Monday, January 11, 2016

3 Car Repairs, 2 Parties and a Flooded Basement

On Monday I spent the day completing my smash book goal journal. 

Scott got word the blue van was done and had a new fuel pump. 

After work he and Spencer hauled the Nissan over to Joel's ... It turned out to be the starter.

When they got home there was flooding in the basement again.  The plumber agreed to bring his jetter the next day, in the end it would cost us a total of almost $700 to get the water flowing 

On Tuesday I had a day out with Sherri and her daughter Katie. We found tons of goodies at a DI in SLC 
Sherri was thrilled with this rug for $15. 
Then we all went to tea at Kim's house.  Sherri had missed seeing Kim's holiday decor, thus the special belated winter tea.

Dad's going to help me make a table like this for our bedroom. 

On the way home we stopped at a few places including Block 100 in Provo. It's been there a year, but this was my first visit. 
On Wednesday I painted several things including this door on my laundry press 

When Dad got home, he installed these knobs in our new bathroom.  So cute. Thanks Brittany 
I worked Thursday and Dad came and helped me clear out the booth I'm giving up to be able to work less.

On Friday we picked up the white van on  Dad's way to work. Then I spent the entire day cleaning up and working stuff into my other booths at the mall. 
That night we met with others from Dad's temple shift. 
It was fun to get to meet some of them. 
Saturday morning I went to the garden shop to plot out a floor plan for Fleaology on the 16th 
Dad got in his first run in 80 days. He went 4 miles!  Good job!! 

He then went over and helped other High Priests clean the church 
Next we took the tile saw back to Clark. This is Kim's almost completed house, kind of next door. We had fun touring and visiting. 
Trevor and Nell took this picture of the house being built on grandma and grandpa's former property in Cottonwood. 
When we got home Dad framed in the little closet door in our new room 
On Sunday we had a family party at Trevor and Nell's 

Here's our Boo, not a bit afraid of the 'monster'. 
A storm trooper?
Just Titan... 
Lots of baby and toddler snuggling 

Afterwards we went to Scott's court of honor. 
He was in charge as the Senior patrol leader 
Trevor's the scout master!

Hope your week was better than ours. 

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