Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Topsy Turvey Week.

Monday morning, on Dad's run he ran out of breath ... a lot ..... repeatedly ... so he called Dr. Money and made an appointment .... but first.

... here we are on Monday, celebrating Spencer's 24th birthday with breakfast!!

After the Dr. Appointment, Dad knew it wasn't a heart attach ...  but still didn't know what it was ...

After breakfast with the kids and Dad in Orem, I ran to Salt Lake and checked out my friend Cathie Cox's new booth at Vinestreet Antiques.  As always, she does a great job.

I got back in Utah County in time to meet up with Dad and do a bit of bridge babysitting, before Brady got home so Becca could go and show some houses ...  She's had an amazing couple of weeks, working with about five different clients, including writing at least three offers for three different clients ... you go girl!!
Boys with Ipads are very, very easy to tend.
On Tuesday I started out with a calm and quiet breakfast in the garden house ...

Then Emily sent me some movies of Beckie opening her package with my picture on top .... Emily really reinforced who it was from ... so hopefully I am managing to build relationships across the miles ... I never thought I would be thankful that Brittany and Mike are so close!! LOL
On Wednesday, before life as I had known it ended, I put together this collage for my Wednesday Reclaimologist sale day ...

We were supposed to go to see Man of Lamancha at the Hale center theater that night, which I was excited about.  My parents loved the story, and I've never seen it, though I did grow up with the record, so I know the songs ... BUT Scott called to say his car had lost the transmission again .... not going there ... so I'd have to come home to pick him up for the play .  Then he walked over to the Daily Freeze to get fish and chips for Cheryl, as the car was broken down at the house ... and has horrible pain in his calf, he then calls again to say plan three is No Play, but the hospital and an ultrasound instead ... Yep, Dad has a blood clot in his leg...  That night Brittney and Spencer came up to offer moral support as I gave Dad his first shot in the stomach.

On Thursday at work I opened a package from my friend Stacy, who used to sell my stuff on her web site ... I guess that its too much hassle for the money, so she brought back what was left, but also gave me the sweet domed friendship scene and a couple of my favorite magazines!!

Also that day, I took the time to gather Keith's dolls heads to make this display!!  I know, you will all say creepy, but I love it!
Also on Thursday Becca took Grandpa to lunch ... it was pioneer day, and they were in Payson so she brought Grandpa's leftovers to Dad, who was home convalescing for the holiday!!  Such a sweet girl!

On Friday I stayed home with Dad, and we read and napped and played on our I-phones all day, plus a few chores for me.
Then on Saturday we went to Roxanna Fernillius' funeral, which was truly lovely.  She joined the church when we was 17, then waited for and married a returned missionary.  She loved babies and had 8 children, loosing one as an infant.  Such a good life, and such a happy and energetic person!!  She's been a joy to know. we really did celebrate her life!!

Dad and I took the rest of the day easy ... then on Sunday we went to Orem to Camalla Brimhall's farewell, which also happened to be  Holly Burr's homecoming talk .... both girls just glowed, and the spirit was so strong. Of course it was fun to meet up with old friends from the ward.  Here I am shown with Trish Otis, who was my original antiqueing partner. Her husband Cliff is the realtor who helped us get Broadstone!!  You know, the one who asked Dad what chance there was that we would actually buy the house when we went to see it for the first time? ... and Dad said "2%"

and here Dad is as a shrimp among giants ... with Doug Fairbanks, far right, as the only one who still lives in the old ward. (The other two are Lyle Snell and Jeff Garret)

After attending our ward, where we got to hear Brittney give a wonderful talk on being pure of heart and staying close to the Lord, we had a lazy, nappy, reading, sort of afternoon.

That night, as you see, we headed up to the park for the band concert, which is always fun and relaxing.

So that was the week our world was turned up side down!!  We seemed to survive and are, perhaps, closer to the Lord now ... he loves us all so much!!

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