Sunday, August 30, 2015

Of Super Heroes and Birthdays

So this is how my week began. After walking with LaVern, I dug into my craft room. I spent the whole day and by the end the floor was visible,  yes the table and both desks are still piled. But the floor is visible!!
Brittany started back to school and sent me a picture of herself on the way out the door so I could post it on FB and be cool like all the other moms and their back to school shots!  We're so proud of her, by the way! 
I worked on Tuesday to make up for a trade. This is a bit of a display I'm in charge of there. 

Dad worked and had his normal temple shift! 
Emily sent me this fun picture of our batgirl that day. She says Bekie even calls herself a super hero!  I love it! 
I also loved this picture of another Super Grandaughter, Kim, I found it on IG.  I've been singing 'Motor Cycle Mama'   Ever since, just ask Dad!! 
On Wednesday I walked with Ginny and found this tiny pine cone tree, I picked of a couple of branches and then added black eyed Susans ... Yep, I'm into larceny like that. 
I looked up pics to post for the birthdays on FB this week, and found this one I love of Davy.  He and Emily were always so close, it warmed the heart! 
After work Dad finished up the tile in the attic bathroom.   I worked again on Thursday. 
After work Mr Zachary came to stay, while his parents went to spend the weekend participating in a disc golf tournament in Park City. 
I left the men to fend for themselves, after fixing dinner, and attended book club where we discussed Pope Joan a super interesting book about life and religion in the 800's. 
So of course a nice antipasto was the perfect refreshment, as much of the book is set in Italy. 

Friday morning I posted these cute pictures for our birthday people and ...

then Zach and I were off early for some fine junking. Here he is at the sale a fellow treasures dealer was having. ... She lives just a block from Moes' and Heuers' ...
So I dropped by to take a picture of Becca's lawn sign at Moes' house! 

Next we went to another dealer's sale in SLC, and spent some time at DI and at an antique mall. Yes,  Zach was amazingly patient and pretty darn fun too! 
We stopped at Trader Joes and Zach  loved the small carts... And the small watermelons too. 

We had lunch at Cafe Rio because he's too grown up for Mc Donald's.  Then we headed south, 
We took Becca a little cake because that's what you do if you go to someone's house on their birthday. While there we picked up the farm sink she'd gifted us after the sale of our Orem house!! 
That night Dad pulled off the rest of the counter top he'd started Thirsday night and hauled out the sink!!   My very own DIY Super Hero!!  He also put in a frame work to support the new backsplash wall. 
Early Saturday I was off to the Relief Society  breakfast.   These are the ladies I sat with. Linda Gilson, Ginny Taylor, Diane Forster ... 
Emily Wright and Shanna Weight. 
Lynn Wing did a great job of telling motivational Visiting Teaching stories. It was in Terry Kew's yard, and everything was beautiful. 
Dad meanwhile had taken Zach and then picked up other cousins on his way to Lagoon.  This is when I finally hooked up with them a couple of hours later. Of course older cousins and friends were off on their own.  
Zach liked the octopus ride best.  BTW Please notice we have super man and batman too! 

Grandpa and Eva braved the egg drop. 
Cars are always a favorite. 

So thirsty!!  I took off with Zach as I had to deliver dinner to a lady in our ward whose been ordered to bed with her pregnancy. 
Dad took off for an hour or so to see his friend Duane McGuire a former barbershop quartet member,  who happened to be hosting a piano exhibition in nearby Ogden.  Trevor ran herd at Lagoon alone while he was gone.  Thanks Trev 
After we got home I took some pictures of my weekend junking finds for a future Pollyanna blog post. 
And was thrilled to find that the jars I'd found actually fit this cubby shelf!! 
Zach got to finally have some serious duplo time before he bubble bathed and got in jammies and so I could read him, 'And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street' which, by the way, he loved. 

Today I spent our whole block at church since I had Zach in tow, and of course Dad was off to his Sacrament Meetings at the care centers. 

After lunch and naps we headed to Highland for Vivian's baby blessing. She's Kelsy's youngest, and a beauty!! They are here from Texas while Zach does a one month rotation at the U of U hospital!  Lucky to be able to bless her with so much family around! 
Here's the assortment of uncles, grandpas  and friends there to help with the honors. 
Then it was off to Trevor and Nell's for a Souper Duper family dinner!! 

Loved these pics

We left Zach there to be picked up by his parents who had both done well in their tournaments. Andy with third place and Ashley with second!  Both won money prizes in the 3 digits, and .... 
Andy won this trophy!!  Good job!!  Sorry no pics of our 'Super Disc Golfers'  since we left before they got there. 
We headed back to Moes and played games ... Just like old times!! Dad won!  Yeah!   

It was a great week filled with happy memories!!  We hope yours was just as great!! 

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  1. Thanks for taking a picture of my yard sign! Love all the super heros. The picture of the kids at the drinking fountains was precious! Love the miniature chairs! Why do I love miniatures so much? I am pretty impressed that Andy and Ashley won. I have been disc golfing and I couldn't do it! So impressed by those who can!