Sunday, September 13, 2015

Of Kitchens and Tie Dye and Football and Birthday Pinatas!

On Labor Day, Trevor and J. Scott came down to run the 5K with Dad ... Nell came down later with the other kids, and Trevor got in a quick nap before breakfast and the parade.

Trevor went up on the balcony for an eagle eye view.
Titan and Reagan had seats on the road, for the best view and first grabs at candy too.

Eva joins Titan and Reagan on the curb.

I ended up watching Becca's kids for the rest of the day, so she could take clients out to look at houses.  We loved having them, of course.

Dad got the grout in later that night ... we're so happy with how things are turning out!  Dad has such great skills.

On Tuesday I finished painting the cabinets, and did some visiting teaching, then I rearranged my white ironstone on top, while Dad did his normal shift at the temple.
On Wednesday at work, I hauled the big dresser I'd bought last week out of the van, and put restora-finish on it and fit it into a booth.  I also hauled out this old organ and tried to sell it on my ROCC site, no go.  Guess that means Dad has another desk conversion in his near future.  Yeah for my favorite handy guy.

  After work that night I ran over to Payson Cottage and grabbed one of the 15 foot long boards that came off the roof when we redid the garage there.  Dad sawed it to the 10 feet we needed, and I found four matching shelf brackets and painted them to match.  When the paint was dry on the board, we arranged the collection of pitchers I had at home along with the ones I had  brought home from the mall, and added them to the display.
Britt sent some pictures from their trip to Florida.  We loved enjoying it vicariously all week.

Here's a favorite of mine.

On Thursday I tweaked my front autumn display at work.
... and got more fun picture of the Mitko kids.
Dad stayed home from work on Thursday to work more on our projects in the kitchen.  He got this antique trim board, and another into place.
and Darby stopped by to visit with him while her car was being fixed.  She took this picture of him hard at work.

On Friday I was off early to meet with my friend Laura Gray and do some junking in Salt Lake.  We had lunch at Cafe Rio, of course.    I got home in time to go with Dad to ...
the ward camp out up Payson Canyon at Black Hawk camp ground ... here he is with my gardening girls.
We sat with Jill and her grand babies part of the time.
Here I am with some sisters in the ward, including, far left, Becky Call, the amazing Sunday School teacher I loved hearing ... so sad she announced last Sunday they are moving.  

We left the camp out in time to pick up the mannequins I had rented to a bride to display family wedding dresses at her reception in Lindon.
Saturday morning, Dad was off to an inventory in Salt Lake, while I visited the flea market at Treasures and visited with other dealers and friends.
Then we met up with other 'Walk for James' team members at the expo mart in Salt Lake.
Daniel and Melody made these great posters.
... and here I am with my girlie friends.
I stopped at DI before heading home, and ran into my friend Marci, who lives near by .... so of course I had to go and see the amazing changes she has made in her decor.

She is such a darling girl ... I'm grateful I ran into her.  That night I met up with Dad and the Moes for dinner at Sizzler in Orem.  We had the play that night at Hale, but Dad had cancelled so ...
He could attend the BYU game ... another amazing finish ... see the fans rushing the field behind the three Scotts? (Robert Scott, Trevor Scott and Jaden Scott)

While I was a the play with Moes, and Dad was at the game with the Scotts, Elias was busy celebrating his 5th birthday with the rest of the family at his house. 

Davin uses his amazing Pinata skills ... while ...
Elias takes a few wacks!

Today was a lovely regional conference.  Dad had the priesthood leadership meeting, then I met him there.  Elder  Ballard talked about our troubled times, and complimented Utah County Mormons for being the most religious county (according to a poll) in the USA.  He also said Utah Mormons were the heart of the church with their willingness to pay tithing, volunteer and serve missions at a high rate.

Dad ran off to an inventory, while I headed home for a four hour nap ... yikes!  We combined resources with Brittney and Spencer and had an English dinner.  Yummy!  Then a nice long comfy chat after.  Its nice to catch up with them and all they are doing, as they are so busy.

So that was our week.  We loved it!

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  1. LOVE your kitchen! It is so you! Scott is such an amazing handyman! Being on Team James was even more fun because you were there! Happy birthday to Elias! Always love seeing pics of your family together!