Thursday, September 4, 2014

Flea.o.logy, Floods and Flu

 Since I am so late getting this blog post done, I am just going to do a short version of the week.

Normal events, like going to work and stuff, won't be mentioned, so fill those in in your mind.

The first notable event happened when Brittney and Spencer were driven to the airport, early, by Becca.  They flew out to South Korea, so a college semester there.  Becca was their driver...

I spent three days working, too hard as it turned out, on items to sell at flea.o.logy that weekend.  I'd had so many different things happen with Dad being sick, and other events since mid July that I was very behind hand.

I also worked on decor for our new fleaology circus image, including this funny clown head to greet customers.

I took a break on Wednesday, meeting Dad at Mama Chu's along with these cute girls for Ashley and Becca's birthday lunch.

 Then when Dad and I got home we did the ASL ice water challenge ...  (or should I say, 'flooded ourselves')

It was fun to see this picture of Adelin in the birthday outfit we got for her ... Love it!

I also loved this picture of William eating pudding ... what a look!!

While walking Thursday Ginny and I saw one of our neighbors out in his field.  We had wondered about his tall crop and talked to him, he told us it was sugar cane ... we didn't even know it grew in Utah.

I also noticed during that walk that I was feeling winded, which was very weird.  When I got home and mentioned it to Dad, he wondered if I had a blood clot too, since that was his first symptom.  Work that day included lethargy, aches and pains and the beginnings of a headache.

On Friday I  knew I was sick ... but with people coming to set up I was in and out of the house anyway.  I had made price tags at work, which I have never done before, so I also put tags on most of the stuff I had ready to set up in my booth space, which turned out to be a blessing ...  Of course I also wasn't quite ready with our new entrance for our circus theme, so I sat in the house and made the strip curtains and the pennant banners for the fence.  

When Nell got there around 6 it was a major relief ... she took over with greeting dealers and letting them know where they were to set up.

Dad also got home early and took on the responsibility of putting together my booth space.

 ... Saturday morning we were all ready with something like 43 or 44 dealers, including ourselves ... Eva even set up store ...
 Kim Barker from our ward was the charity that collected our entrance fee to help us know how many customers we had .... she used the money to help defray the cost of invitro.

... above we see Briahnna and my friend LaVern, as well as Becca and her family, showing what great support I get from family and friends.
This dealer, Parchment and Pallet, was with us for the first time ... bringing the total of dealers with trailers to three.  

On Sunday, I was still sick ... had turned out to be the flu, in case you were wondering.  Dad gave my  Sunday School lesson ... he also went to the Onion Day's fireside and heard a g g granddaughter of Joseph Smith speak ... I ended up finding an article on her in Meridian Magazine, so we could talk about it.

That evening he took off to attend the last regular concert in the park ...  while I stayed home and moaned and groaned some more.

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  1. So are you better now? So love that you do a charity fundraiser at every fleaology! Love the clown! MIssing you. Need a double or triple or quad date!