Friday, August 8, 2014

Dishes and Stitches and Bracelets, Oh My!

Yep, it was Monday again ... and this Monday was the first day back to work for Dad ...  I drove him up to Salt Lake after taking him to his doctor's appointment, and I was well rewarded because I found these 15 pieces of English transferware for $25 at the DI in Sugarhouse!!  Hip, Hip Hurray!

Then I picked up Dad after his half day, with his leg killing him ....
( You can see how well they will fit in with the rest.)

We stopped at Darby's on the way home so Dad could change out her new lock set and handle for the front door.  We had a nice visit, and got to get in some extra dog petting well, while  we were at it!
 On Tuesday morning Dad was off for his first half day on his own ... I got to see my morning glories in full bloom as I went out to walk with Ginny that day.

 While we were walking we saw the tallest Sun Flowers I have ever seen.  We have a nice older man in the neighborhood who used to be a farmer in Mexico ... he has this amazing half acre garden, that kind of reminds me of the kind of garden my Dad (and Dad's Grandpa Milt) used to grow!!  This Sunflower was honestly ten feet tall!!

Later I took Dad to Provo to get his car back ... again ... then did some visiting teaching while he went off to do his temple shift.

On Wednesday I was off work, because of a trade I did that another dealer needed. That gave me time to put together a charm bracelet for which I had been collecting elements for a year!  It was for my sister Joyce who loves copper ... and I was celebrating her birthday with her on Friday.  Other than that I did some cleaning, laundry and reading.

Thursday was a regular work day, and was a good sales day for me, in fact the last of a full month of good sales, fortunately, with all the over runs on the attic/roof.  That night Dad and I watched a TV show called Fixer Upper we've been trying to catch, which was kind of fun.

 So just as a little background, this is the professor I worked for for two years when I was in College at the U.  His name was John Legler.  So when I met Aunt Joyce at an estate sale of a college professor on Friday morning, I wondered for a split second  if it was his. Of course I think he was in his sixties 40 years ago when I worked for him, so probably not.
This abstract artwork in the basement seemed familiar too.  So when I found a brush with the name John M. Legler on it in the bathroom, I was not surprised, and immediately realized that the abstact art in the basement was actually an enlargement of a section of turtle head.  For two years I sliced up turtle heads and mounted the sections on slides, which I then dyed bright colors for him to study under the microscope.

 Here's my friend Susan with her haul out of the estate!!

Afterwards I got Joyce to have her picture taken with her street!!  Then a couple of other estate sales and some Cafe Rio, and giving her her gifts completed the date!!

That night Dad and I hooked up with the Kews for the Salmon supper!!

When I walked a plate of Salmon back for Cheryl, a guy was taking a picture of the house.  Turns out he's a sculpture and stone mason.  He said he had sculpted the oxen for the Nauvoo temple, and is currently working on the Payson temple, and was interested in doing some real sandstone masonry on the front of the addition.  He's working up a bid for us, wouldn't it be awesome if we could make it happen?

After the dinner we went to Kews for some movie torture, and actually really liked the funky Haute Cuisine, a movie about a woman who provided the President of France with some good down home cooking 'French' style for two years... I found it charming and Dad liked it too...
 On Saturday we considered going to the BYU stadium for movie night, but got a better offer from the Moes ... I kind of laughed when I found out that Trevor had taken his kids to the event!!

 Our better deal with the Moes, was dinner at Mi Rancherito and seeing The Fault is in Our Stars, which we also liked.

On Sunday we went to church.  Spencer and Brittney had her sister Angela there with them, which was fun.  She's in town working with Becca to find a house here, as she will be working in an elementary school in Utah County starting this fall.  She has been back in Virginia for a few years, but decided to come back west.

I taught Sunday School.  I am really working in my comfort zone now, as I have been teaching for almost 10 months.  I used to agonize about being sure I had the spirit with me when I teach, as I know what happens when I don't have it.  This lesson was on the mantle of prophet being passed from Elijah to Elisha.  I spent as much time reading and studying as usual, but never really got my 'aha'  ... I was a little worried, but prayed that the Lord would bless me with the spirit, and the lesson was fine.  In fact I had more compliments than usual, and I did feel the connection, that I have when I have the spirit with me.  I just didn't know I was going to have it ahead of time.
 As you can tell by the pictures we had family dinner at Davin and Bri's this week.  It was a lot of fun, though Adilyn was being tossed in the air in the kitchen at the beginning of the evening, and hit the ceiling fan.  She needed 5 stitches to close it, so Davin and Bri and she were gone for the middle hour and a half of the two hour event.

Becca and Darby spent part of that time checking out condos in Utah Valley for Darby, as she would like to move south to be closer to her job at IM Flash that she is loving.

 Spencer and McKenna had some serious bonding time too!!  She loved putting her feet on his beard ... maybe it tickled a little, but it was cute to watch.

 The gamers played some games and looked like they were having fun!

Addie came back, and seemed to be little worse for the wear ... she got stickers and fun band aids ... its hard to slow her down.
and Trevor seemed pretty happy by the end of the evening too!!  He and Spencer had even given Dad a blessing of healing for his DVT, which I know he appreciated.  I know I really felt the spirit myself, and it was a lovely blessing. Its good to know the Lord is aware of our little problems in the house of Perkins!!

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