Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sick Little Girls and Enjoying the Arts!

 On Monday my day started with my cute visiting teachers, Denise and Rebecca, Denise brought Whitney's baby, so that was fun.

Then I did some blogging, and visiting teaching myself, before heading out to meet Dad at Becca's new place to help wash walls, and strip wallpaper.

 Its kind of cool that this eternal truth was found hidden underneath the wallpaper ...
The five of us kept at for several hours!

On Tuesday, after walking with Ginny, I headed to Salt Lake, where I met Dad for lunch with our Salt Lake ward at a restaurant that Dad used to take his high school girl friend to. That was interesting.

Then he headed back to work and I did some junking before meeting Arlene at the Jordan River Temple for a session, and Zupa's and a nice long chat fest afterwards.

Dad, of course, also spent a chunk of the day at the temple, as it was his regular shift at the Provo Temple.

About 7 I headed south, ending up in Highland at Robin's...

where I did some uploading of pictures to 'Find a Grave', which was part of Ben's Eagle project.  It was actually pretty fun!

 When I got home, I had a blog post to do, so I spent a few minutes looking around my craft room for an idea, and saw my orphan salt and pepper shakers, and then the black globe and thought, hmm, 'small world', I can do something with that.  Yep, quickie post.

 Wednesday and Thursday were work days. On Wednesday we were pretty on edge because Emily had called to say that after taking Bekie to the doctor to have some bruises checked out, they had sent her to the hospital ... for transfusions, as they had found that she had virtually no platelets.

After work Brittney and Spencer took me out for Mexican, which was fun. and took my mind of the stresses in Texas.  Spencer and Brit would be leaving in a few days to go to Korea for a semester of Grad School for Brittney and on line classes for Spencer.  Its pretty fun to share this dream with them!

 On Thursday I took a couple of painting projects to work on for flea.o.logy ... then after work I did some reading in the Joseph Smith Papers, and then watched some Big Bang Theory with Dad, which we have been doing a lot of lately.

We were still thinking a lot about Bekie, but getting pictures like these did alot to calm our fears.
On Friday morning she got out of the hospital with a good platelet count.  The transfusion had helped a lot!
I, meanwhile, did some garaging for a couple of hours before meeting my friend Keith at his house to take some pictures for a blog post.  I frequently love things he brings in to sell, and he often likes my items as well, I knew I was going to love his house.

 Afterwards I went to the DI in AF for a couple of hours, before going home and doing my blog post about his house.  Then Dad and I headed to BYU where we went to the art museum for their Pakastani quilt exhibit with the Kews.
 We saw the original of this painting that we had seen in several homes in Provo at the home tour last year.  I think I mentioned that the artist lives in the ward where the home tour was ... I Love It!!

I also happened to see a book in the gift store called The Art of Royal Nebeker ... yep, my cousin Rye, how cool is that.  I wanted to buy it, but it was full of abstract nudes, my least favorite art.  Terry Kew tried to talk me into it, saying that when she was in the Graphic Design program at BYU that they painted nudes, so its good!    Its really not that I'm  small minded ... I just don't like them.  Maybe someday.
 Here we see the hubs contemplating the 1000 triangle quilt ...

After the exhibits at the Museum, which included an amazing traveling show of movie costumes for period movies ... which I beyond adored ... (no pictures allowed, :-( )  We went to Malowi's Pizza in the Riverwoods ... it was amazing good, and for every meal they sell, they provide a meal for a child in Africa.  Does it get better than that?

 Then on Saturday morning I was off with my book club, the Elk Ridge one, to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City.  We normally stay for three days and see 5 plays, but this year we all had too many things going on to be able to find a week that worked for more than half of us ... thus we did a one day trip and saw Sense and Sensibility that was done as a comedy.  Pretty fun take on the classic.
 Dad's Saturday was mostly no fun and all work ... he mowed the lawn for the first time in a month, since he found his blood clot, which, btw way is much better and he's been doing some running too.

He did a couple of fleaology projects for me before heading up to Becca's where he did some babysitting, which was the best part of his day.  Such a good grandpa and husband too!

 On Sunday we headed to Pleasant Grove to see Scott ordained a Deacon ... we were not alone, as you can see.

Afterwards we all headed over to Trevor and Nell's for lunch and a birthday celebration for the August Birthdays ... (and two July birthdays I had missed)
 Eva was sick in bed, and getting her birthday present, even a month late, seemed to cheer her up.

Adilyn got her month late gifts as well ... love her practical method of seeing what was in the bag.
 Then these four shared a birthday cake and song ...

Scott seemed pretty happy with his card written out by grandpa ... and his set of Harry Potter Collector Stamps ... he even made a very funny joke ...

There was a stylized cell phone on the front of the card, and he said, "Hey thanks for the phone Grandma" ... giggles ... then as he opened the card and money fell out he said "... and the money to pay the bill!"  I thought that took some pretty quick thinking!
Below are some fun shots of the party.

 Ben brought gifts for everyone and here we see Scott opening his ... it was full of candy ... he was so happy!

Sorry this one was so fuzzy, darn back lighting, but I loved it and thought I would share it anyway.
... but when the party guests start to snooze, you know the party is over ...  Spencer and Brittney left early Monday morning for Korea, Becca took them to the air port .... they will be missed .... But we get them back for Christmas. Hurrah!

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  1. Wow! You get more into one week then I get into one month! It looks like so much fun! Love seeing how your family supported Scott! Way to go Family! Glad Bekie is better. Why are her platelets low? Did they say?