Monday, February 8, 2016

Renewing the Guest Room and Madison's Baby Blessing.

This past week was amazing. Dad took the week off to help get the house ready for our tour this week. We started on Monday by clearing the small guest room. 
The gaping holes was left over from the leaky roof wars ... 

As were the buckled floor boards in the only room in the house with real hard wood.
I spent much of the day stripping the wallpaper.   So time consuming we knew we'd better come up with a plan b 
This is the before picture of the nasty floor.   Dad got busy and countersunk screws to hold the floor boards flat. 
On Tuesday we headed to Home Depot, We got brick panels ... 
And faux ship lap panels to cover the walls 
I got to work sanding the floor with our band sander. This took me three hours, again we needed a plan b 
Dad got all the wall panels finished up on Wednesday, even with us taking a break and having Curry at Takde's buffet for lunch. 
I was off to work on Thursday putting this pic of my tea booth on IG 
Dad rented a big floor big sander and did the floor. 
On Friday we both worked on painting the stair case!  It seems so strange, it's been there for 14 years!  Now it's painted. 

At Home Depot that day we saw this marshal arts figure on a van as a hood ornament and took a picture for all our Tai Kwan Do friends 
Back at home we painted the panels and stained and finished the flooring. 

I stayed up into the wee hours to make my cookies for an exchange the next day. 
Here is the cookie exchange the next day at Jenn Reed's home. 
My plate full of take home cookie
I went with my friend Wendy. 
When I got home Dad had finished the staircase painting and had put the trim around the floor boards, so we worked together to put the furniture back in place. 
I took this pano shot so you can see the whole room 
That night we went to babysit for Davin and Bri. 
On Sunday it was Maddy's big day, as her Dad gave her a name and a blessing. 

We gathered afterwards for a great lunch. Buffet. 
Soencer and Brit soak in some sun. 

This is Becca's sister in law Armanda with Becca.  
And Eric, Brady's brother with him. 
Dad's making his panini. 
Afterwards Becca and her family took us to show us their new house. This is Reagan showing us her bedroom "this is my wall!"  It was pretty funny. 
Dad and I put together Hawaiian haystacks for dinner.  And Cheryl ate the chicken gravy on the rice, then had some of the toppings as sides. I love Hawaiian Haystacks. 

So that was our week!  We accomplished a lot, but both ended the week with old people type sore muscles. Thanks for coming along. 

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