Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Plethora of Brittanys and a Road Trip

I worked a lot this week getting ready for our Texas trip.  But first ... On Monday Nell and I went to a buying appointment. 
I found two side tables and a dresser with a mirror. She got a large bookcase and a 30's quilt. Amazingly she fit it all in the back of her minivan. The girl has skills! 
At work on Tursday Wednesday and Thursday, I managed to work all my new buys into my reduced space at the mall. 

I also recognized the shopper above as Brittany  from  'houselarsbuilt a well known intagrammer and blogger. She's quite artsy with a Scandinavian twist,and lived in Denmark for 3 years with her Danish husband! 
I also shipped off the Lladro I got at DI last week for a buck and sold on eBay!  Double boxing seemed like a good idea!  Well since your wondering, $172. It's the first Lladro I've ever seen come out on a cart there. 
On Thursday night Brittany was busy hosting a boho dinner for her bunko group. I love that she borrowed these goodies from me!  Didn't she do a great job. 
Thursday night Dad and I got to see another Brittney excel.  Brittney graduated in public health with her Master's!! 
We're all so proud... 
As is her family. 
Loved this publicity poster for the U's Korean Campus!  Don't you? 

We shopped on the way home, then I cleared out the van, and Dad tossed in the spare tire ... Then laundry, snack prep and packing...

We were off at 7:30 A.M. And then arrived 
At this door in Amarillo about 11!!  
Off early Saturday towards Galvestin    I posted this picture of a giant Sam Houston on our trip group's 'Groupme' page and found out that Kelsy and Trina and their hubs were just two miles ahead of us ... Whoa ... 
Here we go following Mickey through Houston!  We stay in Galveston tonight and board the cruise ship tomorrow with 14 assorted other Moe/Heuer friends and family, including Brittany Gearheart of course. (And Kelsey and Zac's friend Briahna!)!

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  1. So excited to spend a week on a cruise ship with you! Congrats to Brittany! I love that you and your oldest daughter, Brittany, have the same gene for putting on great parties!