Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Week that Began and Ended with Maui Chill

 On Monday, among other things I made this cloche scene of fall/Halloween.  When I took the pics to blog about it, there was a reflection from across the room that makes it look like there's the ghost of the woman on the porch ... how spooky is that?

That night Dad and I took Eszie to see Maleficent which Dad and I had seen twice before, but we all enjoyed it.

We finished off the evening with some frozen goodness from Maui Chill.
Two of our favorite people just happened to be there too, Brandon was working and Kylie was chilling!

On Tuesday it was my monthly temple trip to go to the Jordan River Temple with my friend Arlene.  I also got some junking in, as usual, and we had dinner at Zuppa's as usual.

On Wednesday when I got back from walking with Ginny, I noticed that Dad had just changed the back passenger tire on my van.  We then took it to the tire place, and I walked over to get it before work, after they had supposedly fixed it.

I worked with Gretchen, which rarely happens.  It was a good day,

Until, on the way home I got a flat on the freeway, which was the frosting on the cake, so to speak, since Dad had lost the transmission on his car when he was almost to Cedar City the same day, and it cost him more the $400 to be towed back to the transmission shop in Provo ...
 It was such a long day for him, with lots of lost time, but he's still smiling!
 It was fun to get this picture of our Texas grands!!
On Thursday Dad went over to Price, this time driving Spencer's (previously Ben's) car ... he stopped on the way home to visit his Dad, who was in a great mood.

 I worked again, and at the end of the day, this cute couple, with whom I've made friends, (he's a photographer, and I loan him props from my booths) they are getting married the end of the month and came in to buy a globe to paint black ... they are using it for the 'book' at their wedding and people will sign it with white pens. How fun is that.
On Friday I headed to Salt Lake for more junking, I mean, it is my business, and that makes it work, right?  After a day of that, Dad and I headed to Orem where we met the Heuers and Moe's for dinner.

 Then we went to see Beau Jest at the Hale Center Theater, the play largely takes place around a dinner table .... fun play and a lovely evening, as always with these good friends.

 Saturday morning it was up early and heading north again.  This time it was to see Eva playing in her last soccer game.

 She makes an awesome goalie ... then I took her garaging with me ... she thought these old school desks were kind of funny.

 After dropping her at home I headed to Provo to the Unhinged store that was hosting a flea market, to see several dealers whom I know.

Among other things, I bought this old rusty pitcher for $3.  The thing I love about it is that its just an old tin can, that someone has bent into a pitcher and welded on a wire handle.

I love the ingenuity of it!

 That night Titan and Reagan came to spend the night, though these pictures are from Sunday morning.

They both loved playing with the animal puppets.  Dad and I had a great time having them here, its always fun to get to know ones grand children better.

On Sunday Dad went off to usher at the first two sessions of the Ogden Temple Dedication, at our Stake Center, then he came back and got me and we attended the last session together.  It was a wonderful, calming experience.

 After the dedication Dad and I drove to Pleasant Grove where he had an inventory to oversee.  After a couple of hours (I read in the employee lounge) we headed to Highland for the 'finishing off of the frozen yogurt', as Maui Chill closed it doors for the last time.

Barb and Randy have loved the experience in many, many way, and will miss it, but it never really got on its own two feet, so to speak, and they knew it was time.
 These handsome young men are Barb and Randy's Foreign Refuge Foster Sons ... I've never met two of them, so it was fun to get to meet them.  I read Barb's letters to her two (soon to be three) missionaries, and she talks about what they are doing, so its good to have real live faces to put with their antics. 

... and I thought that Austin (Barb and Randy's second to the youngest) was so funny in this picture I had to  share it.  Behind him are Caleb and Ben Heuer.

So this was the week of Death ... we lost Scott's car for good, the Moes lost Maui Chill .... and  I'm sure if I really tried I could think of one other 'death' ... like, well, I guess I can count the death of the tire I ruined by getting from the fast lane to the right shoulder after it went flat on the freeway last Wednesday .... there was no fixing it, I'm sorry to say!

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