Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Week With The Boring Middle.

This week wasn't quite full of fun activities, it just started and ended with them, so the middle was pretty mundain. 
For me it started bright and early on Monday, getting the house, food and craft materials ready for our We Can service day and luncheon.  There were four ladies besides myself. 
And we worked on these, among other things for our PCMC Festival of Trees entry, which will be based on Peter Pan, we are calling it, The Darling's Christmas. 
That evening Dad and I headed to Kews for our annual FHE group BBQ. 
Which is always fun, of course. 

On Tuesday I walked with Ginny first thing, then worked in the garden for a couple of hours with the neighbor girls I've been hiring. 

I worked on more ornaments and did some reading and house cleaning in the afternoon and evening while Dad did his temple shift. 
On Wednesday I worked, spending the better part of the day rearranging to fit in the stuff I'd taken to the 3Dotters market last week. I've no pictures for the day, but Kim posted this cute one on Instagram, and I borrowed it for your viewing pleasure! 

Then  Thursday was pretty much a replay of Wednesday, other than the fact that Becca called for a nice long chat, which is always fun! 

On Friday I did some house keeping and painted another cabinet in the kitchen before heading into Treasures to redo the front display in the north store. 

About this time I got a couple of phone calls informing me that Briahnna's father had passed away. Such a sad time.   Please keep their family in your prayers. I've included Briannna's lovely comments about him in a separate post. 
Next I went to Highland to visit the sick and afflicted, as Robin recovers from stomach surgery to correct severe gastric reflux.  We had a lovely visit.  I hope it cheered her up, it did me! 
As I was leaving I saw Randy, next door, cutting tiles and hit him up to show me all the renovations they're  making as they get ready to sell!  It's amazing, and all so well done!!  He was at the moment putting new tile in one of the basement bathrooms. 
I got back in time to meet up with the Kews for Payson's famous salmon supper, which, as it turns out, is the same age as me. It's also notable for being the largest outdoor food event in Utah!!  Who knew? 
Here's the Police Cheif, a city councilman and the mayor serving up the fish!! 
The firemen do the actual cooking. 
And here I am with officer Bill Wright. When I told him he'd come by the house once with one of my boys in tow after unsaid boy had been pulled over after doing 60 down one of the steep hill streets off the highway, he said it must have been a long time ago... Yeah, that was in about 2000, that qualifies as a long time ago, I think. He's such a great cop. 

We finished up the evening with movie torture at Kews, but we actually liked the movie, it was an Adam Sandler movie being touted as not a typical Sandler movie. Ha ha, it's called The Cobbler and we loved it!  Who da guessed. 
On Saturday I was off early, leaving before Dad got back from his run, for this new vintage show in PG. I met my friend Joanne there. She's shown here with a random stranger with whom she'd just switched name tags.  Long story, I'll spare you 
Speaking of random strangers, I asked these two if I could snap a pic of their hipster selves. They laughed and agreed. Then later when I was at work, they came into the store and I didn't recognize them. We had a long conversation about my iron fencing that will be the railing on our balcony some day, now it's in the yard at the store marked sold and this guy comes in regularly wanting to buy it.  After they walked away I was looking at my pictures from this morning. Whoa. Small world 
While at this super fun sale I ran into Julie Martin, from our Orem ward. 

As I was leaving this gal came up and said "are you Fleaology?"  We've followed each other on Instagram for a year, so she recognized me from my pictures.  So fun! 

I hit another couple of sales  on my way to work and put in most of my shift.  (I'd given away a couple of hours to be able to attend the cowboy market and flea.)

Dad kept busy all day working on the bathroom in the attic!! 

The door he had to cut the corner off is my favorite detail so far. 
After work I met Dad and 10 Moe and Heuer relatives for dinner at Sizzler before heading to ...
The Hale Center Theater to see 'Into The Woods'.  This is the usher, dressed in a school girl style dress with a peterpan collar, made from fabric with skeletons!!  Loved it!!  The play not as much, but it IS energetic!! 
Today we went to Nick Shumways homecoming talk, which we enjoyed very much

Spencer and Brittney made us Barbequed spare ribs for dinner, which was amazingly delicious. Cheryl loved dinner too, so thanks to our favorite borders. 


  1. iI like the door with the cut out angle too. i want to go to the Salmon bake next year. do they let non-paysononians join in? you r so good to take pics of everything! I need to get back in that habit! Fun to see Julie Martin! Kim is beautiful!

  2. iI like the door with the cut out angle too. i want to go to the Salmon bake next year. do they let non-paysononians join in? you r so good to take pics of everything! I need to get back in that habit! Fun to see Julie Martin! Kim is beautiful!