Monday, February 29, 2016

The Provo Temple and a Dr Suess Party

Having Dad gone all week makes for such a long one. He left Monday and I worked that day then went shopping for several hours afterwards 

On Tuesday, a cancelled temple meeting with Arlene did not keep me from spending the day in Salt Lake junking.  I got home in time to go visiting teaching. 

Dad came home from St George to do his temple shift Tuesday,  so I got him overnight!  He was off again first thing Wednesday. 
On Wednesday I posted this picture of my stove on a favorite things in my kitchen 'party' on Instagram 

I also did laundry and organized stock to go to the antique mall (thanks Nellie) while we are in Finland.   I even got about half of my Valentines decor down in anticipation of decorating for Dr Suess' birthday party later. 
Thursday I worked. This pic was for a 'decorating with books' insta party. 
This one was just for fun. 
As was this one. Can you tell how much I'm enjoying Instagram?  
Since I worked on Friday again and have no pictures, I'll share some Nell posted of their family bike ride. 
I loved this of Eva with her doll bike seat attached. She's been so excited about getting it installed. I assume that was her great Dad's handiwork. 

I did finish up taking in and pricing my Desert Rose dishes that day which was a huge task. 

When Dad got home we had take out and a double feature again ... We're getting to be such home bodies! 
Saturday I dug into my craft room. I figured the only solution was to move out the bags and boxes and rearrange. Taking out furniture that offered little or no storage and bringing in items that worked better. 
Here are the piles in the guest room.  
We hauled out the organ desk for taking took much room and providing too little storage. Here's Dad helping it down the stairs, which was tricky. 
We took it to sell it at the antique mall, can you see it amongst the hurried redo of this booth? 

We then took down the large, glass door cupboard I'd used at the mall for years, it that had been part of this house when we bought it and brought it back home for more storage in the craft room. 
Later, after a lovely curry (yum) dinner compliments of Trevor's cooking skills, we went with his family to tour the wonder that is the new Provo Temple. 
Here's our necessary temple selfie .., 
And the official portrait!  Did you notice that Nell and I have matching hats? 

I loved the Eastlake details and furnishings, it's my favorite antique style! The temple is stunning. 
On Sunday this man and I attended his branch and my ward and then went home teaching to a couple of sisters in the branch. When we got home we got busy getting ready to celebrate Suess!  Dad's  cutting out the hats for pin the hat on the cat game. 
We both cooked and set the table. 
Then our guests started arriving, wearing stripes and polka dots in honor of the man. 
Hannah even polka dotted her fingernails and ...
Ben found some fuzzy suessish socks! 
How fun are we? 
More stripes! 
Every single person wore stripes or dots! 
Aren't we funny!  If we counted J Scott as a kid, and with me to take the picture, there was a kid for each adult, if you wondered why Trevor is holding Scott. 

If Dave and Bri had come we'd have been even! They and Spencer and Brittney were detained variously 
The kids played a Suess game ...
That made us all laugh.
Eleanor loved her prize drawing prize!  

Everyone in stripes and dots got to be in the drawing!  Lu definitely had the most stripes! 

There was also a Suess puzzle, which Hannah  was nice enough to supervise, and which Reagan dearly loved. 
Then it was time for cake! 
Eva and Reagan both sported Suessish hair styles! 
Then we all settle down ( or not) for ..,
Story time ..,
While Eva read us Green Eggs and Ham! 
Titan sports a Suess hat in memory of Eva's photo last year.  BTW Suess' actual Birthday is Wednesday. Be sure to think of him, OK! 

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  1. Love your Dr. Suess Party! So fun and memorable. Your grandkids will always remember! I am going to copy! Next year! What day is his birthday? When you don't have plans on the weekend, you should call! Or text! Although, we did have a Black Belt test on your double feature night!