Monday, January 4, 2016

More Parties and Bridges and Colonoscopies, Oh My!

Another week of wonderful memories has gone down in history. Definitely a week of mixed blessings. Dad and I joked about calling it our good news - bad news week. ...
So thank goodness for grand babies, which are almost always good news. Emily sent me this picture to illustrate how much fun it is to have her first chumbly baby. Adorable Abbie! 

Otherwise it was mostly ... 
dad and me working in the Garret ... A lot of furniture painting for me  ...
and Dad came home early from work to work in the Garret too. He even drafted Ben to help when he installed the tub!  Thanks Ben. 
He installed light fixtures on and off all week, finishing up with the ceiling fan toward the end of the week. 
On Tuesday I did more work on the Garret. This is my before picture. The dresser on the right is now white. 

That evening, while Dad was at the temple, I ran to Provo to buy a red and white rug. While there Ben called me with an offer of Curry!  He said since the recipe uses full cans if stuff it always makes more than they can eat. Lucky me!! Yum. 

Wednesday morning I left early to take Darby to her colonoscopy. When I got to her house, the white van lost its natural gastank's seal. Phwiiiisssshhhh. So then we took Darby's car. 

Dad took up the slack, by getting the van to Lindon for repair. I dropped Darby in SLC  then picked him up in Lindon and he dropped me at work, right on time and then switched out Darby's car for his at her house in Spanish before heading back to SLC to pick her up.  Pretty slick, and then he even took her to lunch. Phew!! 

Meanwhile Becca was having her colonoscopy, and Emily was having a doctor's consultation appointment about setting up a colonoscopy of her own!!! 

If you're not actually one of our kids, you're probably wondering about all the C stuff in our lives ... So let me just say,  Brittany had a colonoscopy few years back after much searching for a cause of ongoing stomach pain. The results were surprisingly in one so young and since the diagnosis is strongly familial, her sisters are being proactive.  Which, as it turns out, is a good thing. 

Wednesday at work was pretty negative for me which left me with a heavy heart again. That lead to me to deciding that in anticipation of our mission, that I should cut back on booths at the mall and work days  as well ... I'd been so frustrated and had even considered just giving it up, but Dad thought this more moderate response would be better, and as usual, he's right. 

After work, when he picked me up, we headed to Home Depot for more  light fixtures, and then to Hobby Lobby for whimsical handles. 
While there he saw this mirror made from a faux old window, and realized it would solve our dilemma in our new bathroom!  (The light socket above the mirror space was too close to the switch and plugs under the mirror space) 
And I just happen to have an old window like this!  Yeah for Dad once more ...

So on Thursday I spent the day measuring displays and spaces and listed this old cupboard display on KSL, which, unfortunately only garnered 2 responses, both fishing texts ... Ah well   It's a start. 
After work Dad picked me up and we headed to Jenn Reed's for a New Years Eve party with other antique dealers. 
She's in a new house and has done extensive remodeling. I was so excited to see it! 

She loves color and her decor reflects that!  I love it all!  

At 9:00 we left and headed to ... 
The Heuers for a quiet and comfy New Years celebration.  Happy New Year! 
On Friday we celebrated Barb's birthday by going to four movies and lunch. Dad and the Moes and Gearhearts are shown here ready to feast on delicious Thai food!   Yep!  More curry for me! We got home a bit after midnight. 

I always look forward to Barb's movie day!  Good times. I'd have never seen Bridge of Spies otherwise and I loved it. 

On Saturday we headed to the Mt Timpanogos temple for a session and then we had lunch in the cafeteria there! 

We headed home to do more work on the Garret. We got the last piece of furniture hauled up with Spencer's help!  Thankfully. It was this cupboard which we'll use for linens!  Thanks Spencer!  

Then we met up with the Moes again that night to celebrate our 41st wedding anniversary with the in downtown SLC.  We're shown here at the City Creek Center's sky bridge. 
This is us at The Roof, where we enjoyed an amazing dinner, a terrific view and great company too! 
On Sunday I had some "Moe" fun. Adrienne, shown right with Kelsy, is Barb's niece, she had her baby blessed in Lehi. Dad had intended to attended the me but the sickness of two members of their branch presidency required his presence at branch meetings.  
I loved this fun idea at Adrienne's house. 
Next, Barb and Randy drove me out to their new lot in Saratoga Springs. Donelle and other family members came along to check it out as well.  
Last of all I headed to Salt Lake for my friend Kim's Winter Tea. It was super fun to see her holiday decor and eat yummy treats on my last day of my half month sugar holiday!!   
Really, she is the most talented decorator I know. I'm so glad I had a chance to feast on all the eye candy! 
Meanwhile Dad had finished up with church and got a well deserved nap. Yeah Dad.  

When I got home Spencer and Brittney were up visiting Scott and we got to hear about their fun Christmas vacation with her family in Wyoming! 

So that's it! Thanks for coming along and learning about our frustrating and fun week! 

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