Sunday, August 2, 2015

Britt's in Town and Eva and Penny's Special Day!

It was the last week of July, and it all started with a walk with LaVern for me. She was back from doing the pageant at Cumorah and it was great to catch up. I love her neighbors giant zinnias. 
Back at her house I snapped some photos to do a Pollyanna blog sometime, and love this one of her hens and chicks in tea cups! 
I also loved this picture of Abigail that Emily sent.   Babies are the hardest brand of grandchild to have so far away because they change so fast!! 
That night Dad and I headed north to help Moes with their yard. They're getting their house ready to sell and we've wanted to help, but until she mentioned that her kids were working in the yard I didn't know what to do. 

I remember once when we were getting the Salt Lake house ready to rent and Jeff came up and helped us paint. I'll never forget how great that made me feel, and I wanted the Moes to feel that way, I hope it worked. 

Hey. And great photo ops too!! 
Doesn't Barb look fierce, those weeds don't stand a chance. 
... And her foster son bagged the turf beast, great hunter that he is!! 
We took our Nellie some fake Jamba Juice and caught Spencer and Brittney at the tail of the FHE they shared with the kids!! 

Dad even got to help Trev give Nell a blessing,  she'd been so miserable. 

Britt was there, as she's been helping out since Nell's last chemo. It was fun to catch up with her about her cute kids who've been staying with their other grandparents. 
On Tuesday I got to meet up with Britt, Ashley and Becca with their kids and Nell's at the Highland water park. 
I always love seeing cousins playing together. 
And seeing my girls together is just a bonus. 
Look at Charly and Reagan's matching suits! 
After not being able to a good shot of Zach I decided to just gather all the 'funny faces' in a collage! 
While I was in Highland I stopped at one of my favorite stores, Dear Lizzie! 
These shoes would be totally me, if they weren't $150. Yikes! 
When I got home I stamped out this quote I'd seen at Dear Lizzie, by Thomas Osborne Davis "Come in the evening, or come in the morning, Come when you're looked for, or come without warning! "

Of course Dad was doing
His shift at the temple so I had the evening to craft and get ready for the 3 Dotters sale Saturday!

On Wednesday I was off to work.  I was impressed with how Keith redid this case that I moved out of last week, as part of my down sizing at the mall in prep for our mission next year. 

I also did some hunting and gathering around my booths to get goodies for the sale. 
On Thursday these two cute girls came in. One is Trish, who got me started in the business, the other is Janet, both of whom are breast cancer survivors, bet you can't guess what we talked about!! .  
I also did a bit of moving stuff around since I'd sold some bigger things... Always a happy chore. 
I managed to get  the van loaded up.  That night and Dad helped me make an old floor lamp into a necklace stand. I painted it, along with a few other items. Then Dad took a seat out of the van for me. 
On Friday I finished up a few projects before loading the van. Then I met Dad at the PG rec center around 3:00 for set up.  After he helped haul in he headed to the PG Maceys and installed some kick plates and feet covers on some displays.  

Later he spent some time with Trevor's family before heading home to work on the attic bathroom. 

I finished setting up my displays and visited and shopped around some. 
I had finished everything Friday so when I got there early Saturday I was ready to go. 
Here I am with Wendy who was doing the show with me. 
Just before 10:00 I headed over to Eva's baptism and Penny's blessing at their ward less than 5 minutes away. I got to give the talk on baptism and Dad got to be a witness. 

How adorable is this sweet baby. 
Afterwards Dad joined everyone in the pavilion to celebrate, but I headed back to the show. 
It was so nice that so many aunts and uncles could come. 

Eva just glowed!! 

How cute is this family!! 
Afterwards Dad headed home to finish up the framing. 

He came back around closing and helped me load out. 
He's a much more organized packer than I am. 

Today was a typical Sunday with afternoon naps, a nice phone call with Emily and it ended with the Band concert in the park.   The end 

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  1. I would have liked to come to the baptism and blessing bit because of the summer camp I couldn't have anyway but please let me know when your grands are having special events, if it is okay. How wonderful that they were baptized and blessed on the same day! Good to see Nell. Praying daily for her. I so love to see iow your kids pull together. So nice of Brit to come down to help. I DID feel so lived to have you and Scott come spend your Monday just weeding my yard! Such unselfish sacrifice!! You are truly disciples of Christ! I love you!!!!