Sunday, May 8, 2016

Milestones and Mother's Day

This has been a week of milestones! A Prom Date, a twelth birthday, a wedding, a graduation and a double mission call!  
OK, maybe Kim's prom was last week, but this is the first time I'd seen a picture!  
On Monday I worked on projects for Fleaology, but I also posted a couple of pictures on instagram. The library pic is for a collections post. 
This one was for a Pastels  post on IG.  

This is my disclaimer. Brittany, very emotionally, told me that I should not do seperate posts for our spiritual experiences. Dad had thought the same, so our spiritual experiences will be mixed into the blog just like they are mixed into our lives. So... 

We hosted our  family home evening that night.  The theme was missionary work and testifying of Christ. It was pretty much a continuation of Stake Conference ... It was powerful and the spirit was there to testify. Everyone felt it, it was wonderful. 

On Tuesday I worked getting the yard ready for Fleaology with Tyla, another beehive I bought at the Young Women's camp fundraiser. She's quite the little worker. She's the daughter of Emily who comes in to help Cheryl shower. 

Dad came home early and mowed the lawns, then we spent a quiet evening reading.   

On Wednesday I was off early,  junking my way to meet up with Dad in SLC to head up to Tanner's 12 birthday celebration in Layton at my niece Megan's house 

Here's part of the crowd to surprise a beloved and discouraged cancer survivor, my grand nephew Tanner 
This is Arlene, my college bestie, and her sister, my sister-in-law Shirley, Tanner's grandmama.  See how much they look alike?? 
Tanner's hugging a loaf if bread his Aunt Arlene gave him, bread he'd fallen in love with at her house. 
This is Noah, Tanner's just older brother. It was so fun to get to know this charming young man!! 
Here we are, the Viewmont alumni of 71 and 72  
And me with my just older brothers, Doug and Bruce.  We had a great visit with friends and family. Tanner could certainly use lots of prayers as he struggles with host vs graft disease. 
On my walk with Ginny on Thursday I got pictures of Jill Wilson's grandma house. I even got a blog out of it!! 
Then we headed to the Salt Lake Temple to see Krista and Josh sealed for all eternity. Here are her brothers, Austen is serving his mission in Washington

(Note the cooler behind them?  It was holding flowers, Jeff had loaned it for that purpose. It disappeared. Someone reported it as suspicious. Church security cut into it so as not to detonate anything ...  Hahaha I wonder if it was my brother Clark. He works on church security at the several blocks they call the temple campus, that's his church mission!  Jo works her mission as a hostess, for which she is supremely suited!! )
Waiting for them to come out of the temple for pictures we were approached by Ace Moyer, who was a few years older than Brittany in our Salt Lake ward. It was so fun to catch up. He lives in Arizona and he's a radiologist with 4 kids!  
Here they come, what a beautiful couple 
What a beauty and so fun. I whispered to her that she's like Rose of Downton   Abbey. So good and so kind and always in charge of fun. 
Look who we ran into at the groom's luncheon! In Pleasant Grove. 
The receiving line. 
Brilliant Barb built a beautiful cake. 
Also that day, Spencer had his first graduation ceremony.  Brittany and Charly came down. I love this picture Brittany took of  Spencer, all gowned and Brittney with Charly  on the big day.  
We took Darby's car back (yes, she had loaned us her Mercedes, while Dad's car learned to strut better.). Then we all went to dinner!!  
Dad got the call early Friday from Ron Baker, our mail man. I drove over to get our official mission call. 

Then while Dad worked a half day I junked my way to Salt Lake again ... 
Here is Spencer with Brittney's family. 
Becca and Brady and crew came too!! 
Then all the Perkins joined at Milogros in Orem to celebrate Spencer's graduation!! 
We are so proud of our 7th child/in-law to graduate!!  Brttney gets her master's in two weeks!!  
Barb and Randy came too as we planned to ...
Opened our call. 
We had everyone's attention ... 
When we opened it ... 
To find that we are going to Finland, intering the MTC  on September 26th!! Yeah!!   

On Saturday we went to recycle metals ; our ongoing charity, donating to the temple patron fund to help people travel to a temple if they don't have one near.  We got $17!! 

Then we got the floor sander, etc at Home Depot (Dad's Mother's Day and birthday gift to me).  
When we got home we found these Idaho beauties. Britt is hosting a bohemian tea for her bunko group. Guess who has the goodies for such a thing?!  
Having cancelled Fleaology we had a few visitors on and off all day, including Geraldine of the like named north county antique store. This is their Lehi house, we showed them ours so they will show us theirs, sometime. 
We got the parlor cleared and wanted to save pics of the historic floor. The outside was false grains with two or three coats of paint then a hard lacquer. 
Here's a close up the faux grained part. 
And the never finished center. 
Sanding stated out well. About two seconds later the sanding belt was gummed up with the paint and varnish. We waited for the belts to cool then cracked off as much as we could.  It was a mess and 6 hours of hard work, including me using paint stripper and our hand belt sander and did not even come close to finishing it. 

Can you guess what I'm doing tomorrow?   We fell into our chairs exhausted about 7:00, barely able to move ... 
But we were up bright and early to hear Trevor  speak on Mothers at church in his ward.  He gave a lovely tribute to the mother's and grandmothers in his life. 

  I got a great picture of men in Bow Ties!! 
In our ward we had fast Sunday since we had stake conference last week. That meant no traditional Mother's Day program. That's why our cute primary sang the prelude and I snapped a picture before the meeting started. How sweet are these kids!! 

After church I made biscuits and gravy because Eva told me that's what they'd made for Nell's breakfast in bed, and it sounded yummy!  Then naps ... And ...

Then it was off to Highland for family dinner, in honor of Mother's Day. Thank you Becca for hosting!  
Everyone had fun!! 
Love these guys. 
And these guys too!  Not sure how I missed getting a picture of Darby, unless it's because she was outside being the favorite aunt with the next generation!  

Thanks everyone for a lovely Mother's Day and especially for that rousing rendition of our family song. I laughed hardily at Davin's joke that it always takes so long to spell his name at the DMV. "Oh P that's the way to begin E everybody can win, R, we are berserk, K it's oK to really work ..."   Thanks all, I love you and on this Mother's Day I'd like to say I am so grateful for the responsible, kind, caring, funny and hard working good citizens you have all become!!  No matter what you say, you are all a credit to me and your Dad!  


  1. I will pray for Tanner.

    Thanks for supporting Krista on her wedding day!

    So fun to spend some time with most of your kids (missed Ben and Emily!) and to see you open your call! So proud of you for wanting to serve full-time!

    small correction: "Austin is in Washington (Not Oregon), Brandon is in the picture!!!!" LOL!

    I'll love you always!

  2. One of my fave blog posts ever and LOVING the pics!!