Monday, January 25, 2016

Snow and Projects and 3 Dotters Too!

Monday was pretty low key. I took this pic of the desk for IG that day. Otherwise I blogged, cleaned house, finished reading my book club book and went with Dad to the care center to host FHE. It turned out to be chatting and snacks because after an hour of searching he and the staff were unable to find the remote so they could see Meet the Mormons. 

On Tuesday I went to Jann's to make the covers for the smash books we'd made to house Christmas photos  

Here's a close up of mine.  Then I drove over Traverse ridge for the first time, in order to meet Arlene for a session at the Draper  temple and then dinner!  Fun day. I did get  in some junking on the way home and Dad beat me home from his temple shift! 

Wednesday was snowy and pretty.  I had to stand outside on the deck for 5 minutes waiting for a red car to come by for my photo. Since when are all cars black, white and tan? 

I added a bit to my valentines decor, which in this case meant pulling the green out of this display.  I also started on some projects for the 3 Dotters Market. 

I even made some yummy veggie soup for dinner! 

On Thursday I finished these projects I'd started Wednesday before work and in the evening. I also did a torn strip banner at work. 

After work I  went home/visiting teaching with a couple of ladies at the assisted living place with Dad. 

After that he dropped me off at Relief Society. 

On Friday I finished up projects ... Like painting these old bottles of been unable to get clean.  It worked they sold. 

And ran out for color copies for a mailbox makeover I was doing.  While out I stopped at Rebecca Peery's Art Show at Peteetneet.  Iris Madsen, the bishop's mother, was the docent and we had a nice chat. 

I loved this painting of a scene in Juno, but the 750 price tag was more than I felt I could spend on myself. 

After that I was kind of killing time, so Dad could meet me for show set up and I made this wreath from a Christmas one I'd gotten for 75% off   I pulled out the lime green and added the red and white stripes. Voila Happy Valentines! 

I finally met Dad in Pleasant Grove a bit after four and he helped haul in while I set up!   This is half of my set up. The torn fabric garland on the right includes fabrics from my girls dresses that I made many many years ago. How fun is that?  

Here they are in their dresses. 

On Saturday I was off before Dad headed out for his run. I finished prices and the show began...  Here I am with Lyn my new buddy!  She's so fun!! 
I bought this lamp from her that her son and his son made.  He does several of these steam punked lamps for every show and always sells out! 

Here they are with a finished lamp and done gages for an upcoming lamp. 

My friend Kim came by too . 

I laughed when she showed me the art kit she'd bought from Jenn. It included a picture Jenn had bought from Wendy (47-W) back when Wendy was in the mall. Isn't it funny that I should know all three of the most recent owners of this photo? 

Becca came by to visit fit a while too, which I always love.  Of course I got to see Nell when she helped set up and again when she came to take down. It was so fun to have her back with me, as she'd missed the last two 3 Dotters! 

Besides a good long run, dad also managed to work on the staircase walls in prep for painting, as well as a few other details for our bedroom

He and I got everything hauled out in time to meet the growing group of Heuers and Moes et al for dinner before we headed to the Hale for a play!  Of course we always love these chances to socialized with our favorite people! 

On Sunday I went to the care center for sacrament meeting before heading to our ward where I got to sit with Scott and hear Brittney and Spencer speak. I got several positive comments from ward members on what a nice job they'd done. 

We got home for naps and then tidying up before Brittney and Spencer hosted family dinner here 

They made Chicken and Waffles, a southern favorite, and everyone else brought breakfast foods to go with it. 

Here's the chefs in a funky selfie. 

It was great to have Brady come, as his shifts have changed but we missed Ben and Hannah (sickness), Darby (too far when she works till 6) and Davin's family (on vacation). That meant we had just half of our usual attendees, but .... 
We still managed to ...

 have fun ....  Don't they look alike?!?!
Dad showed me this fun picture on FB of Sam as a child, with his family and I wanted to save it!  Sam is in the back on the left.  So here it is! Fun eh? 

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  1. You are so artistic and creative and can manage to get done in one week what I couldn't do in a year! You are amazing! Love that you waited for a red car! LOL! Trevor and Spencer DO look alike. I've never noticed before. I am the worst at stuff like that! I would have bought the "LOVE" bottles! Very cute. Loved the picture of your girls when they were little and that you still had that fabric! Love you!