Monday, January 4, 2016

Our Family Christmas Letter for 2015

A Christmas Alphabet

A is for our attic where we are building a bedroom!B is for babies, we got 3 this year, Here’s Madison and Penny.

C is for our ‘family’ Christmas Tree, note the angel’s halo!
D is for Darby’s 

Horse Dallas’ New Digs

E is for Elias’ New Super Hero Status!

F is for Froggie’s Disc Golf
Friends. (ashley’s in purple)

G is for  Titan as the Grinch

H is for Happy Hairless Heads, before Nell’s hair grew back, after her successful chemo!

I is
Illustirous International Travelers
Jis for Joyfully Joined Newly Weds Ben and Hannah

Kis for Kai’s Family at Disneyland
L is for Lovely little lamb, Penny number 2 of our 3 babies
M is for Mom goes to college, namely Brittany Mitko at Idaho State
N is Night Racers
O is for Orem, where we sold our house
P is for Paula’s  granddaughter Abigail Paula!
Q is for the  q-test grands ever, all 19 of them! Kim at 17 is the oldest
R is for Reagan
and reindeer.
 S is for Scott’s Shoulder Surgery 
T is for Trips to see Texas Talleys.
   U is for the University of Utah, where Brittney and Spencer Attend!
V is for Various Valuable Vacationers

W is for the Wonder of Christmas
X is for the
ex-tra joy we wish you at Christmas time.
Y is for the big Yawner this letter has been
Z is for Zach’s very own tree. “this is the best day of my entire life”

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