Monday, March 28, 2016

Dad's Release, Darby's Birthday and Easter

Here's a few pictures from our less than memorable week. 

On Monday I had my mammogram.  Almost ready to turn in papers. 
Here I am at the care center for our last FHE.   We knew they were reorganizing the branch presidency even then. 
Here's Dad with a couple of other residents. 
I worked Tuesday and made up a batch of these hang tags for the upcoming 3dotters show. Dad had his temple shift. 
On Wednesday Dad headed back to St George to help with their grand opening. 
 I worked on the craft room and made this torn stamped "ribbon", again for 3Dotters. 
I worked again Thursday, here you see that I've taken my dessert rose to sell.   After work I had book club. 
On Friday I went to lunch with this beauty for her birthday. 
I love that she chose cafe rio, such a sweet girl!  

In the afternoon I met with Dr Robert Clark to go over my visits to specialists and my blood tests. He sending in my medical papers now!  

That night Dad got back from St George and we had takeout sushi at home then headed to the water gardens in Spanish  to see Eddie the Eagle, which we liked quite a bit.  
On Saturday I worked again. I took these pictures for an Instagram challenge. 9 pics that represent Easter.   
While I was slaving away Dad joined Davin, Bri, Trevor, Nell and Darby for her birthday lunch number 2.   
Dad was nice and brought me a take out lunch!!  He's the best! 

After work Dad and I took the Kews for movie torture. We saw Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. They liked it pretty well and we finished off the day with dinner at Denny's. 

Dad and I had an appointment with the stake presidency second counselor at 8:45 this morning,  where he was released from the branch presidency. 

We both attended church then came home to get ready for Easter dinner. 
Here's the table. 
And here's Dad who did all the cooking setting butter  on the second table!  
After dinner there was some visiting time ...
This is the only picture we happened to get of Spencer and Brittney. Sorry it's so bad!! But here it is for history's sake! 
Then it was time for the hunt!  See the hunters?  
And here's the hiders!  Everyone's favorite bunnies!!  They even got an egg to stay in the knot of one of the big trees. 

This is the loot!  
Just thought I'd share some fun pictures Emily texted us this week!! 
How cute is this!!   

So that was our mundane week. Hope your was fun filled!! 

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  1. Hooray for Bubba Willie! Mr 3 year old failing his potty training school. That camo shirt was a gift from his dad in preparation of his first hunting trip(pictures coming soon)