Sunday, February 21, 2016

Taxes and Crafting and Moving Becca

On Monday, this past week Dad was off for Presidents' Day, so to keep with the holiday spirit we did taxes!   I also wrangled him into helping me change out the shelf of pitchers in the kitchen. 

I also got in some visiting teaching visits that day. 
On Tuesday I headed to Highland to meet with my art group. I made this funny bunny basket... 
Here are Jann, Shirley, Karen, Kim and Joanne. Cathie was also there but missed this photo moment. 
We all brought goodies. 
... And these are our finished projects. 

Dad worked and did his shift at the temple that night. 
I was home on Wednesday when my new quilt from India came!  Dad and I went with the Kews to an exhibit of Indian quilts last year, so I was excited when I saw this on eBay when I was looking for a red and white quilt for our new room. 

Dad picked up an earlier temple shift that day and after driving to Salt Lake for rent, we watched Wyatt Earp, well the second half anyway. 

I worked Thursday and Friday and spent a lot of that changing out the front display, though I did make tags and get a few things priced and out. 

Friday night, after two days in St. George, working on a new store,  Dad and I had take out fried chicken and a double feature ... By the numbers, as it turned out, 3 Amigos and 27 Dresses , guess we'll catch 17 Miracles sometime this week. 
On Saturday, as did many of you, we helped Becca and Brady move into their new house in Highland.  This is Brady's Dad  Gary, and Brady. 
I helped Reagan babysit Madison, and did carry in a few things. 
That night we went to dinner with the Kews. 
And then came home for a long winters nap, well after fixing the outside faucet that was leaking on our favorite renters, that is. 

Today we attended church at Dad's branch and our ward, where I taught Relief Society.  Afterwards I did some visiting teaching, then we went to see the pianist for the branch along with her husband. It was so fun to hear his conversion story and their meeting and marrying story too. 

In the evening we joined Trevor and Nell's family for dinner and a movie!  Fun as always.

So that was our somewhat slow and quiet week. 

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