Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mission Prep and Conference Goodness

On Monday Dad was off to work. With getting the new store going, he'd gotten behind on the fFair Share program paper work, so that kept him busy. 
I started a new low carb diet, here's meal one. I'd spent some time the previous week talking to Gretchen, who I work with and who lives low carb!  Hopefully this will help me get feeling better so I can increase my stamina and be ready for our mission. 

That night Dad and I went to the assisted living place to make his final home teaching visit to Lillian Renfro. 
I also found this camera on Facebook on Monday for Brittany, as she had asked me to.  I knew I'd have to go to Salt Lake to get it. 
But I also knew on Tuesday we were to meet with a financial retirement advisor at Thanksgiving point which was more than half way. 

Above we are shown with the financial guy that happens to be a Brady clone!! 
After picking up the camera I did some serious junking. I laughed when I saw this painted bucked with a treasures price tag.  I even had lunch at Cafe Rio by myself, which feels weird, but with my new diet needed to happen. 

There was no rush to get home since Dad had headed to the temple, though it did mean that Cheryl didn't get dinner until 8:00.   When Dad got back from the temple, we watched another installation of Downton Abbey. 
Wednesday morning I finished up my felted  bunny. My first foray into needle felting raw wool into shapes!! 
Then I was off with Sherri to help her celebrate her birthday. She and her husband Wade had just gotten their mission call to run a beef ranch in Las Vegas for a year!!  It was fun to be part of it all. 

After lunch she and I and her daughter Katie hit an antique store and a couple of thrift shops!! 
It was fun to see these commercially produced felted birds at the antique shop!! 
I later got this adorable  picture of Abigail following in William's footsteps, discovering his favorite hideaway. 

That night, when Dad got back from his last Branch Presidency meeting, we had dinner then watched more Downton. 
Thursday morning, before heading off to work, I put this vignette together on a tray for IG hashtag, #Thursdaytrays. 

After work I did some grocery shopping, then made Cheryl dinner before Dad got home from doing an extra temple shift for our mailman. (Gotta love small towns).  While doing the shift he saw tons of people from the old Park Ward. Jakenzie, bishop Zeeman's granddaughter, who lived in the Park ward  as well as a Zeeman grandson, whose a Worthen who were both getting their endowments. The Spanglers were there, and Bishop Olson as well as Jordan and his wife, the Zeemans and Worthens. 

Dad, the lover of a reunion felt well paid for taking Ron Baker's shift. 

Of course when he got home he brought his dinner up for, you guessed, more Downton. 
Dad took Friday off to work on the garage. We need to clear and organize it before leaving on our mission!! 

He had me mask and spray paint the outside garage lights, then it took him almost the whole day to reinstall them. Poor Dad. It did need to be done, so he's feeling good about it. 
I ended up spray painting. Once I was done with the lanterns, I started in in the green event chairs,, and a few other projects as well. 

We finished the day with Dad's mission reunion. 
Here he is with two men who recently returned from Finland serving senior couple missions.  Dad knew the taller man, who is a Finn and who lived there when Dad was on his mission. 

Both of them gave us lots of hints and tips for our mission. Dad was in heaven!! 

The man in blue said he'd recently met a girl that works at UVU whose parents are planning to serve a mission when they retire to Finland. We have no such daughter, so  we figured it was some third party. Then Dad posted this picture on FB and Darby called us during dinner at Denny's to say she'd met him while waiting in line to register at UVU.  Small world.  They had chatted for almost half an hour! 
Saturday morning Dad took off for his run,  then Hannah, one of the Beehives who helped with the garden last year, came by to earn some money for a drama camp she's doing. 

It was fun when Trevor stopped to get a drink during his 64 mile training bike ride!  It was fun to see him. 
I threw this cupboard together so I could take pics and have fodder for my Pollyanna blog, so I could do it at work. 

Dad took the boys who wanted to go to the Preisthood session of conference, and then to dinner. 

I was feeling sick at work and came home to collapse.   I finally tossed my cookies, so I felt better and Dad and I could watch the first episode of the second season of Downton!! 
Today Dad and I watched the first conference session before our power went out for a couple of hours for maintainance.  

Spencer and Brittney came up and we listened to the first part of the second session on the front lawn while running the radio in the van at its highest volume.  

Well we've finished dinner now and are heading up for more Downton goodness. 

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