Monday, September 7, 2015

Fleaology and Being Followed by ME

This is the red roofed beauty that changed my life for the better. It's LaVerns's brother's garden house, and when she and I were walking Monday I took some pics of it and did a blogpost and posted this pic and a link on Instagram.   Which I believe led to Mary Engelbreit following me on Instagram !!!! Wahoo!  
I've followed her pretty much from the beginning, as do like 14,000 other people, but she only follows about 150 people. Since she uses red roofed houses in her art so much I  am convinced that this garden house is why she now follows me!  Happy day, I mean I've always loved her art, and I believe I have owned all her books at one time or another!!  My happy hero! 

Back in the real world, I spent The. Whole. Day. Painting. Cabinets. 

When Dad got home he managed to tweak the cabinets enough to fit in the new sink that was 2 inches wider than the sink space!  Yep he's the DIY star! (All kitchen pics are together toward the end of the blog post) 

Just for fun I also embellished my spice cabinet, because the endless kitchen cabinet painting is grunt work!! 

This is how it ended up! 
On Tuesday, when Ginny and I were walking, we saw this new build that Spencer and Brittney are in love with. I have to admit it's adorable!  Great mix of new and old.  

I spent the rest of the day, you guessed it, painting cabinets!

That night when Dad was at the temple Spencer  brought up the record player and records he got when we were cleaning out Grandpa's house.   As it turns out, one if the records was made by grandpa on his mission and sent to grandma, who was waiting for him. He tells her he loves her, though they'd not met at the time. So sweet. Though the voice sounds nothing like grandpa.  Anyway, so glad Spencer thought to grab the records. 
The funny thing is that when the record player quit working he ran up to get the one he bought in high school that was still in the guest room closet ... They are identical!  How funny is that? 

I worked on Wednesday, and got a call from a gal selling old family furniture in project condition, at a reasonable price. So Dad took out a van seat after work and we headed up to Orem to load up! 

When we got home Dad got the electrical  work done on the back splash, he made each outlet a double, so I went from 6 plugs to 12 plugs, plus he moved the disposal switch from under the sink to the back splash!  

After walking on Thursday I came home and redid my porch. 

And since the kitchen has taken precedence in Dad's life, I paid Gonny to roll on over and mow our lawns to get ready for Fleaology!  Other people hire 12 year olds, but not me! 
At work Bruce dropped in from Wyoming, which we always love!  Here he is with Julie and me! 
I redid the front space I'm in charge of at the south store, that day. I love having a job that includes decorating.  

I also got a call that day from Dad telling me his car died at Toquerville and he had AAA tow it to a place Rick's suggested in St George. Then Uncle Rick loaned him a car to do his work in St George and Overton, Nevada, before taking the St George Shuttle home! It turned out that it was the timing belt and will only be about  $800 so it's doable. Happy day. We thought we'd have to say "it's dead Jim" 
Friday was set up day for Fleaology. I did some sweeping and other stuff like hauling  our metal furniture out of the patio to make room for dealers.  Above is my booth set up! 

Dad took the day off to help with set up and work on the kitchen.  He got the green board in, the the cement tile backer board in, and put down the cute hex tile on the counter top! 

Nell and I headed to bed about 1:00 AM. Yawn. Davin came to do the night watch again, which I love!   We also had four dealers who slept in their campers and cars at the curb!

And the day arrived. Becca suggested taking a picture from the balcony!  How fun is this!! 

Here's a close up of Dad and Becca with our dealer Jenny. 
Here I am with Penny Doty, owner of Planted Earth an antique store in Orem! She found four chandeliers! 
This is Richard, husband of Julie shown earlier, and he also rocks it as a Pyrex holder!  In his spare time he manages Treasures Antiques where I work. 
Here are some dear friends I've made over the years doing Fleaology. 
These are the WW2 army chairs I painted. Unfortunately  they didn't sell.  But I think they are so fun. 
That night we hurried to Salt Lake to meet up with the Moes for a delicious dinner at The Roof! 

Here are the pictures of Dads progression on the kitchen through the week! 

Today's has been a wonderfully spiritual day for me. We had the most amazing fast and testimony meeting. I doubt I will ever forget it!  

After attending Dad's second branch meeting I headed home to nap some! 

He had an inventory in the evening.  Darby came by after he got home to charge her battery in her car, and we had a nice chat!!   I thought I'd share some pics of Britt et al, who are at Disney World for the week.  

The look on Charley's face reminds me so much of Brittany's famous witch face picture I took when she was 2 or 3 and that scared her for years .... Of course her face was painted green. I wish I could find it and share it here, but it was a slide, and though I did get a print made for Brttany's scrapbook later, it's in Idaho now 😔  

Hope your week was full of fun too!! 

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