Sunday, August 16, 2015

Shakespeare, Bathroom Making, and Nell's Last Chemo

This week started with me working Monday, I took a picture of the fencing we plan to use up on the balcony to send  to a prospective welder. No luck, still looking.

My cousin posted the old age picture of my grandmother and was trying to match it to a random youth picture, I sent her this wedding picture of grandmother to help her out. 
I loved this picture of Abbie that Emily sent me!!  
On Tuesday I drove to St George with my book club, here I am with three of the other girls at the condo. 
Here we are at the Shakespeare  Festival the next day. 
We stayed through Thursday and saw four plays. 

While I was gone, Dad did his temple shift Tuesday, on Wednesday he also drove to St George, but we just texted.  That night, back in Payson, he worked with the plumber to get things finished up in the attic bathroom. 
On Friday I made arrangements to celebrate Joyce's birthday.  We ran into Britt's in-laws at two estate sales.  
Here I am with Aunt Joyce. 
Then later I ran into my old friend Laura at DI in Sugarhouse!  Such a nice surprise.  After lunch and more junking I headed to ...
American Fork to meet Dad as we were babysitting for Becca, while she and Brady had a date night!! 

On Saturday Dad ran in the morning then came home to put down the cement board in the attic bathroom, so it's ready for tile! I, meanwhile, was junking, then hit the farmers market and grocery store. 

That night we bought tile for the bathroom and went to see the Cokeville Miracle. 

Today dad was off to his meetings, and me to mine. I taught Relief Society and thought all went well. Then it was home for naps before getting ready for family dinner. 

Nell had her last chemo on Thursday,  so Trevor  came with the kids, and hopefully a quiet house for a few hours was a good thing for her. 

Brittany is in town helping out at Trevor and Nell's while Nell gets back to feeling better. 

We had a great time with Brittany, Darby, Trevor  and Kids, Davin and Bri and Kids, Becca and kids and Spencer and Brittney.   We love the chance to catch up, and I loved that Trevor played the piano for us, Cheryl even came out to see who was playing!!  Good times, good memories. 

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