Monday, September 8, 2014

The Week that Started with a Parade and Ended with the Death of the 5th Ward.

 Monday was Labor Day, marking the unofficial end of summer ... Dad and two of his boys went out for the big Onion Days 5K ... Dad and Trevor won 3rd in their divisions, and Davin won 5th in his ... not too shabby.

 Dad got up early to start Mountain Man breakfast in the dutch oven, before heading to the race, so when he met back at home with other family members for the parade he just put the finishing touches on breakfast, while making homemade root beer.

Trevor meanwhile, was discovering the best seat in the house for the parade.

 This year we put some chairs out side the fence for a better view and a better spot for catching parade treasures too.

 Briahnna and Nell chose the back row.
 Elias choose Aunt Emily's swing ... amazing its still there after all these years.
 Brady stayed home to sleep as he worked a graveyard that night, and I was upstairs in bed, still sick with the stupid flu.

 After the parade, Dad and Becca went to see Les Miserables at the high school.  We have a very good community theater group and they do just one play a year, and I missed it.  The little girl shown with Becca is the daughter of the man that played  Jean Valjean.  They were neighbor's of Becca and Brady's in Lehi.  The little girl, who played Cossette was in Becca and Brady's Sunbeam class.
 This is Dad with the Ewells from our Orem ward, who now live in Elk Ridge, and who do the community theater play every year, in fact they met doing the Payson Community Theater play 20 years ago.

 On Tuesday I was feeling better, but was still very weak.  Darby stopped by to show me some pictures of a house she was looking at in Provo and to tell me that her condo SOLD!  In just 10 days on the market, what a great realtor she has!!  The visit was quick, but I loved having company, as I was so sick of being sick at that point I could have screamed.
I loved this picture that Emily sent me of Bekie's first day of  preschool.

I went to work on Wednesday and Thursday, though Wednesday I was super tired, and slow, by Thursday I was back to full speed, thankfully.   Wednesday night Dad bought us Subway Sandwiches and we spent the evening reading.  

 On Friday I had committed to go and pick up some wood from a friend that I met back in my Butler 8th ward days, the first time around, Robyn Brown.  On the way I hit a couple of garage sales, then stopped in  at Brambles, shown above, a shop in Provo that I like.
 There was some time to hit a DI in Salt Lake before heading to the Browns to pick up the pallet wood, she'd offered me on Facebook .... of course it was fun to visit, for the first time in 20 years!  Robyn is the one that challenged me to start reading the scriptures every day, that was when Emily was a baby, so you can see what an influence she has had on my life over the years!
 Back in Payson it was time for a ward dinner, the 'death of the ward dinner', as Steve Kew put it.  They were realigning ward boundaries in the stake and Steve heard something that made him think the ward was a goner ....  Here we are with some good friends, the Yorks and the Bachelors, both of whom, as it turned out, were in the half of the ward that went a different way than our half of the ward.

Then on Saturday morning, we had our  last function as a ward ... this is our relief society breakfast ...

 Here I am shown with Pat Zeeman, the wife of our last bishop in the 5th ward, she's now in the other ward ... and Rebecca Peery, who is in our new ward with us.  Rebecca did a very nice presentation on her experiences working on painting murals for various temples!  She has also been one of my visiting teachers for the last year and something.

After the breakfast, I rushed to meet Scott and the grand kids at Lagoon, for his work Lagoon day.

 Above is my first view of my grand children at Lagoon.

 It looks like Dad and Uncle Brady are having the most fun on Puff the Dragon!

As you can see below, it took some doing for Ian to try to convince Zach he was having fun.  What a great older brother!

 Fun in the sun sure makes you thirsty!

 Kim came and brought some friends too, but we only saw them at lunch.  They later had Kim's folks stop to pick them up so they could stay longer, and Ashley and Andy were disc golfing in Ogden, so that worked out perfectly for all!

 So that was Lagoon, Dad and I traded cars so he could go to an inventory, while I drove all the kids home.
Then there was Sunday, our last in the 5th ward.  Here Karry hold's Andrea, my visiting teaching partner's, little boy.  I have visit taught Kerry for at least 5 years ... its hard to believe she'll be in another ward.  They just better take good care of her ...

So the meeting was at 5 when we found out officially that our ward had been cut in two and each half given to a neighboring ward.  I know its a good thing, our ward has been too small to function well, and I am excited to meet new people.  I will, however, miss Jane Johnson, the Ekins, the Yorks, the Bachelors, the Stringhams, Georgia Durrant, brother Fernilius and other ward family members. Fortunately for me, they all still live near by!!  :-)

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  1. Glad you finally got to feeling better!

    I can't believe how grown up Kim and Ian look! Kim is beautiful.

    Congrats to Darby for selling her condo.

    Love seeing pics of your family!

    Sorry about the Death of your ward. It is always hard to see a stake go backwards. I hope you do better than I do at seeing neighbors that are no longer in my ward. Look how good you have done seeing your friends from the Orem ward!