Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Two Minutes of Fame and a Reunion

Since I had virtually finished  this blog post when it was eaten, you will see a lighter than normal post. Yeah!  Right?
Monday, Marysa and Hannah on their last day to help with garden work. They are writing cards to a girl I found on line, who has cancer and is their age
We finish the season with a tea party

Me on KSL Studuo 5. It aired at 11:10 when I was in the dentist chair. I watched it on my phone there. I think they did a nice job.  I actually only got 2 minutes of fame, but that works for me 
Some pics I screen shot from the show

Here's the link, if you missed it.
That night Spencer  and Britt did the FHE at the care center
Walked with Ginny Tues thru Thurs
Tuesday did an estate consult with my old friend Robyn Brown in SLC   Then did junking before meeting Arlene for temple and lunch

Worked Wednesday and Thursday, nothing notable. 

Got this picture if Kim off Instagram
Love these morning glories I saw while out junking Friday morning
Redid my mantel to do a Pollyanna blogpost.
Went to Dave and Bri's to babysit around noon
Dad met me there and we headed to Bountiful for my Family Reunion
Elias at the top of the structure
McKenna at the bottom of the slide with Amelia, her second cousin (Mindy's youngest) who was carrying her around, it was so cute.
Here are Amelia and McKenna
Me with my siblings
The whole gang with Clark and his family on the far left and on down. 

Here's our gang, thanks for coming Darby 

Alicia told me that her husband, who I hadn't met before,  said he now understood why everyone says Alicia is like me. I take that as high praise
Saturday morning  I went junking before hitting the Farmers Market in Spanish. This is Dan who is a dealer at our mall. His real job is growing melons.  Then I went back to watch the kids at Dave's and Dad headed home to work on the bathroom floor.   

When I got home a bit after noon he was hard at it. 

I got some painting done for Fleaology.

Here are some pictures of Becca and her family at Disneyland.

Pretty cute.
Sunday was typical with Dad and me off to our various meetings. 

In the evening we spent several hours going through Grandpa Carlo and Grandpa Milt's papers.
Last of all I thought I'd share this cute picture of Barbs grands, after a long day of play. How cute is that?! 

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  1. Love the tile in the bathroom! Super cute and so you!

    Do you have a video of the KSL thing! I want to see it! You look good in purple!

    Love the Fleaology stuff....all my new colors!

    See you soon I hope!