Monday, February 15, 2016

Cracked Ribs and the Best Valentines Gift Ever.

Another week behind us ... And an exhausting week, but fun week it was ... 

It started with Dad's run,  unfortunately he fell and cracked or bruised his ribs!  Yikes ... He powered through the last 9/10th of the run and then through the rest of the week. 
We hauled the table I'd brought home from the antique mall, up to the Garret for its transformation, also on Monday. 

Dick and Tracy North, Dad's barber and wife, came down after seeing the Provo temple, and we had a nice visit.  They were also ward members from our Salt Lake ward. 

I worked on cleaning and decor projects all week, getting ready for the open house. 
I decided that I'd bring up my Dad's U of U collectibles, as they fit the red and white theme. 
I thought this Indian light fit right in, since the Ute is the U of U's mascot.  Of course I had to paint it red first. 😌
I painted the black table legs white and Dad came home early and added feet to make it tall enough for a work table. 
Here's some decor projects. 
The little circus banner happened first thing Wednesday ...
And we added the white cresting to the table the last thing Wednesday night.  Actually Dad came home early every day to help!  I'd have never finished in time without his generosity in sharing the burden. All in all his helpful attitude this week was the best Valentines gift I could have ever hoped for! 
Thursday I was off to work and then afterwards Sherri and Katie picked me up to go to Kim's Valentine's tea. 
Here are a few shots of Kim's fun decor. 

This is me, Katie, Sherri and Christine of Utah Vintage Yard Sale Fame. 
Of course Kim has the Little Big Book of Valentines. I love these books. 
And then there's me with the hostess with the mostest!  Yeah Kim. 
Here's my planner/journal for part of the week!  So Valentiny!   When I got home from Kim's I found that Dad had come home early again and done a bazillion little finishing up cleaning and installing projects. He'd vacuumed the whole house!! Hung up arrows!  Hauled DI boxes to the van!  And ....

That made Friday actually doable ... I was able to get 98% of what I'd planned done!  Which never happens! 

The library shelf change out would never have happened in time for the tea!  Thanks Scott! 
That night friends stated coming.  Here are Joanne, Jann, me, Sherri, Kim, Kathy and a friend of Kim's 

This is the Mannings, Dad served on the High Council with him, and my friend Lyn, who I met at 3dotters! 
This is the cookie table. We also served  milk, lemonade, cinnamon tea or hot water with a choice of tea bags. 

The Evans from our Salt Lake ward came too, they both went to high School with Dad. 
And of course our bestest friends!  
Shelby Midinger from the ward, with Trudy Peck and some family members.   The open house was super fun. We had 60 people come out to share our projects! 
Saturday was busy too. I took off early with my friend Wendy to the Acorn Antique show in Ogden. She's shown here on the right with Lisa Martineau who has an antique store in Provo called Brambles. 
Dad and I met up around one to babysit Becca's older kids while she met with clients. Here's Reagan!  She's going through a 'my' stage that makes everything so funny. My baby, my cheese, my chair ...

When Becca got back we headed to Highland for our Valentines party.  Robin made this amazing chili relleno casserole and Barb and I brought sides, including lovely cobblers ala Barb! 

Sunday was pretty typical, we went to church, took naps, had a nice dinner and watched a movie in the evening! 
This is a collage showing my inspiration for the table and a before picture! 

Thanks for checking out our crazy week!  

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