it took a couple of hours to paint ... And ... 
Then not an hour after I finished it, Dad texted me this picture and I'm back to square one, but kind of excited!  It will be legit.   Dad came home and hung it as a place holder before heading off to the temple. 
On Wednesday when walking with Ginny, we ran into Hal's sister Ann who joined us.  That was fun! They were both wearing gray hoodies, maybe I need one too 
Then, before heading to work I finished numbering the canisters in the kitchen.  

After work I ran into Provo, I was looking for a 12 in skeleton to fit a hanger I have. I went to the new home decor store there but found it at the pop up Halloween store. 
I also managed to steal this picture of Ben and Hannah from on line, so no one will forget what they look like.  Aren't they adorbs? 
On Thursday  before work I put together my black and white Halloween mantel, since I now had the smaller skeleton for my stand! 
I had someone come in to work my last two hours, so I could leave work and  go to the Stake RS dinner and speaker. 
Brad Wilcox spoke to us after dinner, and I left a tad early to go to book club, but got a message from Dad saying Becca had already had Madison after less than 3 hours of induced labor!!  Woot woot. 
So we ran up to the AF hospital to meet her!  
Such a little doll. 
I can see a bit of Perkins in her, but she looks a lot like Reagan!  What a beauty. 
Just for fun! 
Dave and his family went hiking, so I borrowed this cute picture to share. 
I read on line that the Daughters Day going around Face Book was bogus. Real daughters day was August 11th. Yeah Ashley!  I loved seeing all the daughter pictures on FB and IG and was sad that there is no such picture in existence for me.   I did my best to come up with this collage.  I do love my girls!  They are each amazing in their own way!    

On Friday I worked again, crazy I know. After work Dad and I walked up to the Bishop's house for his daughter's reception. Jill Wilson decorated their yard, but they've been working on their back lot, putting a bridge over Peteetneet creek that runs trough the back and adding sod, flower beds and bark paths, it was so charming!  Of course Jill's touches made it perfect. They even had a restored 1930's tractor at the entrance. Just stunning!!  

On Saturday we had vowed to clean the garage. We worked at it for a full 7 hours.
Still some projects left before it's perfect but Dad's a Rockstar!  We took a huge load to DI!  We got back and went to dinner, then took dinner to a neighbor, that I had forgotten until halfway through our early dinner!  I know my remembering was inspired. I'd not thought of it for three days. I was able to order dinner right there and take it to them, just 2 minutes late, on the way home! 

Next I ran to the Stake Center for Women's  Conference. Which was awesome. I loved President Uchdorf's talk, he used a true story to illustrate having a positive attitude and it was sort a reverse Pollyanna story, I love it.  

Afterwards sisters from the ward met up at the ward house for desserts and visiting, I took my own sugar free ice cream!  Yes, I really did. 
Today was the Primary program at church, it was lovely.  After church I checked to see if my creeper was turning, and yeah, it is!! 
Then Dad and I headed to AF  to see our sun bathing beauty. Because she had jaundice, she and Becca had to spend a second night in the hospital. Becca lets her lay in the sun, as she found on the internet that sun light works better thank the billi bed, 
which she is also doing   ... Such a sweet baby!!

On our way home we decided to drive by Randy and Barb's probable new lit. It's in Saratoga Springs on the west side of Utah Lake. It across the street from lots that back on government land on the west shore. Such a beautiful setting!!  This is not a pic from their spot, but theirs is very similar!! 
Dave and Bri's kids came to spend the evening, which was fun. Here we see them, along  with Spencer and Brittney watching Toy Story 2.  Good times!!   
When Dave and Bri came to get the kids Dave told us to check out the moon!!  It's an eclipse where the earth shadow falls in the moon, how cool is that. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Trina Party x 2 + Zupas x 2 + a New Kitchen = Great Week

Monday, Monday, so good to me .... I hurried and distributed pumpkins on the piano, then gathered supplies for ornament making and made chicken soup .... 
Because I was off to We Can. Here you see Carol lying beside the Garland we're making for our Peter Pan tree for Festival of Trees to find out how long it is. Funny girl!  
Here's the Garland bundled for travel. 
This is everyone but me ... 

Afterwards I ran up to the hobby Lobby in AF to see if they had another couple of the wire baskets I'd gotten Saturday. Not, but I did run into Jill Peterson at the AF DI.   She grew up in our Salt Lake ward and I even lined her up with my brother Ross at one time.  Fun reunion. 
That night I started taking pics of our nearly complete kitchen for a Pollyanna blog post. 

On Tuesday I met Arlene at the Timpanogos temple for a session.  Of course we followed that with lunch at Zupas. 
I headed south, then to get Becki's package mailed, as it was actually her birthday that day!  
Here's a pic Emily took on her birthday. It made me so sad when I saw it, because she looks so much older, that I can almost feel her growing up without me. Silly I guess. 

Dad had his temple shift that night, but I stopped by the Stauffers Outlet and cooked a lasagna for when he got home.  
I worked Wednesday, and Laurie came in to load her booth and was wearing black and white, which always calls for a matchy matchy  pic, right? 

Nell posted this sweet picture on IG this week, and I just had to steal it for keepers!  
I took the day off in Thursday after getting an invitation to Trina's for lunch. She's a local Blogger I met at another blogger's luncheon this past summer.  
Everything was lovely, and the food was good too! 
Such a fun afternoon! 
That evening I met up with the girls for a shower dinner for Becca at Zupas. Yum. 
Here's the girls!! 
On Friday Emily posted pics of William buying McD for himself and Bekie, after a nice lady whom he'd held a door for, handed him the five and told him to buy himself lunch at McD   How nice is that? 
I borrowed this picture of Kim and her friend Joshua playing in the rain from her IG account.  We did get plenty of rain this week! 

Dad and I ran to St George to pick up his car that had been repaired. I did junking in Cedar City before hitting St G. Then we rushed home to get to Salt Lake 
Because some of our Fleaology vendors were opening a store, and had an open house.  Here Dad is shown with other flea market friends Joanie and Steve. He's holding the MCM lamp I'd bought at the DI in Cedar City as a 'store warming' gift!  (Their shop is Mid-century Modern) 
Here I am with Jacqueline and the lamp in question! 
Next we headed south for Trina's birthday party. Unfortunately we got a call from our SL renters saying the washer plumbing had flooded the basement ... And we were headed to SLC again. 
On Saturday I got this sweet picture of Emily  and Abbie.   Their family went to the beach!  
On Saturday Dad was off to Sugar House again for a 5K his work was supporting. It was his third trip to SLC in 15 hours.  He also picked up the rug doctor he'd used the night before at the rental house, and returned it, along with fixing the dishwasher water supply line, Good times! 
I, meanwhile, was at work. We had a nice young father and a couple of teen kids show us this small emigrant trunk they'd found at a Payson yard sale for $5. (They were looking for a key to fit it) It's probably worth $1,000. It's from 1825. 

We got chatting and I found out he is is Jared Abbot's brother. Small world.  

Of course I was happy to see that Dad was keeping busy at home!!   

 I taught Relief Society today so I was up early getting my lesson marked and making reading assignment slips and visual aids.  

After church I skipped a nap and started dinner. 

It's always a treat when the kids and grands come. 
Penny is growing up so fast. 
Darby even got off work early to come!!  Scott interviewed Dad and me for his genealogy merit badge. That was fun. 
I tried a new recipe, cilantro-lime chicken, which everyone seemed to like. I wouldn't know as I'm doing colonoscopy prep tonight I got to skip dinner. 

Of course we enjoyed the kids who came, but missed Ashley, Ben and Becca and their families. 

Hope your week was perfect!!