Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy 63rd to Dad and misc.

This week started with Monday as usual.  I did a little Valentines decorating ... But mostly I sorted books and organized the library. 
On Tuesday I sorted drawers and got rid of a lot of clothes, trying to fit it all into the dressers in the garret bedroom.   I also found time to do a Pollyanna blog on the new bathroom.   

Then I decided to put together my Halloween scrapbook.  Last year it took fourteen months. This year one day!! 
Here's the cover... 
Here's my favorite spread!  And all because Dad was at the temple until late!! 
Here's my new scrapbook/ family book / smash book shelf!  The 'joy' is the Christmas book I did with my art group ...  It awaits pictures! 
Nell posted this picture of Eva dressed as the famous person she chose for a report. The woman was an early aviator! Perfect. 

On Wednesday I ran errands, picking up stuff from half a dozen stores.  I finally went into Mormon Art in search of busts of our modern prophets. They had one of Gordon B Hinkley. It was stunning. I told him I'd go home and see if I already had GBH. 
That night Dad and I went to Ben Heuer's court of honor. He earned his eagle award over a year ago, and finally had his day!!  Such a great kid! 
First thing on Thursday I ran back to the Mormon art place, before work. I went in the back and saw the sculptors working on life size and heroic size statues!  It was inspiring. Dad had insisted he wanted the Hinckley bust for his birthday, as it was a little pricey. It's a beautiful piece and they only made 20 of them.   Above you see a replica of the death mask of the Prophet Joseph, with a likeness taken from it. We chatted about Philo Dibble. They had other wonders as well!  Loved this store/shop. 
 I then worked the day at Treasures,  Jenn came in and bought this umbrella from me ... And I'm pretty sure that's the temple suitcase I used when we were first married! I posted this pic on IG as #marypoppins 

 I went to book club in the evening, while Dad went to our ward's pinewood derby! 
On Friday I was about to head to Treasures to change out a table, when I got a call from Trudy. I stopped by the house they're flipping and it was amazing!!  I love these transitions! 

After Treasures I went with Becca to show a couple of houses to another flipper.  I got to play with the kids in the car.  I found out that Becca's been telling them Sarditart stories. Reagan was mad when I told one Sarditart adventure differently than her mom does. She said "I'm mad at you Grandma!". 

I went to the DI in AF while waiting to meet Dad and the kids at Cafe Rio for his birthday dinner.  Coming out of the store I started experiencing flashes of light on the side of my right eye. They have continued since, and in checking on the Internet I've found there's a small chance they're a sign of retina detachment, which left untreated can lead to loss of sight. So I guess I need to get that checked. 
Here I am with Reagan and Addie at Dad's dinner. 

Cousin fun. 

Darby brought cake!  And we all sang to Dad,  he had all his possible kids in attendance, except Ashley who was working a double! 

On Saturday I worked, Dad worked on home projects, and we got together with the Kews for take out and movie torture!  

Today was church as usual, except Dad went to get his hepatitis test read at the health department. After that we napped shortly and then went to visit Sam Peery, an elderly neighbor.  We came home and had dinner with Cheryl, who continues to be more conversational. 

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  1. Love your bathroom! Love the Halloween book! Happy Birthday to Scott! Glad you got to got to Ben's thing since half as us had to be at Black Belt Candidate class, including two of his brothers! Go get your eyes checked tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't wait!!! The faster you get it taken care of, the better. I have a neighbor who is a Doctor at Excel in American Fork. His name is Jon Gunther. I think he might be in another office also. 801-756-9627.