Monday, May 30, 2016

Cruising the Gulf of Mexico with a Finnish Slant.

We spent the night in Galvaston, and went to church there Sunday morning. 
I took this picture on the church lawn, they definitely have prettier dandelions in Texas! 
On board in church clothes waiting for our rooms to be ready!! 
Then it was back up on deck as we sailed off !!  A little windy. 
Dad found a Tony Hillerman book in the 'lost book' library on board. 
We went to the ice show that first night. Jerry Gearheart was picked out to throw rings out to the juggler, but the ice clown chose me for me for a kiss!! 
Our dining room was one of these three large stacked areas, with a huge chandelier in the middle  
This is Dad's and my table with the Heuers, Moes,  Gearhearts as well as Brittany Gearheart and her friend Emily.   Of course there were the three young couples at the next table. 
Food was delicious and often pretty too. 
On Wednesday we were off to a private island off Roaton for snorkeling and canoeing. There was native food there and a virgin pinacolada too. 
Here we are on our way back to the ship. 
Dad finished his Hillarman novel and then found an old Finnish romance novel ... Perfect for brushing up on his Finnish. 
Then he recognized that this photo of a statue was one he'd seen in person. It's of the Finnish composer Sibelius and he'd seen it in a park in Helsinki. 
On Thursday Dad and the Heuers hiked up to the ruins near Costa Mata.   I hung out with Barb and Randy and read and played games. 
He was pretty exhausted when he got back. 
We hot tubbed  and swam several times, Dad was off in the sauna when this picture was taken. 

We played games, read and went to see a comedian the last day. 

Sunday we were up early, meeting the four in the Gearheart sub group to walk off early. We drove them to the airport in Housten. Then after a 31/2 hours we were in San Antonio. 
Where we visited and got lots of love and hugs from some adorable grand children!! 

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  1. So glad you came on the cruise! wouldn't have been the same without you!

    I will figure out how to get all my pictures to you when I get back to Utah!