Sunday, March 20, 2016

Bam Bam and the Ribbon Cutting.

Here we go. Another week has gone by and Dad is home for good. This was his last week in St George!   I spent Monday decorating my table, reading, cleaning, making banners...
And finished the day by watching 1/2 of the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice. 
Here's the plastic Easter egg banner. 
On Tuesday I had art group. 
I made this potato masher nest ... 
Here's Kim's treasure. 
The food added up to a veritable buffet. 
We also made these little banners, mine is the bottom one.  Of course that made for a banner week for me! (That pun is especially for Jeff) 

I got home in time to make Cheryl's dinner and then read until Scott got home from his temple shift. So glad he came home for it every Tuesday during his month at the St George store?!  It meant the only day I didn't see him at all was Thursday's!! 
On Wednesday Bri posted this picture of Elias' service. He made the girls' breakfast in bed. How cute is he? 
I could have used some breakfast in bed my self, as I was still nursing my laryngitis and feeling a bit off, after 10 days of it. However I did get my arrow hung... 
And took down my snowman mantel ...  I finished the book I was reading for book club, did some laundry and watched the rest of Pride and Prejudice. 
On Thursday  I put together this collage for St Patrick's for IG and went to work. I was exhausted when I got home and fell asleep in my chair about 7. Yikes. I woke up and went to bed at 9:30. Unfortunately I also woke up for good at 3:00 A.M. 
On Friday I finally made myself list on Ebay. Here they are Pebbles and Bambam.  Yeah. 
I also made these sheep and mushrooms in anticipation of the 3 Dotters sale next month. 
Dad meanwhile, was finishing up the St G store, I loved this cool produce display. 
But he was ready for the ribbon cutting!  Then he hopped in the car and raced home ...

So we could meet Barb and Randy for dinner at Red Lobster and then games at our house!! 
That night Dad put on his PJs and said ... "I'm going to disappear in the bed now!"  So funny!! 

Saturday was party, party, party!   Dad headed to the stake center to clean up for the Provi temple dedication today that will be broadcast there. 
I headed to Trish's for a special cancer treatment fund raiser.  
I loved that, because when else could I buy myself a beautiful, sterling silver shell  cameo and not feel guilty!  Note the price tag is from when she and I were in business together and shared the number 230. So very long, long ago!  
I stopped at the grocery store on the way home  so I could rush home and make a green salad for our Ward Springtime party!  
I love this selfie by Manae Madson, the bishops niece, taken after Ginny Taylor left her phone on and ran to start the toddler egg hunt. Manae took this and posted it to Ginny's IG acount. Too funny. 
On the way home, the Kews and we stopped to check out the Peck's  flip!  I love the stone!  
Then Darby came by to show off her new car. 
We drove it over to show it to the Metcedes loving Kews!  It's a beautiful car, and Darby paid cash!  Awesome!  

At home I was exhausted and Dad and I both took a two hour nap ... It's tough being old and loving to party! 
Then we headed to BamBam's BBQ in Orem, just to get us some Texas on and to talk about getting BBQ with Emily and Sam!!  We met up with Moes and Heuers and got the news that Kelsey and Zach found out their residency is in Virginia. Yeah! 
Then we all headed to the Hale to see a wonderful production of Joseph!  I wish I could see it again!  But it was so sold out that they added some 10:00 PM shows and also extra matinees. So not going to happen!! 
Today was the dedication of the Provo Town Center temple. We went to the last session at the Stake Center at three. It was very nice, the spirit was strong   Otherwise it's been a quiet day. 

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