Monday, January 18, 2016

Mid Winter Fleaology and Mission Papers Too

It was one of those whirl wind weeks that flew by because we were so busy. 

Dad spent just about every evening and Saturday doing the final details in the bedroom. He added a doorknob and latch, more trim to doors, and hung the red window turned mirror in the bathroom 
My week started with a frosty walk with LaVern. 
At home I took pics of my arrows to post   Then got things together for Fleaology. 
On Tuesday Carolyn stopped by to visit. Please note that my tree was still be up, but the decor was down. 
Here I am painting this stool for us, but other things got painted red for Fleaology. 
Then it was time to get scrubbed up to go to ward temple night.  Dad, of course, was working his shift, but came by the celestial room afterwards to quietly greet ward members and me. 
On Wednesday, besides more hunting, gathering and painting, I was doing advertising and took pictures of stuff I was planning to sell. This shelf sold at Fleaology. 
At work Wednesday I redid the front booth, in what else, red and white. 

We added comic hearts too. 
That night we were off to the Campbell's daughter's wedding. Here I am with Heather. 
And Dad ....   

On Friday I spent the whole day loading the van and setting up Fleaology. Nell came to take over and Dad and I headed home. 

Scott was supervising munchkins there , which is always fun. 
Back at Olsons at 6:00 yawn A.M.
These chairs sold 
Dad dropped by on his run. 
All these girls came to visit too, as did Spencer and Britney. 
My art group friends Jann and Joanne did a booth, and we're very successful! 
At the end of the day and still loading out, Nell and Penny take a break. 
Dad and Trevor are our muscle men 
After clean up we headed to Highland for the Vernon's wedding. Here is Dad with Scott Vernon I think he was looking good. He was Dad's executive secretary back in Item days. You may recall that we bought our second Orem house from them.  

Afterwards we headed to Trina's house where Barb and Randy are living and played games.  Always fun!   

On Sunday I taught my lesson and then afterwards Dad and I met with the bishop to start our missionary papers .... Though it has nothing to do with actual papers anymore. 
Here we are with Bishop Madsen. 
Back home, after dinner these cute kids came up and joined us for a visit. 

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