Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Funeral, Chocolate and a Graduation

It seems like I just posted last week's blog, and here we go again ...  On Monday Dad went back to St George ...  I attended Kenneth Abbott's funeral.  Very sad and hopeful too. He really was such a good person, it's just so sad that depression plagued him and colored his thinking. 

Davin saved seats for both Darby and me, but evidently had another commitment, and ...
Missed sharing lunch with us. Since Kenneth was Davin's friend Jared's brother, he knew him best. Kenneth was Darby's mechanic. Such a loss. 
On Tuesday I worked at the antique mall , and in the evening I watched Becca's older kids for a few minutes while she and Spencer and Brittany put their heads together To find a house. 
Dad got home from the temple early enough to gather some hugs. 
Dad headed back to St G on Wednesday and I did some puttering. That evening I headed to Becca's Death by Chocolate.  I met up with these cuties, then ran to watch kids in Orem so ...
Ashley and Andy could join the fun. 
There was a Carmel fountain too, so worth taking a sugar day. 
And look at the sweetness I got to enjoy at Ashley's. 
These kids were so fun!! 
I worked again on Thursday .... After work I went shopping for a whole new wardrobe for Cheryl. 
Mope this isn't Cheryl's wardrobe. It's Retro Betty's 

On Friday I had my doctor's physical for our mission.  Good times!!   Dad got home early from St G because he needed to pick up shelving in SLC.  I went along and we did some junking and stopped at my friend Kim's store, shown above. Next we stopped at Scheels and met up with honest Abe before buying Dad new running shoes.  We finished the evening with dinner at the Golden Corral. 

I worked on Saturday but made plans with Barb to meet for dinner, then headed to the LDS Film Festival at the Scera. 
We saw a movie named Christmas Eve, that was pretty interesting and very well done! 
Today was Church at the branch then the ward. The spirit was strong, I felt well
fed.   Brittney and Spencer came to visit in the afternoon, which we always love. 
Then we headed to Lehi to celebrate Eric Moe's graduation from advanced training in the Airforce  National Guard.  Can you tell his nephews and niece missed him? 
Ryan Seamons made lovely Tai food, including a curry for us!  
It was super yummy ... Now if I can get Becca   to make curry for Family dinner next week, I could enjoy my favorite food three weeks  running! 
The Gearhearts came too, here is Brittany with Trina's oldest. I thought this was the sweetest scene. 
We played a fun new game called karma, and I had beginners luck!   In all it was a lovely evening. Thanks Moes and Seamons, and congrats to Eric! 

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  1. I got to see you twice in one week--actually just one weekend! I count that as a wonderful thing! Sorry to hear about Kenneth. So sad. Such a hard thing. Thanks for taking great pictures! I am going to steal them for my letter next week!