Monday, March 14, 2016

St George Store and Vintage Whites

On Monday I worked, made dinner for Cheryl, took this picture to use on IG sometime and attended FHE at the Kews.  Dad worked on the new store in St George all week 
OnTuesday I took care of a stack of bills/correspondence I'd procrastinated and went to the Mt Timpanogos temple with Arlene before having dinner at Zupas. 

Dad came home from St George to do his shift at the temple, so I got a bit of time with him in the evening. 😊
On Wednesday I spent the morning getting the goods back into the craft room. I'm about half way now!  

Then I took down the rest of Valentines and Dr Suess decor and put up Easter goodness 

I'd called Dad about the new exits proposed for Payson and he said to go talk to CoraLee, my neighbor in the other historic house. She came back over with me to see the Garret. We noticed these English violets ... Must be spring. 

I also saw the eye doctor about my side flashes and he could find no retinal tears. Yeah!  
On Thursday morning I headed to the radiothon. Trevor and Nell were there too. Here Trevor fills out a donation for Darby. With about 28 volunteers chances were slim she'd get a family member. 

Here I am with the ever bright Amanda!  

Next I headed to a couple of DIs and picked up some goodies from a friend before heading to Treasures to work a half day. ! 
In the evening I went to Relief Society and sat across from these girls. 
And next to these. It my was super fun. 

On Friday I finally brought down the brown transferware from the library and filled the china cabinet in the dining room. 
I'm loving it! 
That night Dad and I went to Hu Hot in Spanish  and then to see ...
Which we both liked a lot!  Surprisingly! 
Early Saturday I headed to Salt Lake with Wendy to the Vintage Whites Market.  We got there about 45 minutes early. 
Here we are with one of the show organizers.  Afterward we had lunch at Cafe Rio and stopped at Trader Joes where I bought some unopened ....
Daffodils. I cut off the stem bottoms and put them in water and here they are the next day!!  I'm going to try it with some from my garden.  

Sunday meetings were lovely and uplifting!   We're trying to follow the prophet's guidance and to honor the sabbath. So I did some blogging (family history) read church related books and spent time visiting family. OK and a very short nap too!  
We had family dinner at Becca and Brady's new house that night, she had a pasta bar, which was a hit.   Penny shows off her giant marble eating skills here. Such a fun baby. 

We all got into looking up real estate stuff, which is always fun. The kids played in the huge back yard and cried when they were brought in to go home!   

It was the perfect homey ending to a fun filled week. Though all the physical labor is really getting to Dad. The irony is that Dad worked towards the head office when he was younger because he didn't think he'd be able to be a store manager as an older man. Now, though, he's in the head office, he does some pretty hard physical work.   Well this is his last week, hang in there Dad, we love you!  


  1. We missed my traumatic trip home from St. George on Tuesday where I drove to Cedar City at 45 mph and the engine over heating. Then driving between 75 and 80 until Nephi where my Toyota gave up the ghost at 357,000 miles. They just don't make cats like they used to...