Sunday, June 5, 2016

Visiting the Talleys and Canton Junking

So this was our second week in Texas. 
Sam was off for Memorial Day so we got to spend lots of time with the whole family   He built this fun water park for the kids and it was so fun to watch them all play while Emily weeded her very happy looking garden. 
So cute. 
It was fun to get to know Abbie, who was initially so reserved with us. What a sweet baby. 
Emily gave me these books and movies for my birthday. Does she know me or what.  We managed to watch all of Downton Abbey season 6 which I loved. Emily was almost clairvoyant in predicting outcomes!! 
Emily fed us well!  We had curry and shushi. (Bekie's pronunciation). But I later heard she can make authentic tamales. Maybe she can make us some when she visits in August!! 
On Wednesday we headed north...
stopping at Magnolia Vintage Market, Chip and Joanna Gaines store in Waco. That was fun.  
There were few antiques 
Mostly repops ... And the whole place felt like Anthropologie. 

We spent the night in Tyler, Texas...
Leaving for Canton around 7 Thursday morning. Here I'm shown with a gal I follow on IG. I ran into her early on. With hundreds of vendors, and never having met her before, that was surprising!! 
Here I am with my second load of vintage goodness 
Dad was the best lackey ever!! Even though it rained like crazy all afternoon we made trip after trip to the van. We were soaked!  
I loved this IG post a Canton dealer posted. 
I bought about 40 of these old painted bead boards!!  The guy salvages at old house sites, he said most of these come off porches!! They were out in the rain and were soaked. I got muddy loading them!! 
I thought these old propane tanks made great minion yard art.  We junked from 8 to 4 on Thursday and went back again on Friday for several hours. 
Last of all I bought peanut brittle from this lady. Dad loves it. Here she shows off her specialty, jalapeno brittle, which I loved! 
About one we headed west stopping by Sam's parents home to check out the cute little house that they are selling to Emily and Sam. Emily and Sam have been big into watching Fixer Upper and are super happy to have their first rental!! 
Then we had lunch at the country club where we got to see the whole golf course under water!  It made a lovely lake. 
We spent the night in Wichita Falls, we left around 7:00 A.M. And stopped at garage sales and a few shops, including this the Antique Connection in Albuquerque. It was after we came out of this store about 4:30 that Dad announced his intention of driving home that night!!  Yikes!   
I loved this amazingly complete bedroom set from the 1800s. 
This is what I was reading on the way home. So interesting!! We got home about 2:00 A.M. And crashed. 

This morning we were off to church, but I was starting a migraine so I took off after sacrament meeting. Dad and Spencer and Brittney stayed for choir practice after the block. 

I was still feeling poorly, so Dad made dinner for himself and Cheryl and then 
he went to Paul and Ina Golding's 60th anniversary party in Provo. 

So that was our week. Dad plans to go to work tomorrow, and we're back to our normal routine. My knee is feeling a lot better, and I'm wondering if this whole flair up was actually some kind of injury!  

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