Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Week Dad Worked a Half Day

Ok, I'm starting this week with a picture taken almost a month ago. Bri's brother Broc got married last month, the day after we left for our cruise, so we missed it. But I wanted to share this picture of their family at the wedding! 
Now back to this week. Dad stayed home on Monday because his cough was getting worse. Since he was home we decided to meet with a lawyer, Willford Hanson here in Payson, to initiate our family trust and LLC 
I also unpacked and placed this lovely English breakfast set that I bought myself last week at the Treasures sale with the money I made selling old stock outside!  It was like spinning straw into gold. These sets were used for serving breakfast in bed to those lucky enough to have a ladies maid ala Downton Abbey. 
That night it was off to FHE at Kews. This is the Wings and Steve. 
On Tuesday Donelle texted to figure out how she could get her "welcome" sign she'd bought on the cruise that we'd then offered to bring home, as they were flying.   
That meant I had to unload and sort the van of vintage goodness to find it. Thank goodness. Once I had most of it out I took some pictures for a blog post. 
This metal dairy crate I'd got is a hoot. It's protected by a detective agency!!  

I met Donelle at her work to handed over the sign in Provo, then met Dad and our lawyer at an Orem  lawyer's office, who specializes in Trusts. 

Then Dad was off to work a half day and then he worked at the temple. 

When he got home that night he was miserable with a pain in his left ankle that he thought felt suspiciously like his blood clot two years ago. 

He called Dr Money at 9:30 PM on his cell and made an appointment for early Wednesday. 
His doctor visit and an ultrasound confirmed his suspicions. 
The doctor sent him home with a month's worth of a blood thinner he may take for the rest of his life ...  We hear it's spendy (Darby)  he was also instructed to stay home from work for 3 days and keep his leg elevated. 
That night Cheryl had the same thing for dinner we had. Chicken, veggies and noodles ...
But ours looked like this.  The joys of cooking for people with different tastes. 
On Thursday Dad stayed home to keep his foot up ... I was off to work for the Day. Aunt Joyce came in with my birthday gifts. She is such a sweetheart!! 
When I got home look who was there to visit. She'd gone to the barn so Darby could teach Zach to ride. Even though he didn't decide to ride he had fun and Ashley got a chance to ride "for the first time in 3 years"

Earlier that  day these cuties all got together for lunch and Becca shared the picture with me. Thanks Beckster!!  

We loaned our old van to a neighbor that needed to haul something and had a broken down vehicle, poor Dad, with his sore leg, had to haul seats out of the van.  What a good guy!  
On Friday I left Dad home to keep his leg up some more and went junking and to lunch with Joyce.  We were near the home on Hartford where we were born, so I opted for a picture. 
We also stopped at a couple of shops. I loved the medallion on the right at my friend Kim's daughter's shop; Retro Betty's   

When I. Got home the north drive was empty!!  Dad had hauled the boat away to be sold on consignment. It's the end of an era!!  Also for Dad it's the end of years of nagging. Sorry honey, I love You. 
That night Dad and I went to support some friends, Logan andJacqueline,    who are opening a new shop in Provo called The Copper Hive They were using this broken cement statue for part of their display, a statue that I gave Logan from our garden.  I was so happy to see he loved something I'd found annoying. 
We capped off our entertaining day by seeing Saturday's Warrior ... Which we didn't love as much as we had wanted to. 
On Saturday it was off to support Trevor as he supported the Huntsman Cancer 140 mile bike ride to raise money for cancer research. (he raised $2700 by promising to wear a tutu, then to grow out his hair and beard and then, last of all, to dye it teal blue!! 

We picked up J Scott and drove out to Elberta to meet him at the half way point. 
Here's the man!! 
Then he headed back to SLC. 
Becca's family drove out to Redwoid Road to intercept him and cheer him on!! 
I love this picture Becca took. 

After seeing him off Dad, J Scott and I went back to our house where J Scott  mowed our lawns, then headed to Fort Douglas ...
We joined these adorable supporters!! 
We had a fun wait cheering in other participants ... 
Then we cheered for Trevor!! 
We're so proud of him.  
While we were driving back and forth...  Spencer was taking his first yoga class!!  I love it!!  

That night we hooked up with the Kews and went out for Chinese then to see "Me Before You"  I liked it and hated it ... I read reviews on the book, and I think I'll read it... 
I taught my Relief Society lesson today. It was on inviting those who have wandered away back to "feast at His table". I love the imagery of that statement. The spirit there was amazing. 

After church I sat in the chapel and started this blog post while Dad, Spencer, Brittney and her Mom, Kathy practiced with the choir. 
After church we old people fell asleep in our chairs in the parlor for an hour before getting ready for our Father's Day BBQ
Then everyone started to gather. 
And visit and 
Chow down!!  Spencer managed the grill for us, because standing is so painful for Dad right now. 
Some of my boys!! 
Dad was thoroughly gifted, and we loved the box Ben and Hannah used for his gift ...  
Because it made us think of Emily!!  
Darby was late because of work, and we were thrilled she came. 
Addie and I matched!! 
Time to head home. We all had a great time!  Thank you all for coming to honor your amazing father!! 


  1. Cute, fun blog post this week! Can't wait to see everyone in August!

  2. Sorry Scott got another blood clot. So annoying AND painful. How's your knee? Love seeing pictures of your kids! You were actually born in the that house or you lived at that house when you were born at a hospital? Love the English tea set! Thanks for posting the picture of Broc's wedding. I really wanted to see a picture of his new bride! So wish we had been in town for the wedding!