Monday, June 13, 2016

These are a Few of Our Favorite Things

And this is a tale of vacation recovery ... On Monday  I was at home all day, reading, doing laundry and unpacking ... I started reading this Bronte bio and have loved it, Jane Eyre was my favorite book in Junior High. 
Dad was back to work and being in SLC he got to have lunch at Ruth's diner with Britt and her family, as she'd been in town for a couple of Mitko reunions. Lunch with his kids has got to be his favorite activity 
I was back to work on Tuesday and thought I'd share a favorite shabby dresser. Dad had temple that night, and I caught a few minutes of my favorite (and everyone else's)  HGTV show, Fixer Upper after making dinner for Cheryl took longer than I'd planned. 
On Wednesday I got to meet several of Scott's favorite cousins on his Mom's side for lunch at the Trolley in Springville, we all ordered their specialty salad, everyone's favorite!  
I went to Treasures afterwards and redid this store display for summer. 

I worked a full day Thursday and we decided to go out. 
That night, just as Dad and I were headed out for a movie, our power went out.and we ran into one of our favorite people, Ron Crump, who is Lavern's husband and the head of Payson Power. We got to tell Cheryl that the power would be back up in about 20 minutes. 
Here we are at the latest Jane Austin adaptation. This time from a novel she never finished, probably an early one. The novel is Lady Susan. The movie is Love and Friendship. Definitely not Dad's favorite, though I liked it a lot.  
On Friday I mostly read, having picked up an Anne Bronte novel, The Temant of Wildfell Hall!  Which is fast becoming a favorite. That evening we headed to Crumps for Jacob's wedding reception. When we got home it was my turn to choose a movie and I chose Enchanted  April, which Dad didn't hate as much as I thought he would. 
I was up early to head to Treasures to sell at their twice yearly flea, probably one of my favorite activities. 
Hannah and Ben saw the add in the yard sale section and dropped by. How fun is that. 
Meanwhile Dad was at home helping Dayton  install our much need A/C unit. He also got to play with sprinklers, one of his favorite things, as he tweaked our system to cover some dry spots.  He also got the main floor swamp cooler going. 
Darby took pity on Dad and brought her second car for him to use, since the Nissan has no air!  She stayed for dinner. After dinner it was Dad's  turn to choose a movie so he chose Nicholas Nicklbee based on the book by his favorite author, Dickens. 
On Sunday we attended our meeting which was based on my favorite topic; charity, so not surprisingly all the songs were favorites too!!  
Then we ran to Salt Lake to hear Janessa Moe's homecoming talk and then to visit over a lovely lunch with many of our favorite people. 
That evening Brittney and Spencer came up to talk about their upcoming move and about Spencer being accepted into the U's Economics Master's program!! They also showed us pics on line of the apartment they'll be renting. 
It looks charming!!  We can't wait to see it!! 

So that was our week, it was filled with favorite activities, people, movies and books!!  We hope yours was just as fun and filled with favorites too. 

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