Monday, September 15, 2014

Rain in Floods and Bashing the Toyota

 This past week my Monday started with a walk with LaVern in Genola, before going to Amy's (A former associate in the Reclaimologist group to which I belong) to get raw milk for the last time.  Their dairy will no longer be selling raw milk, per agreement with the government, annoying.  Anyway, I thought Amy's decor was adorable and shot this picture of her autumn themed front porch.

After my visit to Genola, I made up a casserole for my We Can service group, then threw things together to make more ornaments for our tree for the Festival of Trees and spent a few house in Elk Ridge at our We Can meeting and luncheon.
 Later that day, while I was in my room reading, we got a deluge, so I thought it would be fun to get a picture of our drowned lawn.

That evening Dad and I went to our Empty Nesters family home evening group, for what may be the last time.  Since I  have been running it as a ward missionary (we studied Preach My Gospel), and all ward callings have been dissolved with the dissolving of the ward, I'm not sure how it will work out.

Even though everyone who comes regularly is in the same part of the ward with us that was recombined with the fourth ward, to which we all now belong.

Several members said they thought we should keep going anyway and we made assignments for hosting and lessons for next month anyway.

Here I am with Debbie Dockstader, for the first time in 6 months.  She fell down her stairs, and was in the hospital and rehab for 2 months ... its amazing that she is fully recovered and back to work now.  It was so good to see her!

 On Tuesday I did a bit some Autumn welcoming myself.

I then spent the day doing chores and reading.  Dad, of course, had his normal Temple shift and got home late.

On Wednesday morning, before heading to work, I put together Bekie's birthday box, and included a pic of Dad and me, so she would know from whence good things come.  I mailed it on my way to work.

We spent the evening reading in our comfy bedroom chairs, which I find to be very, well, comfortable.  I've started reading the history of Eliza R. Snow, along with the Joseph Smith  Papers volume one, which is his journals, which I've been reading for the last month.  Its interesting to see how the two intersect.

 On Thursday Ginny showed me the house here in Payson where they did some of the filming for the Hallmark movie Dr. Holiday, that is going to be shown on the Hallmark Channel the end of November ... that was fun.

Then we walked over and saw this cute sign that the Marvin's have put up in the middle of their garden ... so funny!  Sister Marvin came out and we talked about the ward boundary changes. They have just been divided out of the fourth ward as we have been divided into the fourth ward.  Her husband is on the high counsel with Dad, and she has two fairy gardens!!  What a fun visit!
While I was at work on Thursday, Emily sent me this picture of our favorite fairy just going in for her doctor appointment and platelet count.  The out come was happy, numbers up, and all are optimistic that her counts will be stable and she will be able to come with her mom and brother for a visit to Utah in late November!!  

After work, Davin and Bri and Dad came by to change cars with me so they could take the van to the first BYU game and I could take their car-o-kids to their house in Spanish for the evening.

After I fed McKenna and was changing her, Addie decided to finish off the apple sauce, by climbing into the saucer and doing the job .... the sight just made me laugh!!
 Since McKenna is still nursing, she pretty much has to be held while standing up when she gets sleepy, unfortunately I cannot stand for more than 10 minutes while while holding any kind of weight.  Thankfully super Darby came to save the day, and fell asleep with the little doll, while I did some reading.  BYU won the game, despite some sketchy reffing, and went up in the coaches poll from 25th to 21st, so that made for a happy ending.

On Friday LaVern met me at the house at 7:30 and we drove to Salt Lake for some awesome junking.  We hit 6 estate and antique sales and spent an hour at the Sugar House DI before having lunch at Cafe Rio and heading back to Payson.
When we got back we decided to run up to main street and watch some of the filming of the 'snowy' TV movie being filmed.

On Saturday morning, while Dad was off on his run, I headed out to do some garaging around Payson.  It took me about an hour and a half to blow through my allotted money.  I found a foot tall ceramic chicken, and since Richard Roderiquez had said he wanted one that size, I just bought it, and took it to their new house as a chicken warming gift!  That way I thought I could get a shot of their new house that backs on our former (and new) ward building.  Richard was so excited he gave me a side cheek kiss, he's such a Brooklyner ... and so guileless, you gotta love him.

 When I got back Dad was back from his first inventory, of two for the day and was  really getting into taking out the windows in the kitchen, to install the new ones.  Trevor showed up after the first and helped him get out the second. ...
 I loved this picture of my oldest boys ...

Didn't they do a nice job?

Later that day Emily sent me this picture of Sam and William in matching duds!  Pretty handsome, aren't they?
That night, after another inventory and a stake wide Priesthood meeting for Stake Conference,  Dad and I went to our evening meeting.  We had really great speakers and the best attendance for an evening conference meeting I remember in this stake.

On Sunday we went to our new (old) building to listen to the broadcast of the Wasatch and Utah Counties Regional Stake Conference presentation.  It was really really good, but they had some broadcasting issues that made it hard to really feel the spirit.   The talks were amazing though, and Dad and I intend to rewatch it.
 That night it was back to Davin and Bri's to celebrate the first of the 'triplets' turning four.  It was actually Elias' birthday.  I loved seeing Addie playing a game on her mom's phone, heck, she's 2, how cute is this!

 Above we see that Eva decorated her gift to Elias, she is such an artist.

Addie was evidently in the mood to be held, so its good that Becca's so strong, because the sight of Reagan's mom holding someone else was just too much for Reagan.

 Then there was the swinging to be done ...

... and the tree climbing too.

 ... and finally it was time to blow out the candles and open the gifts ,,,,

and last of all, it was time to bash the Toyota ...  (Elias couldn't remember Pinata,  but evidently Toyota is easier to remember )....  Happy Birthday to the four year old Elias!

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  1. I just love the creative things people do...porches, "Marvin Gardens". Can't believe the flooding in your front yard! Love the picture of Scott and Trevor in the window! your grandkids are growing so fast! It always amazes me how much variety you have in your week--every week! MIne are more like a template!